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  1. That may well be the case, RK, but no cunt can compete with The Roops Work Coach Team at CC HQ.
  2. Me sanitiser? Not fucking likely. I polish me nuts with that, and as for me Bobby's, well, I aint going nowhere yet and I'd give my Right arm to be ambidextrous. I'll leave yer me toenails and be done with it. The rest is coming with me, up in the clouds. I don't know what cunt called it a "last will & testament," but then again I s'pose, it's a dead giveaway.
  3. Oh, I do have a mouth organ that you're quite welcome to do your feelgood stuff with, before I snuff it.
  4. I'm being ostracised, KB. Discarded like a fucking leper, and I aint even been swabbed yet. Tracked & Traced, and belittled by some poxy Covid, in me own manor!
  5. Fwankie, drinks Punkers piss.
  6. yer aint havin' me goods & chattles, I tell yer. Only me organs are up for grabs.
  7. I aint as yet displaying any associated symptoms (other than me normal ones) but I am breaking me neck for a shit. I dunno if I should enclose one of me stools? The poxy test tube the cunts have sent me is barely large enough to wash me coke with bicarb.
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