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  1. 'eavensabove

    Bugging your own house.

    What a terrible and disturbing thought. I'm never going out again, and that's final. I cherish my arse too much to take such a gamble with it. Phew, thanks for bringing this to my attention.
  2. 'eavensabove


    Wolfie's not sat in bath. Period.
  3. 'eavensabove

    Shit in our food.

    If She was a sexual predator, then Pen would still be at school.
  4. 'eavensabove

    Shit in our food.

    I think that I'll take anything that Susie Snortum, Caterer, Pastry Chef, Culinary School Grad, Cook for Homeless & Needy, says, with a pinch of salt.
  5. 'eavensabove

    Shit in our food.

    Shut the fuck up.
  6. 'eavensabove

    Shit in our food.

    Is that Her Beaver, showing Lower Left?
  7. 'eavensabove

    Shit in our food.

    You're flogging a dead beaver. She's never, ever, wrong. She knows everything MC. Even your blood group.
  8. 'eavensabove


    Say's it all, doesn't it. You pitiful fool.
  9. 'eavensabove

    Shit in our food.

  10. 'eavensabove

    Cliff Huxtable's a nonce

    Well, it sure to fuck isn't Snow White.
  11. 'eavensabove

    Shit in our food.

    Go fuck yourself.
  12. 'eavensabove

    Shit in our food.

    Allow me to rectify this:
  13. 'eavensabove


  14. 'eavensabove

    Shit in our food.

    Mrs R. If you were genuinely concerned about misleading & inaccurate posts & nom's, then you would have to be moderating this site 24/7 and 99% of what's said on here, would be trashed or removed... Let me tell you what it is which definitely shows, shall I? You, are a morbid deviant and nothing pleases you more than wearing your crown of thorns. You are never wrong as far as You are concerned, but the vast majority know that you are. You are also devoid of any sense of humour, save for what You deem as being humorous, which is the square root of jack shite. You are without any doubt the most despised of all people that have ever used this site, which in turn only fuels your sadistic mind. There is little else to demonstrate as to why you remain and have done from day one. Yes, Mrs R, It shows.
  15. 'eavensabove

    Shit in our food.

    Don't be daft. You only serve to amuse me.