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  1. … for causing panic aboard the good-ship USS Theodore Roosevelt, the protector of The Seas. He's lost his stripes and his 5,000+ crewboys without suffering so much as scrape to the aft mast or damage to the poop. A simple hit by COVID and the whole caboodle goes AWOL under his helm-watch... This magnificent vessel is now destined to be the Marie Celeste of the c21st as it drifts aimlessly somewhere in the Southern hemisphere whilst fully laden with the capacity of 50,000 million Enola Gay Big Boys and no anchor. Once the Syrians get wind of this mother fucker, it will be all burkas on deck and heading at ramming speed towards Dover docks.
  2. I don't pay no cunt any rent, boy. But I get your drift, Welshie-Wally, and in this instance I find your missive acceptable. I still want some Lava Bread though.
  3. Ceotw = Cunt-End Of The World Divvy cunt. No apologies accepted. Buy me something, you wank-wipe.
  4. Nothing to do with 'Bacon' unless he's eaten it, but that doesn't count and is off topic.
  5. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/covid-19-call-for-rapid-sanitising-technology-for-ambulances?utm_source=6a655b94-a455-40ec-9b57-1e477bdc2868&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=govuk-notifications&utm_content=immediate
  6. Indeed it is… I received it 'fresh' from GOV.UK only yesterday Ceotw (are you Welsh?)
  7. … and the Triangular signpost denotes "Breedin' pair of inbreds For Sale"
  8. Chink with Mao, would have a certain piquancy I s'pose, and would go down a treat in Pyongyang, although I hear that Lemon Seoul is all the rage further South.
  9. Its just been confirmed that Boris is still running... … a temperature.
  10. Yes. Tonga Wonga as it is generically known.
  11. There are no cases of COVID in Tonga. Move to Tonga. It is safe in Tonga. You can leave your home in Tonga. You can smoke in their bar at Tonga...
  12. He'll soon do a Hitler and retire to his bunker for a few hands of Stud.
  13. Trump's never realised he's had a beginning or an end, and so he'll plod-along as the Trump that he is to the satisfaction of the blinkered idiots & slaves that he masters... I'm as blind as the next cunt Stubs, but there's more to this pox than meets the eye, and the more that powers that be open their mouths the more hidden truths escape from the fuckers. Why, even an amateur dramatic society would make it more convincing. Bat Stew it aint… or if it is, then it is sure as fuck more easily caught than Trump & Boris Inc. plc will ever have the decency to tell. On the other hand of course, if it is indeed an 'act of germ warfare' then the only defensive action is what? Nukes, and you can bet your last Paracetamol that they've now realised that much at least and consequently they're fucked. Some cunts have been tucked-up indoors for months without any physical contact with any other fucker at all, and yet here they are today dropping darn-dead, safe in the knowledge that all will be better within 7 days if you keep washing your hands. Wash yer hands? Yep, follow the procedures of those in government as that is precisely what they've done.
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