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  1. 'eavensabove

    The Independent Group

    Repeat bollocks. My thread was in before your's Baws. You took time to approve it, that's all. You fake.
  2. 'eavensabove

    UK Politics.

    I may join them myself. They need some political guidance and I'm up for it. At least none of my policies will need to be approved.
  3. 'eavensabove

    UK Politics.

    Here we go again. A brand-spanking new group of wannabe ministers are splintering away from Labour to merge as a collective of twats. Fed-up to the back teeth with their own party, they reckon that they have what it takes to run as a close-knitted bunch... Luciana Berger, Chris Leslie, Angela Smith, Gavin Shuker, Mike Gapes, Ann Coffey and Chuka Umunna (nope, I aint heard of the cunts either) have all announced they have resigned from the Labour party with immediate effect. Some Tories, are considering joining them...
  4. 'eavensabove

    Swindon's Honda Closure - now own your brexit.

    SPEED KILLS! Drive a Honda and live forever.
  5. 'eavensabove


    Some bloke came up to me in the boozer last night. He told me that he'd been fucking my mum. I said to the cunt, "...come on Dad, let's go home. You're pissed"
  6. 'eavensabove

    Russian Flag over Salisbury

    I take it that the scaffold is a modern-day equivalent of a lynching post for Catholics?
  7. 'eavensabove

    Shamina Begum

    Watch your lip. I'm not taken by the cut of your jib or your insinuation on the Sabbath.
  8. 'eavensabove

    Shamina Begum

    An interesting point. There does seem to be a lot of White English mothers, born and bred, who for reasons only known to them, have kids here with foreign nationals. The rightful father's of these kids often fuck-off to their own country taking the kid/kids with them, which leaves the mother with no rights at all to recover 'her' kids... Surely, the father of Ms Bigbum, is by no means English, and so too is not 'his' kid/s. It would be different perhaps had both parents been British Nationals, but they clearly are not. One could argue that Ms Biggun has a kind-of-right to return here, but her kids are a separate issue and I cannot see what grounds 'they' have outside of their own fatherland, in terms of how we a liable to them or for them. None of them (not even Ms Bugbear) is claiming asylum through discrimination, torture or persecution, and whoever the father is (or are) is responsible for their welfare even under British Law. She should be made to bring the father/fathers back too, if she's serious enough about wanting her kids, and then perhaps we can sort out the entire family and treat them accordingly for the scum that they are. Don't the kids have any rights? It's not for us or Ms Bagpuss to deprive them of their fathers.
  9. 'eavensabove

    Shamina Begum

  10. 'eavensabove

    Shamina Begum

    Shamina Begum.
  11. 'eavensabove

    Shamina Begum

    In her own country of choice, yes. Had she not been pregnant, would she still have asked to come home? Why now? She's not been prevented by her co-called 'captors' at all, has she? Everyday in all courts everywhere in the UK, we bend the rules of our legal process for all manner of shite, from burglary, rape, murder and noncing through to non payment of fines or nicking a bag a sugar from Tesco. Ms Bumegg, has committed one of the most ghastly of all crimes against the country she now pleads to return to. NO! Stay put, and fuck off, we owe you jack-shite, let alone processing through our pathetic legal system. What kind of message will it send out to those sat now, contemplating the pro's & con's of fucking off to ISIS? They'll already have a @Come Back for Free Card' to tuck into their rucksack. Ms Bumegg, doesn't deserve airspace, and we are all of us playing into the ideology of ISIS simply for debating the fuck-mutton bitch. REMOVE the thread. Fuck them off. They have no place here for their propaganda, or any place else. They stink. Bumegg, included, and you should know better than to offer Her Legal Justice. Where the fuck is mine, eh?
  12. 'eavensabove

    Shamina Begum

    To fuck with that. I want them in here with me where I can keep an eye on the fuckers. We've got bombs and shit to be getting on with.
  13. 'eavensabove

    Shamina Begum

    Have you considered relocating to Syria? Give it a go for 4 years. You can always come back.
  14. 'eavensabove

    Shamina Begum

    I'd wager that it's all been set-up by ISIS. The video, the plea for help and the 'hope' that we'll adopt the same softly-softly approach as we always do. Sure, we may nick her once she's back, but what will she get? She'll get the opportunity to lay the seeds of their masterful plan for all of the shit-cunts that are already here to enforce. Cunt's like her, will bomb themselves in the name of Allmud, and so what has she got to lose? Let her back, and she & ISIS are on to a winner no matter what, and our poxy government are too fucking thick to notice. She's been 'groomed' all right. Groomed to cause havoc from the moment she returns.
  15. 'eavensabove

    Shamina Begum

    It's almost sad to witness his falling from grace. He's noticeably going down and fast, and I just pray that ProfB doesn't arrive to finish him off. After all, I kind-of quite like the ol' boy (from a distance of course) and he still has some uses when he bothers to stay stum.