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  1. Daniella Hirst

    Ignored as being futile. Wankstain.
  2. Daniella Hirst

    No. Except to say, that it's a crying shame that You didn't burn at the time.
  3. Daniella Hirst

    I currently reside on the East coast in Suffolk, actually, however its coming to that time again when I've had enough of the poxy shit-hole and I dare say that I'll resettle again in Surrey. I'm never bogged down to any one place Dec's. I now tend to rent somewhere decent, use it as a workplace, and then move the fuck-on, taking my intelligence with me. In fact, it's the very first thing that I pack.
  4. Daniella Hirst

    Blimey! I'd wager that you & I have the potential between us to win The Booker Prize. You have what appears at first glance to have remarkable penmanship skills and a forward thinking mind... I'll PM you a draft-copy for your perusal, of my "How To Read a Cheese Grater" (In braille). It could do with some footnotes.
  5. Daniella Hirst

    Your mathematics is abysmal.
  6. Catholics

    All in good time Withers. All in good time. However, you could if you wish read his previous remarks last night for starters.
  7. Catholics

    There are only a few things that are worse than cathy-lickers, one of them being Germans, another being German residing Snitching-Snatches, and those that make half-bit accusations about folks that do not dwell in Germany, and use this site.
  8. Catholics

    I have, as like with all of us on here. What of it?
  9. Catholics

    Why on Earth, are you here?
  10. "Scatting"

    ooooh. If only you knew.
  11. Catholics

    No. It's a semi-precious stone, similar to coal.
  12. Daniella Hirst

    Must dash... I've got some photo's to snap for Snitch come the light of tomorrow. I'll give him, call me a liar. He's finished. Though I doubt he will ever shut-up with his ongoing scat-brained shite. We will see. We will all see.
  13. "Scatting"

    Specialist? You're a fake.
  14. Daniella Hirst

    Ha! Credit where credit is due. You almost got me stumped.
  15. Daniella Hirst

    She stole my plimsolls, before my heart.