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  1. Daniella Hirst

    Ignored as being futile. Wankstain.
  2. Cunts Corner Christmas get together

    Correct. He composed all of it via a tube.
  3. Cunts Corner Christmas get together

  4. Cunts Corner Christmas get together

    Best ask Frank, Quince. He wrote it!
  5. Ape

    Sorry mate. I'd forgot about that **** of yours. She's quite a **** if I recall the accuracy of the graffiti on the bog wall of your local pub.
  6. Ape

    Fwankie, counts himself in as a mod. A spineless grass, yes. A mod? Well anything could be the case on here. Some would say that he is Mr. Roops, but that's only a myth... surely?
  7. Ape

    It's a fucking joke... particularly if/when a certain whore is just that. It's the words "M*m" & "W*fe" which both seem to be so upsetting, however I'm slowly but surely getting to grips with it all. Problem is, without any level of consistency on board, one is always just guessing in the dark.
  8. Cunts Corner Christmas get together

    Well, I wouldn’t normally divulge private & confidential PMs, but I feel obliged too in this instance and to share with you a small snippet that “Dame Widow Fwankie” sent me to proof-read before his rendition of “Olivia” at this years Xmas Concert Panto.. I myself think it’s a heap of shit and on par with anything he quips, but who am I to judge? After all, he sweated buckets and pulled-out of his slops to produce it. Bless her. Anyway, his muvver’s coming and all, so it should go off with a bang. D.W. Fwankie (minced/spoken) So, ‘specialist, are yer up for it? B. D. Specialist (likewise) Are yer sure Mr. Spunk Gape won’t mind? D.W. Fwank (playing coy) Mind!!! (breaks into falsetto) Consider yerself at ‘ome. Consider yerself, Punker’s famileee He’s taken to you so strong It’s clear, you’re queer, you’re bound to gettalong. Consider yerself well in Consider yerself a-nuvver shirt-lifter There isn’t much more to say OK, you’re gay We’re both the uvver way. If yer dance wiv me, you will see, harder days Tubs of lardie-days, why grouse? A-chance to fuck Punkape, 'coz he bends at will So let’s go to his ‘ouse... Hoi! Consider yerself our mate Yer don’t ‘av ter make no fussI After all considerations I can tell you’re not str8 Consider yerself, one of us! D.W. Fwankie (aroused) We mince about all lah-di-dah and uppitee There’s arses a-plentee, for all Only it’s wise to be handy wiv a felchin’ stool When Punker’s trannies come ‘round to call, Hoi! Consider yerself my mate Consider yerself, me only famileee I’ve taken to you, so strong What’s wrong, we’re queer We’re bound to gettalong… Consider yerself, My Top! I only love Gay-Cock I know you take it up the arse, you ‘re up my Street, Consider yer-selllllf (pom pom pom) One of Us! (act limp to fade, curtsy, dodge the beer bottles. curtains)
  9. Daniella Hirst

    No. Except to say, that it's a crying shame that You didn't burn at the time.
  10. Ape

    oooo What is this one then. Phase 11 3/4? You flatus fool.
  11. Daniella Hirst

    I currently reside on the East coast in Suffolk, actually, however its coming to that time again when I've had enough of the poxy shit-hole and I dare say that I'll resettle again in Surrey. I'm never bogged down to any one place Dec's. I now tend to rent somewhere decent, use it as a workplace, and then move the fuck-on, taking my intelligence with me. In fact, it's the very first thing that I pack.
  12. Daniella Hirst

    Blimey! I'd wager that you & I have the potential between us to win The Booker Prize. You have what appears at first glance to have remarkable penmanship skills and a forward thinking mind... I'll PM you a draft-copy for your perusal, of my "How To Read a Cheese Grater" (In braille). It could do with some footnotes.
  13. Daniella Hirst

    Your mathematics is abysmal.
  14. Ape

    Not particularly.
  15. Ape

    I did ask you to send me some of your coke, but you declined as is obvious.... like I said to the wanker/crawler Ape, "If" this place was a free for all, then I wouldn't be against anything being posted by any fucker, but it is not. I, like get most on here (including yourself) get coolered for nasty(?) remarks aimed at members family and/or the Mods, and none more than Fwankie, so you can suck my zookeeper's boots and die in a fire, but hey, not your kids or your mongoflid wife. OK!