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  1. The only dyke I know, got cured using 20mg tabs of generic Tricoxagain.
  2. An ironing cunt, was she? Probably, creased piss-flaps. The bitch should have had it dry cleaned at her age. My late Aunt Mable, swore using moth balls for her dilapidated fanny. She took her secret to the grave with her. She never once explained how she got the Moth's legs open.
  3. What part of Fuck Off, don't you understand. Are you blind as well as dopey? Refrain or I’ll fuck you over once and for all... Bring it on, Cretin. Any fucking time.
  4. It's reported that half of Britain's can't identify British Landmarks... How many can You, not identify?
  5. She's half price and not smart price, that's for sure.
  6. If I had a £ for every time somebody called me a racist, I'd have enough money for Bro' Darkie to rob me and for a Yid to pick up the coins as the Velcro-headed cunt run away... anyway, all of that is besides the point. What I meant to say was that I hate Russian Dolls. They're so full of themselves, and if pronouncing my b's as v's makes me sound Rusky, then soveit. Oh, and before I go, what's a Syrian immigrant's favourite sport? Cross Country, which reminds me: Bro' darkie says to his Dr, "every time I fuck white pussy, my eyes hurt." Dr replies, "your allergic to pepper spray."
  7. … Jordon... we have a problem...
  8. I may be a deranged psychopath, but then again, you're a total dick-head, and there's the difference. In other words, you have nothing in common with any cunt, save for W R Stickers.
  9. I've less brains than you've had out-of-date croissants, if that's what you mean... How are your grooming exploits at Tesco, going?
  10. There you have it... Thought as much. You're a Nerd. One of 'The Four'
  11. Has he invaded Poland?
  12. Keep that Under Wraps.
  13. It's just that you display all the characteristics of being one, that's all.
  14. Are you also a Nerd in your spare time too?
  15. Yes. Egusi aka Egwusi Soup.
  16. ...returning to topic, if it's all the same to you lot: What's white at the top and black at the bottom? Society.
  17. A bird in a book, is worth one off the wrist. Frank. 1971 - 2019
  18. 'eavensabove

    Ramadan 2018

    The Osbournes were Morrisons.
  19. 'eavensabove


    Panzer swears he's in financial ruin... He has both Tourette's and a swear box.
  20. That's what you call, tough shit.
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