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    Theresa May

    Rimming their arses more the likes.
  2. What's so wrong about having white Tea Towel over your shoulder?
  3. 'eavensabove

    Theresa May

    She's lost her voice.
  4. You've been on the Cherry B again, haven't you. You never learn. You know what it does to you, but you never learn.
  5. 'eavensabove

    Theresa May

    Only her own ministers know why she's still where she is. Brexit aside she's achieved naff all apart from plunging this country into chaos. The Tories are worried to death about losing a general election, but to who? Every party is more or less unelectable, and the House of Commons and parliament itself has become a laughing joke, where nothing of seriousness is taken with seriousness and any debating is done en masse on the back benches. It truly is a circus, and I cannot see it recovering either. It's certainly not a power-house of achievement, is it! Not for the people, that's for sure.
  6. His cat is recovering from a massive stroke.
  7. Like Drugs, you mean? I may take that up. After all, they've given us Rock & Roll AND sporting achievement at Olympic level.
  8. Is it possible to mistake schizophrenia for telepathy? I hear you ask.
  9. He used to be addicted to swimming, and he's been dry ever since.
  10. It's not so much that they fail to produce heirs. It's more the case that the heirs they do produce, they remove by waxing.
  11. Most of the time yes. But on occasional Sundays they are marched into the Church, after everybody else, and the other con's go mental whilst the screws turn a blind eye, for enough time to deliver a smack in the head. He'd only get sectioned with full security if he'd been a psycho/mass murderer. You can also bet your life that he's food will have shit & piss in it too. He's in for a right pounding.
  12. I considered going Quaker, honestly I did, but I heard a calling. Not only that, but Quaker's are a pile of shit, and a pile of shit is easier said than dung.
  13. I still cannot comprehend as to why this kid of 15 did what he did. I'm not trying to make comparisons with a person twice his age or more, but this little cunt had no history as such, and neither was it some kind of terrible game which went wrong with a say of group of bullying mates. If anything, a kid of his age would know what he was doing was wrong, and more so than somebody much older who's probably been a paedo for most of their life and haven't given two fucks about it. Surely, a person doesn't literally change overnight to the extent that he did, and yet it seems as though he planned it all according to some reports.
  14. Are you a man of the cloth? I'm officially Amish as from today.
  15. Having reconsidered me options, I'm going Amish. I can make me own coffin and dig me own grave by hand as well. Furthermore, I aint cut out for connecting with the broader world, and I've already got a black hat. Shaving's also a poxy curse in my book, and so me blades are gonna be ditched. All I need now is to learn Pennsylvanian Dutch and that's me done until I've gotten a buggy. I'll weigh the pro's & con's and if all has failed and Amish is not for me, I'll be going Quaker.
  16. I'm a Thursday's child, but I'll fuck off anyway if it's all the same to you.
  17. The situation that we are in today was all a part of Cameron's plan. He had no reason to resign at all, or for May to replace to him. It's obvious that the majority of MPs from all sides wanted to remain, and they still do, and the longer that this palaver takes, the better for them. Had they at any time been serious in wanting to leave, then a better deal or no deal at all would have been presented yonks ago, and as you say, done and dusted. My only hope is that the EU get so pissed off with us, that they'll simply boot us out and be done with it.
  18. It's a snippet from Foo Fighters, Rope.
  19. In other words, they are all shitting themselves.
  20. Friends no, but previous acquaintances yes, and having spent some time in there I have seen how inmates (and some of the screws) deal with likes of Campbell. I cannot provide evidence, as I left it all behind me in the tunnel along with 14/oz burn and a Biro.
  21. I haven't a clue Jewdi. The architecture could be the give-away, and also the head-gear. My money's on the carpark at Wikes.
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