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  1. A bird in a book, is worth one off the wrist. Frank. 1971 - 2019
  2. 'eavensabove

    Ramadan 2018

    The Osbournes were Morrisons.
  3. 'eavensabove


    Panzer swears he's in financial ruin... He has both Tourette's and a swear box.
  4. That's what you call, tough shit.
  5. Is it still on? I thought it dried-up!
  6. Panzer's still on his honeymoon. He's waiting for his sexual relations to arrive... Anyway, that's beside the point. Are you the one responsible for global worming?
  7. Have you seen that new film about Constipation? It hasn't come out yet.
  8. What's new? Anyway, how is Your own health shaping-up? Still suffering from Butterfly Stomach? Punker's swears by rubbing Vick on his chest or sucking on a Fisherman's Friend to relieve most of his issues.
  9. A double bluff. It is, Wolfie, after all.
  10. Can you picture the pleb, done-up to the nines with his decoys of Cabbage White & Red Admiral and pupae of Hawk Moth stuffed up his arse. Chasing about in meadows of privet armed with a little jam-jar to capture a specimen akin to himself. "Oooo, there goes a Lulworth Skipper in full wing!" and "WOW! that's a Common Brimstone, 'less I'm mistaken... … my first sighting of a breeding male this Season" Out of his head on Chloroform, with a pair of antennae stuck-up both nostrils...
  11. Reported for implying the presence of pox.
  12. Lunching at Sainsbury's eh? My oh my how well you live it up, you lucky privileged snob. Next you'll be bragging that this is not any old food, this is M & S food, and your outings will extend to a stroll on the downs or an afternoon of skipping with a butterfly net full of moth balls. I'd wager that you go frogging and have your very own camouflaged hide, albeit it when your not train spotting or fine-dining at Waitrose. You pitiful pleb.
  13. They are given as many opportunities as any other person, but they lack the acumen or the willingness to better themselves. It's not that they are discriminated against, as they would have us all believe. They lack the desire to improve and use any excuse to excuse their incompetence and thick-headed attitudes. The only thing that is holding them back are their own failures at grasping common sense and the simplest of functions. There are thousands of jobs that they could do if only they were able enough, but they just cannot cut it and they have nobody to blame but themselves. Just like the rest of us. You don't hear White people crying that they cannot work cuz they is White, do you? It's all about skill, not about colour, but the only skill the Bournville's have is how to run with a bag of swag or how to draw blud wiv a blade, in it.
  14. She should have been ticketed as freight or cargo, along with the other beasts of burden.
  15. The fat-arsed cunt, should be sorry for simply boarding a train, let alone slurping on one. She doesn't look the slightest bit concerned about human beings on their daily commute, or her sense of fashion and general demeanour. The poor cunt sat next to the Bourneville, looks comatose and worse for wear too. It's obvious that apart from him, all others managed to scarper at Blackfriars.
  16. Neil got arrested for wanking on an airplane to Bangcock. They did him for High-Jacking.
  17. People that take selfies, need to take a good look at themselves.
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