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  1. Aw no need to cry am I getting to you
  2. I'm. God round here

    You should know your the kind that hangs round the school gates with a pocket full of sherbert lemons
  3. I'm. God round here

    Says the inbred cunt from Norfolk isn't that the place where fathers day cards are sold in packs of 20.Please take the baguette from your battered bung. hole and try to bring something of value to the table before I put you in a blender feet first so I can wank in your face as you fall in
  4. Cunting through Song

    Dick smudge
  5. I'm. God round here

    Please have a shave ,with a nose like that you don't want to underline it
  6. I'm. God round here

    Thanks for pointing that out but we all get the drift punch fuckked moron
  7. I'm. God round here

    Wow what a speach
  8. I'm. God round here

    Roll back. Into the ball of shit you are
  9. I'm. God round here

    Im going to buy you a blow up doll with an extra tight cavity lined with sand paper I'll even pay extra for the deluxe model the one that shouts out insults such as fucking retard every thrust detected penetrating its arse ,cunt whipe
  10. Bitchy Big Girls Blouses

    You look fucking hideous twat face I have never seen a pork sausage wearing glasses before
  11. I'm. God round here

    I would just like to introduce myself I am the best on this site I'm mucho short for muchousing syndrome fuck the lot of. You