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  1. Mingeeta


    Spack door specialist. What sort of a moron calls himself that? Is it an alias name for Spunkers? If it is im surprised. Judging by the posts when you compare them from the two imbeciles in question, Spunkers at least seems to have a shred of common sense, not much just a tadge. But it still seems to be more that this spack door specialist fuck knuckle has.
  2. Mingeeta


    Pity you didn't die by post 3
  3. Mingeeta


    Bettered by thick tools eh? Shows just what a twat you are blubs. Fucking idiot.
  4. Mingeeta

    Cunts who go on "All inclusive" holidays

    Serious question Punkers. Why are you acting like such a wanker? Last week you made a few good funny posts, this week you are back to normal.
  5. Mingeeta

    Driverless truck and car cunts

    Something tells me you will be the first to buy one. I can see it now, your driverless lorry hurtling through the channel tunnel while your getting arseraped by the illegals in your trailer.
  6. Mingeeta

    Jemma Beale

    Every hole is a goal I suppose.
  7. Mingeeta

    Gang bans

    Who told you that? Lying twats.
  8. Mingeeta

    Skid Marks

    Where do Welsh men like to shag sheep? On the edge of a cliff as it makes them push back harder.
  9. Mingeeta

    Fox Hunting

    I have to agree with you to an extent. There's alot of pikeys here at the moment knocking on doors trying to rip people off by offering to make driveways and clean patios etc, but here, there are quite a few urban foxes which will even stroll around in the day but they don't cause any harm, and they have a right to live like any other animal. The worst thing about the fox hunts before they were rightfully banned is the lying the huntsmen come out with. When a fox was caught the dogs ripped it to pieces, not shot before the hounds arrived like some have lied and suggested. Paying taxes and having a job does not give them the right to act so barbaric.
  10. Mingeeta

    Cunts who don't have an Aga

    Oi stubby I don't mind the disgusting bit but less of the scouser. I'm the opposite side of the Mersey to them bin dippers.
  11. Mingeeta

    Cunts who don't have an Aga

    You're obviously the stupid one thinking Skanky has wiped the floor with me, or anyone else for that matter, as it's clear to all that Skanky couldn't even wipe the shit off his own bed sheets. With that in mind I wouldn't be that surprised if Skanky is one of your Multi IDs. Fucking prick.
  12. Mingeeta

    Cunts who don't have an Aga

    I know it is hard for you to get online without your parents knowing what site you are visiting, but when you do manage to log on, try making you own post and not one littered with phrases what other posters have used. Your just an annoying, dim witted little turd who to be honest should just stay on the other site you have been trolling with your vast collection of gay porn, and leave the adults to play on here. Trust me you cock smoking prick, you wont be missed. And to show just how little you are thought of, I would rather argue with Bill, at least he can speak like an adult ( sometimes) and doesn't have to ask permission off his folks and carer before he posts.
  13. Mingeeta

    Cunts with freckles

    Bloody hell what you doing up? It's only 11am.
  14. Mingeeta

    Cunts with freckles

    Derailing a nom how? I just stated in my answer anyone would rather have acne, be ginger, disgusting, or anaemic, rather than be like you. Where's the lie in that.
  15. Mingeeta

    Cunts with freckles

    The only thing more annoying is when you get complete fuck nuggets like yourself trying to make yourself sound better them mentioned in your shit nom. On your behalf that would be one almighty task. Fucking balloon.