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  1. SuperPen

    It's the only ride you get.
  2. The New Lavatory visit and bowel movement thread

    Counter sunk
  3. Finding money is a crime

    If you eat IT there will be no evidence
  4. Cunts who say "like" all the time

    Fuck off
  5. 5 A DAY TO BECOME 3

    Anyone for hedgehog sandwiches
  6. 5 A DAY TO BECOME 3

    If i canged it to something else i would probably have you reporting me ,all you lot do is go round giving abuse . All you are doing by swearing is showing your anger and how defensive and queer you really are.So when you address me you call me undertaker and when i address you i call you cunt.
  7. 5 A DAY TO BECOME 3

    I always have my 5 a day .I cook everything in vegetable oil.
  8. Donald trump

    Now you must be one of them there special kids , the kind you just have to pat on the back.
  9. Donald trump

    He seems a jolly nice chap