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  1. Simon Cowell

    You sad cunt.
  2. Simon Cowell

    I'm going to bed for a wank now anyway. If i'm banned by the morning, I'll have a bucket full of tears by midday for sure?
  3. Simon Cowell

    Fuck she's an ugly cunt eh? He's a wind up for sure, no cunt puts a pic of them and thei bird on here.
  4. Simon Cowell

    Kill it!, The Welsh will probably be bred out eventually because they are fucking ugly. This will take too long, just kill it if it speaks.
  5. Simon Cowell

    4% positive feedback, Pretty crap but i'm proud of that. Looks like I missed a night without being the centre of slander. Few bulmers cider tonight, can't drink too much of that shit but that's about as good as it gets down my local. Which thread is this mush and his bird then, i'll have a look now. Hey, fucking great weather in Wales tomorrow apparantly, heard some cunt down my local is going to Greece tomorrow at 38 degrees, what a twat.
  6. Simon Cowell

    Ok, great answer fair play
  7. Simon Cowell

    That's fucking hilarious! Are you a child?
  8. Simon Cowell

    What's 4% all about?
  9. Grenfell Tower

    The only person i'd listen to when i'm told to stay in a burning flat, is someone who has been in a burning flat and came out of it just a tiny bit burnt.
  10. Simon Cowell

    This is why Geldof is such a scruffy cunt coz he donated so much. And his daughter died of malnutrition brought on by poverty. My heart bleeds for that family.
  11. Islamic culture

    You won't be yelling that when you fall asleep in class tomorrow.
  12. Islamic culture

    Really? You're childlike drivel on here tonight has been pretty obvious and predictable. It would bounce off anyone over the age of 12 and has been spectacularly rebuffed with quite some ease I assure you. While it's been thoroughly entertaining, and at times quite laughable mocking your poor insults, I must plough on with my Sunday night duties. I will firstly be having a shit and I can assure you that when that first turd appears, I will be thinking of @Ape, @Roadkill and @Mingeeta and how inadequate you muppets must be feeling tonight. I don't think I would like to upset you anymore so i'll say adios for tonight motherfuckers as i'm sure you'll have homework to finish off. Hey, don't let it get to you that much and I hope it doesn't upset your school day tomorrow.
  13. Islamic culture

    Fuck, that's the most grown up thing you've said all night, congrats.
  14. Islamic culture

    Takes two to draw it out, and you're the one with wafer thin skin.
  15. Islamic culture

    Not everyone, just you @Ape shit, @Mingeeta the cockeeta (is that spelt correct for you). Like I said, you display a huge lack of maturity and you kids always look up to mature folk like myself.