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  1. They constantly shout at each other and stamp around, they are here all day as they don't work so the rent is paid by us (the tax paying public) for them to make my life hell... Thank God I'm moving out soon!
  2. Cunts With Tattoo Sleeves

    This should read 'Cunts with tattoos'...
  3. People who think it's cool to spell their name wrong...

    Oh fucking yawn......
  4. Am not interested in a tedious debate with people sending replies that they think are amusing or clever responses, the fact is that people using unusual spelling of their names are total cunts! Examples are: Iain (usualy the jocks are guilty of this) Zowie Cate Aimee Jayson And loads more I can't be arsed to think of. Fucking pretentious cunts! Just had to get this off my chest as am in a bad mood this morning living in shitty Suffolk where it's always fucking raining!
  5. Dating web sites

    I just got bored of the page as was losing its shine (good to see it hasn't returned).. Is Cat Woman still on here?
  6. Dating web sites

    At least the abuse hasn't changed
  7. Dating web sites

    Internet pages for weirdos and fat women who are unable to meet people in the real world (including me). The women on these sites constantly complain about men looking for just one thing - it's an internet site you silly cunt! That's what blokes use it for. Half the women on there have semi naked photos of themselves then moan about someone asking how big their tits are! Cunts! Oh and I'm not really a new user, I was on this site 10 years ago when it was funny!