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  1. Anti Vaxxer cunts

    Judging by the amount of autistic cunts on this site, I'm pretty sure everyone here got their vaccines double-dosed.
  2. Protesters in Paris

    If you got penetrated by a Grenadier with a gurthy baton, you wouldn't riot Snatch. Oh no. You'd be straight back home trying to recreate it using a beer bottle, playing the sound of sirens on YouTube off your laptop speakers. You'd probably send the copper a few love letters too, and end up getting locked up for harrassment.
  3. Perhaps we should be glad that some cunts are so clearly labelling themselves as such. In this day and age, many cunts slither around society in an underhand and concealed fashion. However, the adult on micro scooter is different, brazenly appearing in busy public spaces with a clear identified. The scooter acts like a flashing sign to warn others this person is not just a lazy and inconsiderate arsehole, but also a victim of some kind of childhood developmental trauma. Too poor to afford a bike, too inept to realise the speed increase is minimal compared to walking, and probably working in some kind of start up, the scooter rider is an embarrassment to urban living. I feel bus drivers should be incentivised to run these cunts over for additional bonuses in their pay check. Or better yet, there should be dedicated scooter lanes that end up diverting users into head-on traffic on the M1.
  4. Instant boiling water taps.

    Like the sub-genre of music labelled Norwegian PornGrind Metal, TaTa's noms have always been niche, and lacking in any mass appeal whatsoever. Admirable in his uncompromising refusal to go mainstream, he's always stuck to his original sound; typified by long droning complaints and unanswered prose (quite different to the 'call and response' of more popular artists). Not expected to pull up any trees this year, young Daniel to have another typically unspectacular year on the sidelines, exploring the issues nobody else is anal nor OCD enough to dissect.
  5. Sort your fucking acts out

    It's been a difficult year for Manky in 2017. Despite being a sub-normal bigoted idiot, Manky burst on to the scene last year with his own brand of marginally self-aware humour, elevating him above other racist, thick-as-pig-shit contemporaries of the era. Regardless, he's endured a difficult campaign since the new year in an increasingly saturated market of xenophobic cretins, resorting to simplistic homophobic slurs and general drivel. Outlook - bleak.
  6. Sadiq khan

    Class is permenant eddie. And by that I mean working class. You disgusting little serf.