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  1. Those who don't believe or do not have faith in the lord

    Well, yes... but you can use facts and logic to prove anything if you put your mind it. What if God did do all that as some sort of elaborate joke, just like making the world flat at the same time as creating a load of evidence to prove to the contrary?
  2. Those who don't believe or do not have faith in the lord

    How do you know God didn't use evolution as a way of creating us?
  3. BBC Cunts

    That is uncanny rattus because when I was a young MP, Cyril Smith was a boys scout and he said the exact same thing to me. That and rubbed up against my old fella, but that's fat people for you. Never gonna change them.
  4. BBC Cunts

    I don't know or care what you are on about, but have a like anyway you big, fat bender.
  5. Rural Policing

    Hopefully they didn't steal your degree certificates as well. Otherwise you will have to print new ones off and frame them, you fucking stupid, uneducated, thick as pig shit, racist wanker.
  6. Thank you for this Frank. There is a raging queen at the old people's home I volunteer at and I have been wondering what to get him for Christmas for a while. Now I know. The lord certainly does move in mysterious ways.
  7. Fat bastards

    And what are his patients like?
  8. Joshua Boyle and family

    Now some people just can't cope with the fact that they have been born into relative privilege at the expense of others and feel they need to get a taste of what other people are getting. What a bunch of fucking idiots.
  9. This topic is now closed to further replies

    To be fair the Stubby baiting had become quite boring and you only want the ball back because Roops has taken it away. It's just like the time the Germans invaded Poland and then everyone wanted it for themselves.
  10. Burying a Brady

    The best thing that could have been done with the cunt is if the press never mentioned him again after he was locked away and his death was never recorded.
  11. Do you remember that robot on Buck Rogers or some shit that used to go "Biddy biddy biddy"?
  12. Grassing cunt

    Out of interest, has anyone ever donated any money via the PayPal button?
  13. Meghan Markle

    Wow. Two things spring to mind. First, what ape said. Second, if that is true, and I have to say, I doubt many are convinced, but if it is true, I mean, if you have really attained all that... It clearly doesn't count for shit because you are without a doubt the most pig-shit thick cunt on this site by miles. LOL. LOL. LOL. Standards must have improved, don't you think MC?

    I've always liked you Stubby.
  15. Ryan Gosling

    I just watched this pile of fucking shite and this is the most justified nom for ages. Nearly three hours of the gerbil faced cunt looking at smog and then a random cameo from Deckard left me kind of hoping someone would retire me.