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  1. Jim Hart

    Google + Wikipedia = Cunt
  2. Tesco ads

    At least with eavens it is kind of like a white noise of drivel you can somehow tune out. These new cunts are more like a sewage pipe of shit pouring into your living room, spraying foul turds and jobbies all over your new curtains.
  3. Eh?

    Hah! What a loser!
  4. General Butt Naked

    Has that been winding you up for all that time in the clink? Seems he is at least trying to do something positive now. I remember watching the vice documentary on the guy. Seemed alright. Forgive and forget, I say.
  5. Apathy on Jihadi cunts

    Hello trolly trolly troll. When you are not tediously trying to troll people on a forum designed purely for that purpose, do you spend your time sending pictures of your genitals to people who boss you around at work and cutting the ears off of kittens?
  6. Loony lefty libturds and Antifarts

    Well this certainly fucking hasn't. This is worse than the time I got stuck in a lift with Mary Whitehouse, Enoch Powell and Piers fucking Morgan. That never happened though so fuck off.
  7. Spineless white people

    Go on @ratcum. Give the cunt a like for that one. @Eric Cuntman would shit his pants if you did.
  8. Loony lefty libturds and Antifarts

    Are you sure you didn't bring these cunts with you from TMS?
  9. Speaking of which, Eavens is back. Coincidence? Or has he been bigging this place up in the mental ward he has clearly been for the last few weeks?
  10. You cunts.

    Hello Splitarsecuntfucker. I'm starting a death metal band in the early 1990s. Can I borrow that name?
  11. Eh?

    Rattus rattus truly is a rat's rat. A thinking rat's rat. Other, lesser rats either want to be one, or be with one.
  12. Sheep shaggers

    I lived in Wales for a couple of years. Never saw or heard of anyone snagging a sheep. Just crab riddled slags from Newport.
  13. Eh?

    I have always found the Latin name for a black rat funny. rattus rattus. Care to explain?
  14. London terror attack

    You miserable fucking cunt. I ain't in no welcoming committee. I simply like what I like.
  15. London terror attack

    Swans are the only creature allowed to eat the Queen, although they refrain from doing so because she tastes of a mixture of Benson & Hedges and gin. Or was that her mum?