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  1. Spanky

    May Giving It The Biggun.

    I preferred your old avatar, you cunt. I'm glad you're still alive though.
  2. Spanky

    Mayor Khan

    Is he a dozy fucking cunt that needs more medication than a third world pharmacy?
  3. Spanky

    Misery at McDonalds

    Jail. What have I missed?
  4. Spanky

    Topman pisses off scousers

    Try telling that to those Isis wankers
  5. Spanky

    Misery at McDonalds

    - This is nonsense - You're an idiot - Fuck off
  6. Spanky

    Cunts Who Smoke in Public Doorways

    Have you thought about telling her to move her fat chuff out of the way as it is attracting flies?
  7. Spanky


    The dad looks like he is wearing the shopkeeper coat from open all hours. I'm a good driver.
  8. Correct for once, thicko. The facts, in the way you presented them, were complete bullshit and proved nothing. Hence me saying that they were bullshit and proved nothing. You can use statistics to explain anything but prove nothing. However, none are required to prove you to be an idiot as that is plain to see.
  9. I never doubted the facts, dummy, I said they were bullshit and proved nothing. Now Frank has called you stupid. Said that you are really really thick. What are you going to do about that?
  10. This nom was about Michael Wolff rather than whether Trump is any good. Regardless, your tedious attempt at divisiveness won't work. Your facts are all bullshit and prove nothing, fuck for brains. What do you make of that, Edward, you thick cunt.
  11. Spanky

    NHS Winter Crisis v64.0

    I don't say this often but I want him dead too. Let's form a clique and de-rail everything the cunt posts. Are you in on this too @Rick_B?
  12. Spanky

    The Intranet.

    The worst thing about this is, that stupid YouTube cunt went into the suicide forest and didn't hang himself. What a fucking bastard.
  13. The only thing that unites all politicians is the fact that they are massive, arrogant cunts. I guess that is why so many are attracted from certain professions, like law or banking.
  14. Spanky

    NHS Winter Crisis v64.0

    I didn't read this because it was boring, but I get the general gist through reading everyone else's less boring comments. Instead of pissing and moaning about it all the time, have you thought about just resigning and getting a different job? Mopping the floors or something else useful, rather than dishing drugs out to people who don't really need them.
  15. So a fat, mincing humpty dumpty lookalike has written a book claiming that "the Donald" is a moron with a child-like need for instant gratification. No fucking shit. Did anyone really need behind the scenes access for this scoop. POTUS, instead of just having the fat cunt shot, has been tweeting his usual drivel and boosting Wolff's sales beyond what he would normally expect languishing in those service station bargain bins. C'mon you small handed wanker - do a JFK on this fucker. Putin would and you don't want him calling you gay now do you?