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  1. Simon Cowell

    Oh my god I make a stupid joke and you throw your toys out of the pram! I've been happily together with my lady for 2 years. I try and make you guys laugh and you go bats shit. Sorry for any offence caused. Jesus Christ.
  2. Simon Cowell

    Goodnight all. Great banter. Off to France in 7 hours, Sleep well
  3. Simon Cowell

    I'm joking
  4. Simon Cowell

    Top arrows. She is asleep. Not rape - just surprise sex.
  5. Simon Cowell

    Don't need ribs taken out - my French lady loves my Rosbif thank you very much. And yes she does shave her armpits.
  6. Simon Cowell

    Ah ya fuckers. Kiss milarky is my way of saying bye. I don't down the brown or drop anchor in poo bay. So Fuck off. BIG KISS TO YOU THOUGH X
  7. Simon Cowell

    I think we can all agree Cowell is a cunt. Goodnight fuckers. Charity single on sale on Monday. Save your pennies. Wankers. x
  8. Simon Cowell

    King Cunt - regardless - I think we can all agree that these wankers with hundreds of millions in the bank could afford a few to donate to these poor people who have lost their whole lives. Their homes. Their possessions. But don't worry - you can buy a charity single on Monday to help the Grenfell victims. Do your bit you selfish cunt. x
  9. Simon Cowell

    Doffs Cap Sir
  10. Simon Cowell

    Funny thing is - this cunt isn't from Kensington or Chelsea. He was born in Lambeth. He would probably do the same down there too. Put your hands in your pockets you plebs. Anything for a bit of positive press. Shame he is still in the closet. Now give me that knighthood. Disco Inferno. Candle in the wind. Sex is on Fire. Feel free to suggest any other titles..............wanker.
  11. Simon Cowell

    Do puffins wear sunglasses inside?
  12. Simon Cowell

    Arise Sir Cuntman.
  13. Simon Cowell

    This Cunt lives in an 8 million pound mansion in Kensington. In his bank he has £400 million. Annually this cunt makes £95 million http://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-celebrities/actors/simon-cowell-net-worth/ Now he is releasing a "charity single" for us plebs to put our hands in our pockets to help those who have lost everything. Fuck you Cowell you cunt of epic proportions. Your bank account alone could fund 10 tower blocks. Angling for a knighthood. Arise sir Cunt. Cunt.
  14. Ant and Dec

    Not sure if I stay or just fuck off. Welcomed by many. Hated by the few
  15. Ant and Dec

    True story cunts. I was Delia Smith's wine waiter. Vs Manchester city. Where are you. Let's be having you. I got her mashed that night. True story.