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  1. Admiral Cuntblaster

    The Hairy Bikers

    A couple of fat, dirty northern bastards. No discernible talent - everything they cook looks like a greasy pile of shit, and their presenting is annoying as fuck. They've got tits to rival Nigella Lawson's but they're not even half as good as wank material. Bet they shove cucumbers up each other's hairy, claggy arseholes, the fucking filthy northern monkey cunts.
  2. Admiral Cuntblaster

    Cunts who let off fireworks

    I'm sitting here trying to take a nice peaceful shit, but a bunch of cunts can't get over their obsession with loud noises and sparkly lights - thick autistic cunts. Think I'll move to Syria so I don't have to put up with this fucking racket. It's probably fairly quiet now half the population is either dead or residing in a 3 bedroom detached in Hammersmith.
  3. Admiral Cuntblaster

    Fixed Shower Heads

    I bet you just jet the water up your arsehole you fucking queer cunt
  4. Admiral Cuntblaster

    Tennis - A sport for boring cunts

    If you can't recognise a bunch of boring cunts when you see them, then I suggest that you probably are one. You boring cunt.
  5. Admiral Cuntblaster

    Tennis - A sport for boring cunts

    I wouldn't mind getting tugged by both of them. It's always been a fantasy of mine to have two big black men
  6. Admiral Cuntblaster

    Joe Wicks, the little cunt

    What an absolutely cocky little cunt
  7. Admiral Cuntblaster

    Tennis - A sport for boring cunts

    No thats a selfie
  8. Admiral Cuntblaster

    Tennis - A sport for boring cunts

    What the fuck are you on you cunt? I ain't Tibbs
  9. Admiral Cuntblaster

    Tennis - A sport for boring cunts

    A game played by boring cunts and watched by boring cunts. Look at Andy Murray, not only is he as miserable looking as Theresa May's undoubtedly minging minge, but he has all the personality of a mouldy potato. A sort of Scottish cuntato if you will. Watching this shit makes me want to drive pointed sticks into each one of my eye sockets. One cunt hits the ball one way only for a second cunt to hit the bastard thing back again. This process continues indefinitely until I begin to consider whether my time would be better spent sawing through my own legs. Doubles is marginally more entertaining although still an absolute atrocity of a boring four-way cuntfest.