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  1. Gronda Gronda

    Samantha Jones

    Ape has had some very good retorts, some of them have been fairly recent. He is often targeted by Punkape, the more recent of his cheap jibes usually ending in a helicopter emoji. Sometimes Ape takes his time to pull out his sharp knives which makes for entertaining reading, and there are times like this where he just swats him away. You on the other hand go from pining for sympathy to lashing out like a miserable angry drunk. Celebrate the fact that you are the best on here instead...
  2. Gronda Gronda

    Keira Knightly

    Treguna, mekoides, trecorum satis dee
  3. Gronda Gronda

    conor mcgregor chat shit get banged.

    Richard Roundtree or Samuel L Jackson?
  4. Gronda Gronda

    conor mcgregor chat shit get banged.

    What are you basing this opinion on?
  5. Gronda Gronda

    Girlguiding Transgender cunty bollocks

    In your opinion, how old is old enough? In March this year, a school in Essex had a transgender student be told that she was not allowed in the girls toilets "out of respect". The school had a toilet policy change not long after, but if she was your kid in that situation, how do you think you would react?
  6. Gronda Gronda

    McStrike and fries please

    You label the McDonalds workforce as being lazy but I imagine they are under plenty of pressure during busy times. They obviously feel that they deserve more money and that the company can very easily afford to pay a bit more. Was your expensive stolen Audi ever recovered?
  7. Gronda Gronda

    McStrike and fries please

    He reminds me of the Harry Enfield character George Whitebread.
  8. Gronda Gronda

    McStrike and fries please

    You have strong feelings about this. Will a strike force you to eat at burger king? I don't have any problem with what they're doing and you shouldn't either.
  9. Gronda Gronda

    Adrian Harrop

    I have had arguments in the past relating to the subject of discrimination towards transgender people. I have no issue with them, I just don't understand how anyone can feel offended by something like that.
  10. Gronda Gronda

    Girlguiding Transgender cunty bollocks

    That kind of a response could cause offence...
  11. Gronda Gronda

    Girlguiding Transgender cunty bollocks

    What would be your advice to parents with concerns about their daughter at girl guides because of transgender members and leaders?
  12. Gronda Gronda

    Neil warnock

    Some would say he could've managed England.
  13. Gronda Gronda

    Cunts without a Panama hat

    You were wearing your dustman's hat today, and your hi-vis vest. The roads in Tower Hamlets are no less dangerous than anywhere else, and nobody would want you to get injured at work.
  14. Gronda Gronda

    Cunts who go on “pride” marches

    So you were upset. Are you feeling better today?
  15. Gronda Gronda

    "Fellow helpful motorists"

    Try yak loin. It keeps the yang up.