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  1. Cunts who wear high visibility clothing

    The owner of the market stall at which you work at has not provided you with any high visibility clothing. This has nothing to do with your insecurity and vanity. Nor has it anything to do with his budget. Whoever first guesses the real reason wins a prize.
  2. Wasteful People

    It's always nice to meet another member of my fan club. If I was wanting to cheer the boss up, I would have told him some Ethiopian joke.
  3. Frank's Funeral Arrangements

    Do you know if Chas and Dave will play?
  4. Wasteful People

    I know someone who was once a baker. He told me that at the end of each day, he'd have to throw out enough food to fill a shopping trolley. One day he thought he'd mark the goods down to a fraction of the asking price ten minutes before closing. He purchased some himself when his shift finished. Rather than being thanked by the boss, he was almost sacked on the grounds of theft.
  5. Spittle

    Perhaps it was toothpaste.
  6. Cunt's with silent letters in their names

    Niamh / Neeve
  7. Cunts who go on "All inclusive" holidays

    I said something similar to Punkape on his hunting nom. One of his retorts was well thought out and funny, and the frustrating thing with him is that he can be funny, but most of his contributions are repetitive and silly.
  8. Cunts who can't speak properly.

    There was no need for you to spit the dummy like that. As I have never worked at a market, I can't pretend to know your frustration at how few sales your CD stall has generated - standing there with two Pet Shop Boys albums in your hand, yelling "TWO FOR A PAAAHND" and watching sadly as everybody walks on by. Don't take your failures out on others.
  9. Cunts who can't speak properly.

    What is your favourite Chas and Dave song?
  10. Withers won't talk to me any more

    Do you know or suspect why?
  11. Fox Hunting

    It only looks like that to you because you write silly things all of the time. Little of what you say is interesting, and for the most part is all very repetitive. Less trying to wind up Ape and more thought into what you churn out would be great.
  12. Fox Hunting

    I do not share your thoughts on this subject, but I did find your reply interesting. Most of what you write here is just you trying to trigger other people on CC (predominantly Ape) but on this occasion it seems as though some thought went into it. I am pleasantly surprised.
  13. Jerry Lewis

    Arguing as to who is/was funny is of course never going to change anyone's mind, but his success and recognition in the world of comedy is undeniable. Personally, I found him to be about as funny as Les Dennis saying "I don't really know"
  14. Cunts with freckles

    Can't argue with that!
  15. Cunts with freckles

    Being that they're more sensitive to UV would likely mean that they are that much more careful to apply sunscreen. Have you never seen a good looking red head?