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  1. Hello Eric, good to see you. Know that you'll always be welcome in Arg! Punkape believes that COVID-19 is the handy work of Jeebus' old man. He speculates that the motive is frustration over society promoting debauchery to today's young. What are your thoughts towards his assessment?
  2. You know like it says in the bible that Jesus on the whole was fairly nice, do you think that's true?
  3. Gronda Gronda

    Rap music

    Some rap songs (Public Enemy) explore political themes. These days, so called mumble rap seems to be where it's at.
  4. Melanie Morgan needs to be a chook and put the kettle on.
  5. Maybe Boris is semen intolerant, and whoever read your question presumed you'd have known that, and came to the conclusion that you weren't being very nice.
  6. I can't argue with that. I wouldn't even mind being called Punkape if I were to be remunerated to the tune of 80k a week to sometimes kick a ball about.
  7. You make a good point. I suppose it is because back in the 80s, things weren't nearly so PC and there wasn't any of this SJW crap that we have today. I believe that without a social media platform to express outrage, John Barnes did all that he could do about it and I think it was far more powerful than any message with a hash tag would have been. Do you agree?
  8. I don't know what those particular Bulgarian fans said, but it might've been monkey noises or something along the lines of what happened to Lewis Hamilton?
  9. Is it that you are disgusted by the racism from some of the Bulgarian fans?
  10. Are you concerned about potential future flooding?
  11. You make an excellent point. Sending a like your way.
  12. Unlikely. The cyanide laced cigarette could contaminate some of the others in the pack. Also, the person coughing and complaining about their emphysema aren't likely to want one anyway.
  13. If it happens again, force a cough and talk about how your emphysema is playing up. If the smoker has any kind of moral compass, they will stop or move away.
  14. Gronda Gronda


    A light breeze on a hot day is a wonderful thing.
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