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  1. I bet Jamie Oliver knows the colonel's secret recipe.
  2. Hello Camberwell Gypsy, how are you today? What are your thoughts on KFC and Billy Joe Saunders?
  3. Not too bad at all. I hope judgetwi is okay though. His angry and quick response to MCs topic could be indicative of something far more serious than oily fried faux chicken...
  4. I agree. I can actually remember a time when KFC chicken tasted nice... Zinger Burgers are the only thing they do now that is alright. Anyway, how are you Eric?
  5. Hello, how are you madam?
  6. I have always loathed this so called song. I can remember being strong-armed into participating when my pre-school "teacher" had everyone hold hands in a circle. This kind of abuse deserves a lead injection in the ear.
  7. Well, I think she was a dirty cow.
  8. Not bad. He pretends to be a nobleman / he calls himself an ape / whenever he bends over / his anus starts to gape
  9. You'll happily walk the streets of Tower Hamlets at night wearing lycra, occasionally snapping your fingers to the left, but you won't go near Crewe. Why?
  10. I am fine, thank you sir. I randomly remember the times when you tore that Albert Ross guy a new chutney chute. Whatever happened to Lady P, or does she go by a different name these days? Another suggestion: Black Adder seasons 2 and 4
  11. Well, the TV show The Adventure Game DVD set is available online - best 30 quids worth of entertainment you're likely to ever find!
  12. He must be simply venting his frustration at the fact that some people can afford a McLaren Senna (or whatever it is) and he cannot, and so he wants you to share the weight of his envy.
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