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  1. Gronda Gronda

    Le French......all cunts

    Even René Artois?
  2. Gronda Gronda

    Google fact cunts

    Is this nom just part 2 of the stolen car nom?
  3. Gronda Gronda

    Fucking Asain car jacking cunts

    Are you sure? There must be steering locks out there that could make all the difference. I just googled it and straight away found one that connects to the clutch or break pedal. Just make your next car that tiny bit too annoying to steal and it then becomes the next person's problem.
  4. Gronda Gronda

    Fucking Asain car jacking cunts

    Okay. Let's just pretend that the first two paragraphs didn't get written, and we concentrate on the last sentence that you wrote. I put it to you that a steering lock just might make your next car more hassle than it's worth to steal. As Mitsubishi used to say: Please consider.
  5. Gronda Gronda

    Fucking Asain car jacking cunts

    What are your thoughts on using a steering lock next time?
  6. Gronda Gronda

    Fixed odds betting machines.

    Leave him be, Frank. You sound like a bitter old coffin dodger in palliative care at times.
  7. Gronda Gronda

    Fixed odds betting machines.

    Hi Wolfe, I hope you are well. I haven't been to any of Rick's parties; I hear his dress code for entry to his abode is taken very seriously...
  8. Gronda Gronda

    Fixed odds betting machines.

    Gambling addiction can be almost as hard to kick as opioid addiction. The % payout offered sometimes catches people out.
  9. Gronda Gronda

    Alan Pardew

    Now now Wolfie, when you feel you really need my attention, you only have to ask. Run along and play, lad.
  10. Gronda Gronda

    Alan Pardew

    His tenure as the coach of Crystal Palace started well. Is that enough for him to get a little credit around here?
  11. Gronda Gronda

    Misery at McDonalds

    A genuinely mentally ill man frequenting CC... I'm assuming he managed to get himself banned (and therefore all posts deleted?) because the only way that I can read anything Jazz wrote was when he was being quoted.
  12. Gronda Gronda

    People who bag up their dog shit and throw in bushes or trees

    “in the ordinary moral universe, the good will do the best they can, the worst will do the worst they can, but if you want to make good people do wicked things, you’ll need religion”. - Stephen Weinberg
  13. Gronda Gronda

    Misery at McDonalds

    I've read some odd things from a few years ago involving Jazz. A very paranoid individual. For those who were here at the time, can anyone shed some light on why he thought someone from CC hacked his business accounts?
  14. Gronda Gronda

    Misery at McDonalds

    Jesus. If you were in any way responsible for the disappearance of this Ding character, you have my gratitude.
  15. Gronda Gronda

    Misery at McDonalds

    Was this Ding person a bit like Albert Ross?