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  1. I wish to issue you with a coding challenge! How would you adapt it to use the Mtembe hardware once the cable has been inserted?
  2. Well of course I am already familiar with your open corner topic. You begged for me to notice it and so to be nice, I responded, which was gratuitous because it was predictable puerile rubbish. Now, stop being silly. What you wrote previously was uncalled for, so be an adult and show some contrition.
  3. Frank, you are in a foul mood every single time you post something these days. Now out with it, what terrible thing(s) have happened to you for you to be so bitter? Do you not live a life of luxury? What are your thoughts on Jimmy Carr?
  4. We all know what he drinks and it ain't no secret. When queen Gwen catches you at the fridge door, about to pour yourself some R. White's lemonade at midnight, what do you tell her?
  5. KR, I know of a song in an advert which used to run some years back that I think would be right up your alley. It's the R. White's lemonade advert with the guy coming down the stairs. I would link it, but I can't be arsed, so get back to me after you YT it.
  6. It's not a problem. If someone else made that oboe post, you would have probably made some disparaging remark and I wouldn't have blamed you, as it was the kind of thing that ChildeHarold would think up. Do you prefer Wham or Soft Cell?
  7. You said "lol" at the end. Did you really make yourself laugh out loud with that oboe comment?
  8. When his picture was taken for the album cover, the photographer must've asked him to pretend to be a duck with a migraine. What's with the lips?
  9. Whoever cut his hair must've used a spirit level.
  10. Oh, and when you do plough into the BLM protesters with your bladed chariot, don't forget to play your Best Of Johnny Rebel CD (the one you bought from Punkape's stall) at maximum volume.
  11. They'll already be at King Frank's gates.
  12. So you see KR, Eric has crossed all the t's and dotted the lower case j's, ChildeHarold is still a potato, Punkers is still a nine bob note, and Wizard has cooked another batch of your special crystals. It's all going to work out.
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