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  1. Are you concerned about potential future flooding?
  2. You make an excellent point. Sending a like your way.
  3. Unlikely. The cyanide laced cigarette could contaminate some of the others in the pack. Also, the person coughing and complaining about their emphysema aren't likely to want one anyway.
  4. If it happens again, force a cough and talk about how your emphysema is playing up. If the smoker has any kind of moral compass, they will stop or move away.
  5. Gronda Gronda


    A light breeze on a hot day is a wonderful thing.
  6. Everything is fine, thanks. I haven't seen too much of your pal Albert of late. Did you rattle him to breaking point?
  7. I hope you're not selling any knock off Ann Summers sex toys at your Tower Hamlets market stall. Are you selling enough Michael Bublé CDs?
  8. I can appreciate that, but you need to be careful that you don't get a messy break. Fandabidozi.
  9. Ape has had some very good retorts, some of them have been fairly recent. He is often targeted by Punkape, the more recent of his cheap jibes usually ending in a helicopter emoji. Sometimes Ape takes his time to pull out his sharp knives which makes for entertaining reading, and there are times like this where he just swats him away. You on the other hand go from pining for sympathy to lashing out like a miserable angry drunk. Celebrate the fact that you are the best on here instead...
  10. Treguna, mekoides, trecorum satis dee
  11. Richard Roundtree or Samuel L Jackson?
  12. What are you basing this opinion on?
  13. In your opinion, how old is old enough? In March this year, a school in Essex had a transgender student be told that she was not allowed in the girls toilets "out of respect". The school had a toilet policy change not long after, but if she was your kid in that situation, how do you think you would react?
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