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  1. Forrest Fenn

    I'll tell the ex wife, she loves a 'challenge'..(hopefully)..
  2. Cunts without a Panama hat

    'Man from Del Monte' looking cunt
  3. Attack of the disgustingly tattooed fuckwits

    How is it possible that the cunts soaking up the tax payers money, on the dole, can afford these things anyway, and they ALL seem to be covered in these things... I remember a guy, I previously worked with, getting one of those 'sleeves' done, he asked me, when he finally had it finished which seemed to take forever, what I thought, apparently telling him 'it looked like one of his kids had forgotten to take its ADD meds and gone crazy with a felt tip', wasn't the right answer...cunt..
  4. KC that's the beach I'm 15 minutes from, it has enough parking for a dozen cars....dump...I was peacefully sat out of my back a few minutes ago enjoying a cold beer, but, now I have had to move back inside due to the fact that the student 2 doors up doesn't know the difference between coal and charcoal....I'm awaiting the fire brigade...cunt..
  5. I live 15 minutes from the coast, 10 minutes away from my work place, and I also work on a Sunday...its about 27 degrees here today, I left work at midday and got home 30 minutes later, mainly due to the amount of cunts in their range rovers because of their failure to pull out during intercourse, at the right moment...and have to take these vermin to the beach...cunts..
  6. Aftershave adverts

    I'm sticking with my Hai Karate, I've had the same bottle since the 1970's and the fragrance/aroma lasts forever...and....ever....and...ever.
  7. Dithering old cunts

    I served in the same unit as Kriss Akabusi in my army days, never met him myself, but, as per the 'squaddie grapevine' he was supposed to be a bit of an egotistical cunt..
  8. Bull-running bastards

    Good, the fucking stupid cunts....
  9. Job Satisfaction.

    So did that Welsh_Cunt, cunt, get shit canned?
  10. Job Satisfaction.

    Alas I'm not a Geordie, just a regular orphan (I still have no idea who dispensed me from inbetween their beef curtains)...just reside here, on a temporary contract...I did live in Sunderland before, and, escaped the place unscathed...can Roadkill explain this 'why-aye' thing, its like someone's asking me a question then answering it...for example when I tell my assistant/cunt we're finishing early - 'why-aye'...we'll take an early break - 'why-aye', the boss is a cunt - 'why-aye'..I don't get it, and why do all those mackem women dye their hair black, wear hoop earrings and go with the orange look? It's not grim up north, its just strange..
  11. Job Satisfaction.

    It is a glorious sunny day here in Newcastle, I am sat outside in my undergrads, smoking the fine stuff, drinking chilled beer and listening to the maestro Ronnie James Dio.
  12. Job Satisfaction.

    I never get any emails off Russian women, especially those fine ones from Nigeria, though I'll be able to buy a few when I retire to Spain..
  13. Job Satisfaction.

    I fucking hate my job, its shit, and my boss is a cunt.....But, the chap that I work with REALLY fucking hates it, and despises the boss on every level, I kind of think he may be a bit deranged though. He often explains to me, in great detail, what he would do to the boss, and workplace if he won the lottery, from hiring an F-18 (to napalm the place), a challenger tank (to run over the bosses company car), and other stuff...His latest was to drink umpteen pints of Guinness, eat a large portion of curry (and a bag of peanut M&M's??) and take a shit on said bosses desk..I really hope he wins the lottery, at some stage, if anything, shitting on the bosses desk would be good for company morale. I only ever win the Spanish lottery, via email and post, for some reason, whoever keeps entering me for it, many thanks, I'm roughly worth about £77 billion there by my recent calculations.
  14. Simon Cowell

    It's real? shit, well I'd like to apologise for saying, your missus looks like a mutant from Chernobyl (with hoop ear rings)....and you art attack statue looking cunt, if you're the bastard who stretched her forehead, so much so she can see with 360 all round vision...well I hope you fall off the Eiffel cuntower...
  15. Grenfell Tower

    I've had a few alcoholic beverages....and kind of fancy my arse reddening off this Roops girl