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  1. jihad

    I have got a grip you self righteous super socialist idiot, what do you propose , I already know the answer , No don't tell me , "Hug a terrorist" Well that's not working don't you think, deleted
  2. New member

    Yeah I'm a right twat
  3. jihad

    Spell check herpes dickwad What a cunt!
  4. New member

    Death is the final adventure , pair of pliers and a blowtorch could sort it , but I'm to much of a tight cunt to buy them .
  5. New member

    Bleach wouldn't get rid of me!
  6. jihad

    Anyone that performs jihad in the UK should be fed to the pigs dead or alive
  7. New member

  8. New member

    Well you cunts !!!! this is exactly what I needed today, haven't laughed this much since my gran got her tit caught up in a meat grinder!!!!
  9. brexit

    Brexit was in or out, now it is hard or soft , sounds like but fun to me, and definitely a load of shit !
  10. New member

    Thanks for your warm welcome guys and gays
  11. WOT, no Brexit plan!!

  12. New member

    Hello everyone just joined up any advice on the site would be great