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  1. North Korean prison standards

    I make lutes and run aromatherapy classes, do try and keep up you peculiar little Manlet.
  2. Britain First

    That doesn't sound very practical, thank god you will never be in any kind of position of authority on account of being a total cretin. I am a religious pluralist and clearly more enlightened than u.
  3. North Korean prison standards

    I'm not Decs. From reading his post history I have ascertained he's a disgusting blairite so I can assure you I'm not him.
  4. A Day of Rage

    Not a bad idea... unity
  5. North Korean prison standards

    So it's fine for other countries to have nukes but not Iran and NK? Hypocrisy.
  6. Britain First

    If we reach out to Muslim extermists and try to have compassion and understand them perhaps we can learn how to not upset them in future.
  7. A Day of Rage

    That's whAt they all said about Corbin and look at him now
  8. A Day of Rage

    I have a job thanks. I make lutes and other stringed folk instruments and also work part time as a holistic aromatherapist, and by that virtue have contributed more to society and music that you ever will at your desk job for Metro bank.
  9. A Day of Rage

    Would you care to explain yourself?
  10. Barclays

    Death to all bankers. Bartering is much better system than fake money grown on digital trees.
  11. A Day of Rage

    Things are going really well down here at the protest. We've just created a sit down area outside parliament where anyone is allowed to speak to the crowd if they are holding the tambourine and use gender neutral pronouns. Really positive ideas being floated around
  12. Britain First

    FGM is a cultural practice. It is not up to us to dictate to other cultures what is and is not acceptable. It's subjective.
  13. North Korean prison standards

    All a bunch of western propaganda. North Korea is nothing like what you see in the daily mail and other fascist rags. It's very productive. Don't Believe the bullshit.
  14. A Day of Rage

    I'm down at the protest now, marching with my friends of the socialist worker party. Its so far been a fantastic occasion. This kind of organised civil disobedience is going to smash the fash and bring about the end of austerity. You can sit at home being cynical whilst we are changing the world with protest songs and placards. When you are an old man enjoying a good pension and NHS thanks to Corbyn you'll know you missed out and feel like a right fucken muppet
  15. Britain First

    You are a Britain first supporter and you clearly have a very low low iq. So far the anecdotal evidence on this site therefore 100% supports this claim.