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  1. 'shithole countries'

    Bertie whilst making a quick quip on your albatross username I'm hardly going to start listing off a bunch of birds because gull is the real term, furthermore I am for all intents and purposes a made up binman from Birmingham whilst on our fag breaks behind the wagon topics of conversation usually range from wouldnt you love to give that middleton one eh to why has the sun taken page three away, were not standing around saying " ere that seagulls just nicked me fish" " no Gareth there is no such thing as a seagull that was a herring gull" you utter utter nob rot.
  2. 'shithole countries'

    As Eric has pointed out Im not soliciting any sexual services so fuck off.
  3. 'shithole countries'

    He did capatalise it and an exclamation point, he means business I'd tread carefully if I was you.
  4. 'shithole countries'

    Temper temper seagull you'll burst a blood vessel.
  5. 'shithole countries'

    Your quite right young Eric I do apologise , I had delusions of grandeur and thought of myself as a young Tony Montana taking out Frank to take over his criminal empire and would of cemented myself as a corner top dog. As far as these newbies go pricky had a promising start with his cryptic dennis k nom which will leave people scratching their heads for years to come, but everyone on the corner can agree that Bertie is a dreary cunt.
  6. 'shithole countries'

    I think you should take up farming in South Africa they seem to have an appreciation of white agricultural types over there.
  7. 'shithole countries'

    These countries are shitholes no beating around the bush and good for him for pointing that out,doesn't distract that he's a massive fucking tool but that's what I admire about the cunt ,there should be more crayon eaters in postion of power we already have a yank and a silly haired cunt waving there cocks at each other imagine we let all of broadmoor out to run the world , special needs discos wouldnt even compare to the enjoyment to be had.
  8. Vehicles on a duel carriageway driving side by side

    I'm watching you goose fucking french cunt keep one eye open........
  9. People stood outside talking all night.

    I agree that Eric cunt didn't cut it for my clique and had become a bit wet behind the ears for my liking, I get to.say what ever I want in yours...sign me up.
  10. Golden Globe Awards 2018

    Fully agreed, the most pandering load of shite I've seen topped off with a billionaire telling us how hard women have it in an industry full of "privledged" women and men who need bitch slapping back to reality.
  11. The Intranet.

    I'd have all these youtube "stars" sent to this forest for a mass culling.
  12. The Intranet.

    The live animals in these machines has me more worried bunch of weird cunts.
  13. The Intranet.

    The Japanese have always been light years ahead of the world when it comes to suicide, now if we could adopt the same principals maybe we could turn our terminally unemployed chav cunts kamikaze during war times I think we'd be onto a winner.
  14. The Intranet.

    This would be the best option I think Manky 2 birds with one stone and all that.
  15. The Intranet.

    Commentary on the decline of society and the next generation who idolise these complete fucking idiots or the ramblings of a mad man after a night around Birminghams finest establishments, I haven't quite decided.