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  1. Nazi dogs.

    And Sir Spunkalot held aloft the shiny phallic symbol which was inserted in to the orifice, untill he could take no more. King Arthur looked to the heavens and said, lord what should I do with the good Sir Spunkalot. Send him to where the lower classes dwell and let him find his path to me,God said. And as the gaping arse of Sir Spunkalot dripped of the beggars, peasants and vagrants seed while the last peasent finished on his face , there was much rejoicing and merriment.
  2. Nazi dogs.

    Indeed it is punkers and I must say that I was very out of my comfort zone with this nom for it is neither a binman tale or a pov rambling load of shite, but I had asummed that as even a blithering idiot like myself can fathom how to use youtube I would not need to supply a link ,but I must of underestimated certain members idiocy. I must say though Judge does have a point about the use of shithouse, a rather commoner word for the Gentry and with the added rather flustered reply to myself are we seeing the cracks in the punkape persona, are we getting a glimpse of the man behind the curtain, is this man a shithouse?
  3. Nazi dogs.

    I'm surprised a man of your social status and intelligence can not type in the words "nazi dog" into youtube. Are all toffs this inept at such trivial things or just the faux types?
  4. Nazi dogs.

    I saw someone covering the story and It had footage of Ricky defending this very individual because It was just an edgy joke which found him in hot water. Yes the guys a fucking idiot, and should have weights inserted into his earholes, but to serve time for shit jokes is bit over the top.
  5. Ken Dodd is dead

    Bertie as an impartial bystander can I say this tedious playground nonsense has gone on to long ,go into the toilets at McDonald's look in the mirror and repeat im a useless fucking cunt over and over, as the tears stream down your face walk back out and twat the Manager or option number two put your head in the fryer, anything but this bollocks.
  6. Nazi dogs.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-43478925 I'm going all Lady P and reporting on some news, and one upping the geriatric old cunt , suck it flappy lips. A man has been convicted of commiting a hate crime because he filmed his dog making a nazi salute which he had taught him to do on youtube. Now I've seen the offending vid and followed the case closely for the very reason that I feared would happen, that a joke could send a man to prison. Now I'm no expert on Scottish law but surely a silly joke about Nazis shouldn't put you arse deep in cock and a run around the yard for 20 minutes every day, but it also sets a precedent that you can not joke about anything anymore or snowflake cunts will send you to jail. I fear for the future and ratty may be fucked to. Adieu adieu.
  7. Bratz

    Whilst you bring up a valid and sound point there, you our exactly right both the mix sluts and Danielle are bad influences on this generation but I feel ,from observations ,that there is a vast difference between a bunch of twenty year olds acting like complete tarts and a fourteen year old who kids around that age would be prone to follow their example.
  8. Apologists for drink driving celebrities

    I think Decs arse worked as an airbag but the bite force on impact has now turned him into a eunuch . You could iron your curtains on that fucking head.
  9. Apologists for drink driving celebrities

    He had trouble seeing the road lets be fair now,
  10. Misery at McDonalds

    I missed the ding war as I signed up he had fucked off and old decco had just got out of the cooler, I feel honoured that you and dross are able to replicate the experience for me, it's a slow and tedious experience which i spend most of the time gritting my teeth, but efforts due.
  11. Bratz

    Funnily enough I was talking to a friend about tony heart today and morph, he was known as a bummer and so the old rumour used to be he was fucking Andy Peters , so Edd the duck wasn't the only old decrepit thing getting fingered in the broom cupboard.
  12. Bratz

  13. Spunkless Wanking.

    To busy getting bummed I suspect.
  14. Spunkless Wanking.

    A botched use of the English language by an illiterate fucking baffoon?