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  1. WOT, no Brexit plan!!

    Who really fucking cares , I have no interests In foreign lands apart from my imaginary time share in Majorca which I rent out to the rest of the crew. As long as we can keep bagels and bananas, good European stable mates I couldn't give a monkeys.
  2. When the punishment does not fit the crime

    If it's a hotpoint cunt should be tried for being a chavvy oik to (punkape sic)
  3. Bull shitting cunts.

    Luckily for Mrs Snowy I make sure I have a good scrub of the ball,s gooch and arse crack wouldn't want her to be distracted, anything else can be cottoned off as normal brummie smells. Soda streams? have you been beamed to us from the 90s ? Would you like me to send you back in my time machine with my Chesney Hawke cds?
  4. Bull shitting cunts.

    But instead of drinking a coke he gets covered in shit and puts his shirt back on?
  5. Bull shitting cunts.

    I'm afraid when it comes to estate agent movies I'm not up to speed with the subject matter but I will research this and get back to you, have you seen men at work?
  6. The FlidSpack Game

    Ignore that one ive used spaz instead of spack like a right tard.
  7. The FlidSpack Game

    Flids favourite Terry Gilliam film.
  8. The FlidSpack Game

    Just logged in to answer...plick.
  9. Bull shitting cunts.

    Would you like me to pass on your details should the budding property tycoon wish to venture outside of Birmingham?
  10. Bull shitting cunts.

    So im loading the lorry up with bins and fuck me is it a graft after all our strikes, so I say to the lads lets take a breather before Mrs snowy gets the news her beloved has had a heart attack. So let them all have a fag break and we get talking, turns out young Gareth has a degree in photography,always knew he was a bit of a stalker. Then its Abduls turn to tell us his life. Fuck me if he didnt own every business in Birmingham while having every property known to man that he rents out on the cheap whilst working for Birmingham city council putting peoples rubbish in a compacter. While I admire his enthusiasm I may need to gut the cunt in the morning.
  11. Remember when I said doing same thing over and over is madness, Im glad you learned from the experience, would you like me to look on the member list to see who you havent told them playground insults ,im nice like that.
  12. It would appear perms are back stubby .. Inspector Snowy is still on the case.
  13. I heard, next time you in the clink mate bury it up the never regions, though if punkapes in there he may find it in a jiffy.
  14. Shuffled arse wipe your the best on here bar none don't listen to Ape and Eric want to join the clique?