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  1. Lord McCunty

    DIY cunt next door

    Do you blow leaves into a pile and then pick them up, or do you simple waft them from one end of the garden to the other like most owners of these hideous machines? If its the former then I could commute your sentence to a mild birching.... With a rake handle.
  2. Lord McCunty

    DIY cunt next door

    I wouldn't mind if there was a fucking racket for a few days, but it's constant "tap tap tappity tap" whenever you least expect it... for two fucking weeks. The odd bit of drilling and planing added in too. I just want to sit down after work and relax without a live episode of Tommy Walsh over the top. Still going post 9:00 some nights. I overhear his nagging bitch of a missus whining daily about new things she wants that she's "seen on' telly". He humbly obeys everytime. God forbid anyone sit outside on the back lawn in a "quiet village" and listen to the birdsong. Anyone who owns a leaf blower should be disemboweled and then shot. Then shot again. Everyone has to make a bit of noise, I get it. But you seem to get these tosspot DIY Dan types that have gotta be "doing summat" all the fucking time. Shut the fuck up! Fuck off.
  3. Lord McCunty

    People who will not be watching the royal wedding

    Or not a bowing and fawning serf fucktard.
  4. Lord McCunty

    Electric tills breeding a generation of thick cunts

    "Electric till", are you from the Victorian times?
  5. Lord McCunty

    Cunts who shit themselves on sight of a real dog

    I didn't at any point brag about my "well 'ard dog", but such details are lost on the mentally deranged cunts who visit this site.
  6. Lord McCunty

    Cunts who shit themselves on sight of a real dog

    Nope. Your image of me is completely wrong, Tiny Cock.
  7. Lord McCunty

    Cunts who shit themselves on sight of a real dog

    Fuck me you are really fucking thick if you think Rotties are "attack dogs". Still, far less brain power is required to label than to research.
  8. Lord McCunty

    Cunts who shit themselves on sight of a real dog

    Thick cunt.
  9. "Oh my god, it's one of them dreadful killer breeds. I must scoop up little Fru Fru and protect him from the nasty savage beast that wants to eat him." I own a Rottweiler and make no apology for it. Fantastic family dogs, extremely affectionate and protective with children, and your property. Any cunt who decides to breed microscopic fucking Chishitwas should be shot. Only the breeders, the poor "dogs" have had this inflicted up on them. The Chihuahua cunts next door shriek 24/7. I say "shriek" because they cannot physically produce anything close to a bark. These fucking cunts are basically what comes out of my dogs arse when he has a shite. My dog is not a "status dog", but a loyal and trustworthy household companion and guardian. Perhaps if you didn't scoop up your snarling little shite of a Jack Russell every time you see a dog larger than a fucking Guinea Pig, it wouldn't have such a fucking attitude. Dogs are intrinsically social animals, until human cunts come along and interfere with normal interaction because the "nasty wasty rottie monster dog" might eat little Fru Fru. Fuck off.
  10. Lord McCunty

    Adverts that make me want to kick the TV screen in

    The TUI advert takes some beating for cuntishness. That up her own arse cow wailing away with the silly cunts prancing about behind her. At the start and finish of every ad break on Sky One, and if you're really lucky, the full version too. "Ain't nobody..." ?
  11. Lord McCunty

    The United Republic .. Who should be the first President?

    Jeremy Corbyn.
  12. Lord McCunty


    OP should stick to Points of View in future. Even better, print his "views" onto some semi rigid card and use it to wipe his arse.
  13. Lord McCunty

    Any cunt that sits behind a computer and calls it work

    I find that I get most work done by being in front of it. Busy day counting nails?
  14. Lord McCunty

    Changing a bulb on your car

    Even on my rather old Passat it was impossible to access the inner lamp holder without taking the bumper off. Since replaced with after market lights as originals were fucked. All lamp holders are accessible now, without dismantling the car. I concur that that VW are indeed cunts.
  15. "Well done steak for me mate" "Lamb Pathia, not to hot guv" These lifeforms shuold be gassed.