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  1. People you were scared of as a child

    Dame Edna. STILL scares the shit out of me.
  2. "Hennys" cider and Vindaloo

    Well I thought the above ingredients were the perfect solution to a shit day. I have spend the last two hours spewing piping hot brown lava from the disgusting orafice known as my arsehole. Wiping is a a futile effort, only for my hand to be covered in stingy hot lava. Fuck off Ape. And every cunt else, fuck off.
  3. Cunts who can't handle a decent curry

    How predictable. The more simple minded the cunt, the more predicable it is.
  4. Cunts who can't handle a decent curry

    Eat my Jalfrezi infused shite, you shitmong. You probably wouldn't know the difference between that and food. Don't worry, I'll give you a yogurt to go with it so it's not too hot. Sunday dinner at Harvester tomorrow is it? Extra well done steak and chicken nuggets?
  5. Cunts who can't handle a decent curry

    The cunt in front of me at the curry house this evening: "Can I get a Chicken Pathia, not too hot mate, just like Korma hot". The phrase "can I get" deserves a thorough cunting in it's self, but to request a medium heat curry extra mild really does take some beating. What next "boiled chicken breast for me mate, no spices please"? I didn't get to hear his side order, but no doubt it was "pillow rice" with a dollop of tomato ketchup. If I was the chef, I wouldn't be able to resist chucking in several chopped nagas. I think there was a similar posting to this before, but I think this cunt deserved his own special cunting. A decent curry should at least make your ring piece in the morning feel a little warm.
  6. TUI

    That daft cow prancing around lip syncing badly to "ain't nobody" has me torn between a spontaneous wank and smashing the TV to bits. Also, the whole stupid "tui" shit. "oooh we out you in the middle". Annoying "cushy cuddly wuddly" customer service twaddle adopted all banks and building societies in their shite adverts. I've never been particularly interested in violent sex, but I could quite happily shag tui woman as much as punch her. Fuck off.
  7. Most of the cunts round here don't realise that a floodlight can be installed at an angle other than completely horizontal.
  8. Thermostat ignorant women

    Your site is it? Couldn't give a shite if I get banned, I can easily change my ip address and set up a new account. I was being insulted long before I started dishing it out to other members. Frankly, your large number of noms suggests what a sad twat you are, spending most of your life on this wanky site. Fuck off and die!
  9. Thermostat ignorant women

    Well you do brag about it, with your silly insinuations about people being on benefit. I bet you're a Tory voting cunt too.
  10. Thermostat ignorant women

    No, that's a thermometer you spastic.
  11. Thermostat ignorant women

    Well done! You work and pay tax, you should be on Pride of Britain. You sanctimonious piece of mouldy knob cheese. Ps. When you earn as much as I do, you don't need to slog your bollocks off day in and day out. Fuck off and kill yourself. Xx
  12. Thermostat ignorant women

    One thing mainly blokes seem to do in an office with AC, is despite having their heating on 21 all winter, they suddenly want the office refrigerated down to 16 the first sign of some sun in mid April.
  13. Vaping

    Much easier to be a thick ignorant cunt...
  14. Vaping

    Not it isn't. You are clearly the idiot if you believe that.
  15. Vaping

    Obviously a bitter and twisted non smoker who hates the fact people can enjoy a puff indoors, lol.