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  1. Lord McCunty

    Football comin home

    England's comin' 'ome!
  2. Lord McCunty

    Lynx Gold advert

    I want to smash my cast iron doorstop into that cunts face again and again. A perfect piece of shite of an advert which has activated some of my most primitive instincts. The cunts that edited this also need a good kicking. I have just seen this advert for the second time and feel like murdering. Please kill this cunt. Fuck off.
  3. Lord McCunty

    Hot weather

    I blame Brexit.
  4. Lord McCunty

    Hot weather

    30+ is too fucking hot in a country where most don't have AC.
  5. Lord McCunty

    Miserable cunt neighbours

    Moaning about me smoking in an upstairs room of the house wafting a few nice scents their way. I would have sympathy for these coke heads if they didn't smoke tailor made shite fags (and deal illegal drugs) themselves. Heard the missus imploring bollockless DIY cunt to come an speak to me. I hate cunts like this for their sheer audacity. We tolerate their cunt chia-shite dogs shrieking 24/7 and constant fucking home "improvements". Are there any contract killers here on CC? Probably.
  6. Lord McCunty

    Topless men

    I was spastic drunk when I posted that. I feel dirty.
  7. Lord McCunty

    Topless men

    PM me your number Pen xxxxx.
  8. Lord McCunty

    Topless men

    But what use is a reach around if the reach around administrator is a stuck pile of blubber???
  9. Lord McCunty

    Topless men

    What traumatic life it must be to not only be unable to see one's cock. But the worst thing is, he can't even find it with his right hand. If he searched too hard, his arm would be sucked into a flabby vacuum and would probably end up a crippled mound of flab. Fuck off.
  10. Lord McCunty

    Snowflakes at it again.

    There are much better views in Wales than this.
  11. Lord McCunty

    Topless men

    I know it's fucking hot. I know you've been toiling in relentless heat all day, but do us all a favour; have a shower after work and wear loose fitting garments. Don't fucking stroll into the pub fucking shirtless. No one wants to attempt a sly perv over the barmaid's tits , only to see your fucking hairy armpits with seat dripping off onto the bar. I don't care how well toned, or fit you are, this is just hideous chavvy behaviour. The same goes for walking down the streets. On the beach, fine. At a leisure centre or outdoor pool, fine. Anywhere on your own property, fine. On a campsite... maybe. Plenty of topless campers at the recent Pikey invasion down the road. Noone cares how how macho and wonderfully fit you are. Wear a fucking shirt.
  12. Lord McCunty

    Cunts who can’t merge.

    And you get cunts who not only dawdle up slip roads, but they get straight into the outside lane of the slip road to join a motorway at 30mph.
  13. Lord McCunty

    National Anthem of the UK (God Save The Queen).

    The UK anthem is a fucking embarrassment. Especially when England teams sing it at sports events. The Welsh anthem takes some beating, but shouldn't the anthem for England be Jerusalem? And UK anthem should definitely not be god save the pissing queen.
  14. Lord McCunty

    Cunts who shit themselves on sight of a real dog

    No. If I wanted a small pet, I would get a guinea pig.
  15. Lord McCunty

    Dirty cunts who can't piss straight

    Worst one is those 5am pisses where your Jap's eye is still half asleep and the piss decides to fork into two streams.