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  1. http://www.dignitas.ch/?lang=en
  2. Or why don't you write some decent noms instead? You really are a stupid fucking twat. All you do is whine and bitch about other noms. Your 5000+ "likes" are testament to what a sad little cunt you are; spending all your "life" on here. I regard the views of the utter fucking scum on this site no worthy of an opinion than the dogshit I washed off my shoe last week. It is you who is pathetic. Sad sad little mong. Kill yourself.
  3. I'm fucking sick to shite of this amputated cockend appearing on everything. I have watched and enjoyed many highly humorous YouShite clips of kitten videos and yank cunts taking a snooker ball to the bawbag. I realise that I am a cunt for being up long enough to see the nauseating bore that "RudeTube" is. Alex Zane has the typical "keeping up with the trend" beardy fucking dick-face, I could pummel constantly, without remorse. "Every cunt else has a beard, so I MUST have one!" Anyone below 60 with a beard, is a cunt. Nothing AZ has to say is of any value, humorous or otherwise. Bit like PunkRape. Alex Zane, kill yourself. Fuck off.
  4. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/thomas-the-tank-engine-treated-to-a-multicultural-makeover-f50xmwqrz Absolute sheer cuntery. Are we going to have spazzy engines with Downs syndrome too? What a lovely happy clappy melting pot we live in. Fuck off.
  5. Increase text font size on your V Tech My First Laptop, learn to fucking read, stop using Americanisms, and finally please run back and forth across your nearest motorway. Fuck off.
  6. I have heard things to suggest he might well be a peado. My aunt has seen him looking oddly at kids at village events, even licking his lips!
  7. Such an inconceivable scenario within boundaries of your inbred fuckwitted mind. Are you Northern? Kill yourself. Fuck off.
  8. Yes it did you fucking inbred twat. Drink bleach and fuck off.
  9. So this pompus cunt piece of shit aggressively "ordered" me to put my dog on a lead. It's family had a wedding reception in a fuck off great marquee on the village green. I don't have a problem with this. Although they did leave a few subtle "dog walkers, fuck off" signs about. A couple of which I ripped down. Of course, I and a lot of of dog owners need better control of our dogs. But had made considerable effort in keeping mine away, but the cheap bin bags full of empty smoked salmon packets, would probably draw in many of the lower classes you get on CC. The wedding was on Sunday, the day was Tuesday. These cunts live right next to the green, but don't like dogs. Still, left their pile of shit on the green. God forbid they soil their own garden with such disgusting waste? I seriously laid into this cunt. Next I'll just stop picking up my dog's shit, then go spastic at anyome who steps in it.t The green is a very dog friendly area. And frankly, anyone who doesn't like dogs is a cunt. So I told the cunt in no uncertain terms, to pack up the shite HIS family of inbreds left, and fuck off the peoples's green. His fucking lanky dickweed cunt son made a couple of reluctant appearances. Not that he would have been a problem. I could have raped every member of his family in front of him. And yes, that was meant to be disturbing. In my research on this stuck up dick face, I have discovered he is a former teacher. I wonder what else the cunt could be hiding. Still plotting further revenge. Will probably involve rotten eggs, dog shit and brake fluid (car paintwork 😉) Fuck off.
  10. Agree with you up to "team brew". No cunt other than me makes a "brew" to my high standards. I refuse every "team brew". I don't want a load of lukewarm piss water with milk.
  11. And EYYEEEYYYEEEYEYYYEEEYE will always hate the din of your hollering wailey voice. Doesn't go more than a fucking week that EYEEEEEEYEYEYEYEEEEE gets fucking tortured again from a TV ad or a shit pub. The frequency of her hollering seems to trigger a deep and primal murderous intinct in me. Thank fuck she overdosed (or whatever). Fuckeywuckywuck offywoffy off.
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