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  1. Punkape's Message Box

    Fair enough. I have an excellent knowledge of Berkshire. Doesn't mean I still live there. Anyhow my intention was A. Flag up Rickie B. Point out that there's been statements that he's also Punkape C. Point out that it's been said he's got multiple ids on here Not trying to disrupt your blog or cause trouble, just flag up what's been said
  2. Punkape's Message Box

    Er........ I'm logged on a proxy right now
  3. Punkape's Message Box

    You know this for a fact? How?
  4. Punkape's Message Box

    Do what you want over here, but "...is a cunt" has had major problems over a protracted period. Read the comments at The Ranting Penguin and you'll get all the background you need. ISAC has always said 'our site our rules' and its your site so your rules. He's totally out of control at ISAC. They have hundreds of IP address blocked as he switches proxies. He's proud of it. He's a bloody nuisance. I've been told Punkape and Rickie are the same bloke. It's hearsay. I'm just flagging it up. From the comments here this morning it seems that Rickie has pissed a good few of your members off too whether he's Punkape or not
  5. Punkape's Message Box

    The penguin comments name them as one and the same. It may or may not be the case. It also claims that he posts on here as several different people. Ditto. Your cookie system doesn't work. You just delete the cookie and you're free to log as someone else. It's better than nothing and I appreciate what you're trying to do, but it's easy to get round. As for the location, that's easy to get around too with VPNs and proxies. Check my IP. I'm not in Somerset but the IP is Feel free to delete this after you've read it. Just trying to help not tell people how to circumvent your systems.
  6. Punkape's Message Box

    Pleased to be of service.
  7. Punkape's Message Box

    So presumably the boys at "...is a cunt" got it right then despite his many protestations?
  8. Punkape's Message Box

    Take a look at The Ranting Penguin blog and the 2000+ comments under the last / latest post. https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=8246572545436649307&postID=6194028932005361585&page=11&token=1501829456625
  9. Punkape's Message Box

    Why was Upton Man banned from the corner for outing this cunt who's been trolling me and threatening me for years? Just asking...