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  1. Cunting jury service

    Been waiting for this.
  2. Ian Pringle QC

    With me at the helm, that would work.
  3. Ian Pringle QC

    Kin' ell Ecks, are you and Ratty having a domestic over money?
  4. Ian Pringle QC

    Or.....You could just put the word immunity inside quotation marks. The Perrier swilling cunt would then get stuck in a logical semantic feedback loop and self destruct. Inch Allah!
  5. Ian Pringle QC

    10 Krugerattens.
  6. Ian Pringle QC

    Highly unlikely. As with all the pseudo socialist bubble dwellers, I'll wager 3 Eric Shekels that he'll just fall back on the bog standard racist and Islamophobia retort.
  7. Meghan Markle

    A simple "Lug" would do it. So, 1 lug + 3 ratten - 2 scotcoin รท 4 likes = Can't be arsed.
  8. Meghan Markle

    I like the subtlety here Ecks, have a like, 1 Ratten and 0.5 scotcoin. Don't spend em all at once.
  9. Ian Pringle QC

    .........And paedo kebab shop operating mini cab drivers.
  10. Ian Pringle QC

    Shut up and go to bed.
  11. The Bradford Exchange

    Watch you don't trigger a hyper inflationary episode here Scotty, the old Ratten was worth 5 likes, which itself led to the phenomena of "Ratten mining".
  12. Ian Pringle QC

    She is Ecks....The cunt keeps me in line.
  13. Ian Pringle QC

    Fuck me Munters, you're a busy cunt. She didn't kill him anyway, just gave him a bit of a prod while she was spannered. I don't see what the fuss is about, our lass gives me a good drunken stabbing in my sleep at least 4 times a year, bless her though, she always gives me a lift to casualty afterwards.
  14. Cunting jury service

    If I may.....Yourself and Rastus seem to have an affinity. You could form a mutual support group for burnt out cunts and escape all this tiresome nonsense, where you could while away your days pleasuring each other with unintelligible waffle and sentimental youtube clips, before gently succumbing to the eternal silence you both crave. Let go Frastus, it's the right thing to do. If you doubt my sincerity, remember this......It's better to wear your hat rakishly, than to forget the salt on your chips. Rest in peace.
  15. The Rastus Coldsmoke Anagram Challenge.

    Why the fucking fuck are all you autistic stupid fucking wankers engaging with this shit? Evening Rastus, I trust I find you well?