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    Much better, keep it up.

    Indeed, and a good summation. One of the few 3rd world social policies on which we seem to be a bit behind the curve.

    Right on Ratty, On Planet Bacon, the solution is, conscription to the army at age 5, service until at least age 35, then free beer and recreational drugs for the survivors.
  4. Employer Cunts

    Evening Rick. I suppose this accounts for my earlier torpedoed reply? Forgive my excitement, it was like waking to find I'm the last man alive and Scarlett Johannson, Nigella Lawson, Gal Gadot and Beyonce are calling on me to repopulate the planet from a hot tub, full of bacon and egg flavour KY jelly.
  5. Employer Cunts

    Indeed Stubbs. This could be a renaissance for the corner if this is an abstract trolling adventure. I hope it is. By the way, congratulations on your bludgeoning into submission of that sissy cunt, Turbo Diesel Stickers. I knew he'd succumb to the onslaught eventually. This leaves the clique a cunt down and possibly wide open to a massive kicking. Do you intend to follow through?
  6. Spit or Swallow

    Excess jism gargling is the most likely cause of this and as such, you'll get no sympathy from me.
  7. Employer Cunts

    Epic, simply fucking epic... Please stay around a little longer and ignore these dire fucking cunts, they're all as thick as pig shit. We have a resident counsellor in the form of the highly regarded @Stubby Pecker who is able to perfectly articulate himself and provide the necessary support in these matters. I'm sure he'll be along soon.
  8. NHS Winter Crisis v64.0

    Fuck me, I didn't know you were a high end consultant type cunt. What's your specialisation, Witchcraft or Voodoo?
  9. NHS Winter Crisis v64.0

    There's no subliminal message LCS, it's just some cunt unloading their old shit, that they can't be arsed to toss down the tip. You fell for it. There's a way back. Stick a dildo up it's arse, paint it purple, piss all over it and give it back next year, this time gift wrapped in a fucked old Asda bag for life. I did something similar last time me old ma tried to foist some of her chipped crockery onto me, the cheeky old cunt. I smashed it all up, set the shards in a lump of concrete and named it "Abstract Armadillo". She got it for her birthday.
  10. Laura Plummer

    Coulda sworn I read it somewhere, must be my currently elevated level of inebriation.
  11. Laura Plummer

    She's been nominated by an Egyptian court to serve 3 years for being a thick cunt. Serves her right for marrying a dirty Egyptian cunt.
  12. Blue Empire Passports

    Fuck off Panzy, you're just copying off your old mate Ape.
  13. Blue Empire Passports

    Yeah, mebbe..... Ok. Foreign cunts come over and get money and stuff for fuck all. Better?
  14. "Be the Best"

    You daft fucking goose pestering cunt. I like you Withers, just not as much as Frank does. Rest in peace.
  15. Blue Empire Passports

    Populism is the current antidote to political astuteness and does not require it's practitioners to possess a sense of superiority generated by a worthless and irrelevant piece of bogroll from a former inner city polytechnic. It's mission is to short circuit the socialist bureaucratic wankfest that is the Counsel of the European Union and the equivalent corrosive Quangos here in Blighty.