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  1. Amazon

    Yes. In fact, it's my old stomping ground. What would you like to know?
  2. NOISE Blackpool: The Controversial Rise of Blackpool Grime

    You stupid fucking rodent. That'll go on some cunt's set list.
  3. NOISE Blackpool: The Controversial Rise of Blackpool Grime

    Good work Ratts. Now, where the fuck is Valdez?
  4. Where the fuck is Eric?

    I know. PS. Don't forget the snorkel and flippers.
  5. Where the fuck is Eric?

    Certainly have, you'd have trouble confining it to your jar though, it's a lively fucker. I'll teleport you a fresh sample, straight after my Sunday morning ablutions. Suit up.
  6. Bottled water in Europe.

    Surely, you mean onion rings?
  7. Where the fuck is Eric?

    What's all this Irvine infatuation Ratty? Maybe you should cast a spunk bomb toward Prof. Joann Fletcher or Clare Balding, or both?
  8. Jay Swingler

    Fran├žois, I thought you'd been deleted, why the fuck are you still here? Explain yourself. I'd have thought you'd at least be mincing down the Champs-Elysee, paying tribute to that dreadful Johnny Hallyday cunt, making a dire Vimeo reel along with a million other tasteless French fucking idiots. Withers might've been there.
  9. Cunts who drink Jack Daniels

    The ubiquitous Glenmorangie is my go to single malt, but there's a couple of younger lowland offerings around which are worth a gargle. I'm currently enjoying a large measure of Auchentoshen, American oak, over a single block of ice. Excellent value and a fucking nice whisky.
  10. Cunt Christmas presents.

    Evening Bill. Still working swing shift at the trombone factory?
  11. Cunt Christmas presents.

    Crazy golf caddy gimp.
  12. Cunt Christmas presents.

    Sorry for the loss of your boyfriend Doc. Anyway, you're a free agent now and so is Punkape. Go on, fill his eighteenth hole.
  13. Pink.

    Now, you've gone and generated an animated GIF looping around in my crust, of you and Frank, skipping off, hand in hand, into the sunset. Cunt.
  14. Pink.

    Never mind all this nonsense Snowy, William "Turbo Diesel" Stickers is back roaming the manor, what do you think of that?
  15. Is all this because you gave Eric an actual real life "like" and you can't deal with the mental rebound? Or, did your Panzer shed a track again during morning manoeuvres on the Polish border?