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  1. Racist BAFTA's

    He's already married to some loopy, raging arse fisting bandit and amateur golfer cunt from Cheshire, who drives a Nissan Almera but pretends it's a Range Rover.
  2. Racist BAFTA's

    It doesn't even make the top 10 trending stories column, hardly surprising as it's been deliberately buried in the regional news section. The Stephen Hawking fawnfest should keep it from becoming notable news for at least the next few days. It's far more important that I be educated on the merits of a forced, sorry, "arranged" marriage. Fuck off Hawking you monotone cunt.
  3. Monty Python

    Neil would, after eating the mouse.
  4. Monty Python

    It's a quiet night and no one's paying attention. The grunts appreciate an occasional pint with the Officers, it's good for morale.
  5. Monty Python

    Chortling to death Rats, to fucking death.... I'm just watching that multiple Oscar winning flick, The Shape of Water, it's pretty good. It prompts me to imagine what might emerge as a result of inseminating an oversized haddock sluice with radioactive spunk. On the other hand, maybe I just wanted to shoehorn "haddock sluice" into a conversation. Either way, job done.
  6. Monty Python

    What about his Greek Cypriot descendant, Titus Aduxxass.
  7. Monty Python

    Fucking hell, there's a mating pair?
  8. Monty Python

    Splendid. I'll go and borrow some petrol money from me old ma.
  9. Monty Python

    De nada. If you're not otherwise engaged this weekend, fancy meeting up for a scrap under a random train station clock somewhere? We could meet afterwards in the local Travelodge bar for a post match piss up and debrief. I shan't be drinking though, as I'll be driving.
  10. Monty Python

    This is not just another mere seafood analogy, this is at least, notable. We have today witnessed the creation of a new and possibly universally adoptable, funny as fuck, metaphor. Mellow your intransigence and give the cunt a like.
  11. Monty Python

    Must be my initiation rite, maybe I just have time to say fu..
  12. Monty Python

    Stunning word(s) picture there Eric.
  13. Monty Python

    I don't get it. Is that her emergency pull start cord cord dangling out the back?
  14. Abu Marwan

    I'll raise you..."The Tay, the Tay, the silvery Tay, flows fae Perth tae Dundee, eevery day." Misquote my arse, it's artistic interpretation and much better than the original.
  15. Women's equality day

    It's getting worse. There are even women drinking beer now and gong out on the pull. Fucking diabolical.