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  1. Trumpton  Bacon

    Pseudo homeless beggars

    There are a number of beggars in Scunthorpe, in fact, most of the pseudo inhabitants are beggars, some of them are Polish. In actual fact, they're all beggars and 30% of them have dogs, 10% of which sport a neckerchief. 90% of them play golf frequently and the other 10% only occasionally. Have you seen that dreadul sitcom on TV called Bad Move with Jack Dee? It's fucking atrocious. I think you might like it.
  2. Trumpton  Bacon

    Pseudo homeless beggars

    And if the dog's wearing a neckerchief, that's worth an extra 25p.
  3. Trumpton  Bacon

    Serena Williams in sexist row

    Imagine the battle, it'd be like a sweaty version of pony training Nicola Sturgeon.
  4. Trumpton  Bacon

    Naa'imur Zakariyah Rahman

    Outrageous, outstanding, viable.
  5. Trumpton  Bacon

    Serena Williams in sexist row

    Get a fucking grip fends, fuck all that tennis shit, this bird would be the ultimate fucking fuck. Yes, I fucking would and most likely die in the process, but, what a way to go.
  6. Trumpton  Bacon

    Romano Fenati

    Well, I'm back in EspaƱa for a few weeks, sometimes my work (and preferences) bring me here. I can't keep up with you cunts, though I take great amusement from the antics of the regular contributors. I only post when I can be arsed. Vete a la mierda.
  7. Trumpton  Bacon

    Romano Fenati

    What, like now?
  8. Trumpton  Bacon

    Romano Fenati

    Manzi was asking for it. I like Fenati, he's a proper cunt. Marquez should've done this to Rossi 3 years ago and killed the mawngy cunt.
  9. Trumpton  Bacon

    Salmond Sex Scandal

    Don't bother. Olly has much more to offer than you, come to think of it, so does Pen. You're finished here.
  10. Evening Eric. I trust you are well. Your point is noted. I once saw one of the locals bumming his girlfriend (or sister) at Swaffham raceway in 1986. Shame, there was no such thing as discrete video cameras in those days.
  11. Tape deck......A fucking tape deck. Are you still driving the mk1 Sierra you've had from new? What the fuck is this shit?
  12. Trumpton  Bacon

    Blubbing women

    Apart from the shit plastic baby on the ceiling scene, it is a very good fucking film though.
  13. Trumpton  Bacon

    A Haunting In Norfolk

    You've gone down in my estimation. Rancid earthworms fermented for 14 years in a vat of specially imported Nigerian swamp sewage, then decanted into used Aberdeen Angus spunk storage barrels to mature for a further 10 years, Laphroaig indeed. What is this shit?
  14. Trumpton  Bacon

    Tourists taking shit photos

    I was hoping he might be Rick Genest, I'm celebrating anyway.
  15. Trumpton  Bacon

    Blubbing women

    Tell him Bumboy. In fact, why don't you offer him out to a leveller in a train station car park somewhere?