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  1. Bill, generally speaking, I don't like you, but this is a decent nom. Now, fuck off.
  2. Christ on a bike. I've just rocked out of a Spanish bar in Garrucha, me and Mrs. Bacon are both absolutely fucking slaughtered. She fell over and dragged me down with her, I managed to get my hand under her crust to prevent further brain damage. As I'm posting this she's pushing up massive zeds and I'm contemplating my future, Frank, help me......?!
  3. Speaking of which, I saw the fat cunt on the telly last night and it looks like she's been eating fried chicken for 2 for the last 9 months. Stereotypes indeed.
  4. Eric, I'll keep this brief, I'm just back from the pub and. I'm fucking hammered (as usual). Great work bro.
  5. Get a fucking grip, I'm watching you.
  6. Did that come with the job lot of V2 parts you picked up at the Peenemünde fire sale?
  7. As for you. I thought I caught a glimpse of you earlier today in the Newbury branch of Charles Clinkard. There was a Frank Cannon clone trying on trying on a Lobb (exclusively for Clinkard), oiled suede lederhosen in Westminster purple with matching, double monk, kitten heel ankle boots. I quickly dismissed that, as I'm acutely aware you'd never be seen in an any retail outlet with a branch in Middlesbrough.
  8. Bill, I'd resolved to relent my admonishments of your character, but this is simply unacceptable. Have you any idea how thick this makes you look?
  9. That's a keeper. Top job.
  10. Mostly because I mostly check in when I'm mostly shit faced. It's a bit of a conundrum, but I'm comfortable with it. PS. I like you too Eric, but I don't like Albert, Bill or Frank. Regards and good night.
  11. That's all very well, but my Mother in Law once poked out my Father in Law's eyeball and now several years later, he's dead.
  12. I quite like you anall Nocti, (same exceptions apply), but the thing is, I can hear my missus snoring from here and we're not even in the same room.
  13. Jiggs, I like you, but not in a homoesque fashion. I'm just wondering, if you're as splattered as me right now?
  14. If you say flashlight one more time, I'm going to make sure Frank has your home address. It's a fucking torch you thick Yank TV watching cretin.
  15. 1. I quite like Antonio Banderas. 2. What Ape said. 3. Fuck off.
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