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  1. Think that about sums it up. Right, I'm off to cheer up Ms. Bacon, the depressed dirty old cow. (Late as it is).
  2. Didn't Ben fuck Callum already?
  3. Here's my take. It's a bunch o cunts wanking off over a new benefit when the socialists hook up with this after it's broadcast on BBC Breakfast.
  4. It's some inane shit on the beeb news telly channel, I can't link to it yet, cos I think it might be a after boozing broadcast and I can't find a link yet. Soz. Regards.
  5. Latest massive pile of steaming shit from Japan. Ok, as usual, I'm just in from t'pub, whereupon I'm assaulted by this bollocks, along with leaping whales and business news from Singapore. Frank, will you please commit suicide in my behalf?
  6. Punkers, you're on fire tonght and I'm impressed. Keep this up and I may return to usurp your minor clique, Frank will be VP.
  7. And therein lies the problem with the new wave political and inorexable liberal/progressive classes, their refusal to acknowledge that it's often prudent to take a step back in order to advance several. Fuck em all and fuck their faux self flagelating democracy, I want an unequivocal leader and a total cunt when necessary. Hail future Emperor Jacobus, may he reign for a thousand years.
  8. Bill, generally speaking, I don't like you, but this is a decent nom. Now, fuck off.
  9. Christ on a bike. I've just rocked out of a Spanish bar in Garrucha, me and Mrs. Bacon are both absolutely fucking slaughtered. She fell over and dragged me down with her, I managed to get my hand under her crust to prevent further brain damage. As I'm posting this she's pushing up massive zeds and I'm contemplating my future, Frank, help me......?!
  10. Speaking of which, I saw the fat cunt on the telly last night and it looks like she's been eating fried chicken for 2 for the last 9 months. Stereotypes indeed.
  11. Eric, I'll keep this brief, I'm just back from the pub and. I'm fucking hammered (as usual). Great work bro.
  12. Get a fucking grip, I'm watching you.
  13. Did that come with the job lot of V2 parts you picked up at the Peenemünde fire sale?
  14. As for you. I thought I caught a glimpse of you earlier today in the Newbury branch of Charles Clinkard. There was a Frank Cannon clone trying on trying on a Lobb (exclusively for Clinkard), oiled suede lederhosen in Westminster purple with matching, double monk, kitten heel ankle boots. I quickly dismissed that, as I'm acutely aware you'd never be seen in an any retail outlet with a branch in Middlesbrough.
  15. Bill, I'd resolved to relent my admonishments of your character, but this is simply unacceptable. Have you any idea how thick this makes you look?
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