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  1. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    NHS Doctors Surgeries

    Right, let me assure you, I value the National Express as much the next working class man. However, my beef is the way the fucking Tories have managed to whittle it down to one appointment a month with a useless locum, installing a fob-off policy with ugly women who think they’ve got power at reception and an impossible phone in system in the morning that makes it impossible to get seen on the day. Which means no sleeping pills for Arthur. I dispair I really do. Bastards.
  2. Well, this is usually a Summer problem but oh no, the fucking wanking neighbours are deciding to stand out in the road smoking and loudly talking shit all night. From Midnght to 8.00 when us poor cunts drive off to work. Thanks for keeping us up with whatver drugs you are on. You utter cunts.
  3. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    People you were scared of as a child

    John Inman, seriously, I was 4.... and Rugby goons at school. I picked up dog shit and litter as punishment for conscientious objection an refusal to play.
  4. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Nigel Farage

    Nige at the dentist. ‘Open wide please’. ‘ Fuck me there’s two Romanians in there’.
  5. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Mrs Brown's Boys

    Him and his nepotistic brood of arseholes and pikeys should fuck off taking our licence fee. How can such shit be so popular? if there was another war and we tried to conscript fans of Mrs Brownarse’s Boys we’d be fucked.
  6. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    National Emergency, Yes Its Snowing

    What a gritter. No, I mean shitter. Best get my headphones on to drown out the din from the whining, annoying, pampered snowflakes who claim they can’t cope with all the adversity. Don’t bother handing one of these fuckers a shovel to dig you out of snowdrift.
  7. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Saint Glenn Hoddle

    Sleeve, what about it. The HodGodSquad? He’s not getting away with it, no, no, no.
  8. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Clive tydsley

    Right on Sir, he’s even got a Facebook profile of him walking on a beach with his missus. The Man United worshipping fool will have to support another side nowadays now United are dogshite. His screeching, clueless waffle drives me fucking mad. Great cunting Jiggery
  9. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Shops That Employ Mongs

    My clever auntie calls them - ‘Johnsons’. Kind of sounds fitting I think.
  10. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Recycling Hitlers

    Viz? The read of fuckwits.......
  11. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Recycling Hitlers

    They looked I. Your box and thought - he needs help...
  12. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Cunt modern films.

    Best get John The Wad out the attic.
  13. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Clive tydsley

    How dare you. Hodd the Godd monotonally sending skippers into a coma? Have some faith in the divine.
  14. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Saint Glenn Hoddle

    Well I do not know if Hodd the God has been cunted before but, as he is still being pushed on us by ITV, he is a fresh cunting indeed. This is a man who tried to cunt the disabled for committing sins in another life for which they were punished with disabilities. Leopards and spots spring to mind. I hereby cunt Desperate Dan aka Lord Hoddle.
  15. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Recycling Hitlers

    I thought I'd try and cunt the cunts working for the cunts who encourage them to be antisocial counts making taxpayers lives a bit more miserable. Now I've no time for these nuisances at 6AM to start with but when they make a point of leaving an empty lager can on the bottom of the wrong box to try and justify their existence, these useless, needless cunts become petty nazis. Do you know I can remember when we heaped our shit on a street corner and the bin men took it on without moaning. When men were men and Maggie was in. These goons need a cunting forthwith.