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  1. The reference to dog shite should've done it Eric. It's dirtying my name.
  2. Especially the case when the DWP are suspected to be in the area. 'Yes I do own the pavement', said one rear plate once. Did I not mention the dog shit on your wheels? My mistake.
  3. Who next for your jealous jibes? Mrs Obama? Steph McGovern? Claire Baliding?
  4. Given the onslaught of fucking M&S ads everywhere, this reminded me of the rising number of people who've done good having come from humble roots who think its fair game and gratifying to put the boot in to people less well off. Especially the poor cunts in boxes - both cardboard and pine. What bastards. Nothjong against self improvement but fuck off with your snobbery. Karma might put you back in your filthy council bedsit eating beans on stale toast and claiming your Job Seekrs allowance in your chav mecca estates. War on these snidey social climbers starts now.
  5. Fortune favours the feckless, reckless and criminals. What would you mete out in punishment, Guard?
  6. The next station on this service will be Bungay in 2 minutes time. Exit from the rear door only please.
  7. The only other cunts robbing those walking corpses and tramps are the bookmakers who own the hight streets. To put it brusquely, the country is fucking obsolete but I still let the old dears on the bus before me today. The warm glow as I didin;t get my thank you young man is still here but I've had valium since.
  8. No idea either but he is a football type. Played for England you know. Once. Fond of ambushing soft targets with his boxing skills Gyp.
  9. No never. No steaming turd ever has emerged from a hound's arse to stink like the One Show. IThe name of it is a lie too - not a show at all, just a bunch of smug bastards plugging books and films and counting their cash from the cunts who watch it. And the turds who've presented it (sat talking smug bollocks) are the sort of greedy sods of the Chiles, Evans and Bleakley calibre. Time to rethink the licence fee. That is all, I'm nauseous now because of you.
  10. Scousers, scallies, thieves from the pity city. Maybe so but here we have a different level of nastiness. The cowardice kind rearing its head once again and the rat featured little shit still hasn't been given a real pasting. Must be he stays home placing illegal bets and getting into rows with people he's never met on Twatter. Sums him up. No qualities of a man.
  11. Beware Lineker, Izzard, Gervais, Lily Allen and even worse 'breeds trying to fuck up our EU exit. Moreover, the 100,000 strong bunch of cuntbreeds who think it'll make any difference what happens as they're already sat on a fat pile of inherited, middle-class assets. Fuck off and I'll see you at the food bank if you're that poorly off.
  12. A true professional cunt at work. Unlike the sad old coffin dodgers who try and replicate him. This needs weeding out Mr 'above
  13. Roger get the medication down you and regret posting your brand of guff. However, old gits who whistle some war time crap whilst chewing their own gums off deserve the cunting I gave them some moments back. My tactic of whistiling back hasn't fucking worked. What do you suggest Rog - and keep it coherent you plank.
  14. Another example of a once cherished sporting jewel that's sold out to corporate overkill. Gone is Peter Osullevan on the BBC and in come a bunch of ITV cunts of the Matt Chapman calibre which sums it all up perfectly - classless, soulless and unprofessional by choice. Now fuck off with your accas and degenerate problem gambling.
  15. Another Monday-morning initiative to change public perscpective about a 'controversial' topic. With womens' day gone and the hilarious 'DryJanuary' a drunken memory here is more thinly veiled propaganda for us to pay for. Where's the Yaxley Lennon kid when he's needed?
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