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  1. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Black Friday

    And then there's old Arthur.
  2. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Black Friday

    Creating quite a stir as a newbie aren't you? Never mind my noms and posts are of far superior merit and high brow intellect than yours. Post something interesting for Christ's sakes.
  3. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Tom Daley getting married - Wow

    Thomas has disappointed gay men the globe over. But not the makers of Speedo, or paedos, of course. My ex lady works with hundreds of gays and refused to tell me the fantasies re-enacted to the Tom Daley idea.
  4. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Cunts who film police getting attacked

    Yes a heinous and cowardly crime. The like of which the filth usually carry out with tasers on innocent citizens.
  5. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Christmas lunch cunts

    Yeah roast swan I first had in a little place in Swanage. You'd never believe it would you? True it is.
  6. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    The meteoric rise of Ranesh Ramanathan and Richard Ayoade

    Careful Hokey, I'm not in the best of fucking moods today. This man isn not going to help.
  7. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    The meteoric rise of Ranesh Ramanathan and Richard Ayoade

    Be told Camberwell
  8. I'm not sure if these leftist, PC shills with a bag of king edwards on their shoulders have had the full cunting but, seeing as they've been been forced upon us by the wankers who run TV these days who think they've ticked enough boxes to keep their careers, I'll propose a double cunting of two of the most racist, irritaing examples of political correctness we've had to suffer. Excluding Sir Lenny Henry of course. An instant antipathy to cocks like these two isn't unreasonable, it saves time.
  9. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    The Death of John Wilson

    I still own a pile of Scotch VHS tapes of original late 80s episodes including' Weirpool Magic ' my favourite one where John spends time wading in the eel trap. I swear he was always drunk when fishing but the great man will be missed. A worthy recipient of an MBE, along with the Ashes cricket team of 2005.
  10. Arthur Fuqs-Aches


    Time was, way back in the oh-so-lethal 1980s, you could buy a fun pack of 3 'Air Bomb Repeaters' from any convenicnece shop and a box of swan vestas and still have change from a fiver, never mind £25's worth of duds and disappoitments from ASDA . Steal a crate of Tenents Super and a pot of modelling glue to heave on, some meths for the fire, and when the lager's all gone and light a bonfire Moxy would shhot his kanckers about and the night was on. Try having fun like that nowadays.
  11. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Fixed odd betting online

    FOBTs? They're for abject cunts who say 'they're all in the past.' cunts game indeed
  12. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Michael Higgins Tea Cosies

    Bloody hell Gyp you (and they) are scraping the barrel of novelty nonsense this time. Surprising it hasn't been PC'd down into the Terence Higgins tea cosie set given they're clearly UKIP voting old dust bags that are bound to upset some liberal pressure group. Now I've put the boot into this daft post I'll look at the article. Cheers you old cunts.
  13. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Wheelchair Fan in Paddy Power Ad

    Well that's high street bookies for you pal. I hope you smashed a roulette machine up on your way out in high dudgeon to prove your point.
  14. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Wheelchair Fan in Paddy Power Ad

  15. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Shuada' Davitt. aka Sinead O`Connor

    AKA Skinhead O'Conker.