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  1. Spot on Stubbers, in a wing of 100 men there's sure to be one with a cock that's got a reputation for bloody damage. It'll find its way to this creep, don't worry - a screw suffering stress fails to turn the key locking the cell door one night.
  2. By Christ have we suffered enough of the Blair generation over the last 20 years? Now that their world's been drowned in deep blue Johnson's paint - I for one genuinely hope they grow some bollocks and, as it says in the Bible, vote Conservative like we with backbone do. Oh, and cease trying to normalise all that queer, shirtlifting and associated acts of depravity under the guise of 'awareness'. We can't bury the Labour Party - the binmen are on strike.
  3. I think Delia Smith' must have been nobbling the boys' pre-match sarnies looking at that rather camp scene. What a fucking embarassment footie has sunk to. Time to bring the firms back and kick the real problems out.
  4. The masters of crowdfunding. The McCanns. They prove the point of its evil.
  5. You mean you've bought that Pentalon-for-the-lounge bollocks and cannot set it up properly don't you Pecker. Send it back and grow up, Sir...
  6. I detest Auntie but whenever I tune in to the news I get this show pony trying to make a name for himself in the higher echelons of broadcasting. He has fuck all worthwhile to report, is using his platform to promote himself and his swelling ego and is clearly another of the in-crowd of leaches sponging our £155 a fucking year into his bank account. This man is a meteoric riser and you should be very worried indeed. He's after Cuntsberg's position too it seems. Arggh.
  7. Given the shit state the country is in and the most 'important' election ever is merely days away, will we hear from old Braggpipes with a tirade of bile from his millionaire pad in Tory Bridport? When he goes quiet there's surely trouble coming from this pointless little worm. Bring yer guitar Billy, it sounds better than your trap.
  8. One helicopter for sale, comes with full-time pilot, round -the clock, overseas arse-wiper, set of golf clubs and prescription-only antipersperants. Golf at municipal courses in the UK no problem, though no longer in Florida, USA , or exclusive links courses in Britain. Helicopter has very high mileage and prospective buyers are advised to check the history of the previous owner.
  9. Her old man the career chancer really makes me feel far more bilious than her dopey daughter. Just ignore the chavs.
  10. Middle class hypocrites with their phones and cars like everyone else. Turn the water cannons on the cunts like Hong Kong does. If these cunts are the future of England I weep for us all.
  11. First Cunting Irrational. Fares gone up 25% but it's only me who gives a fuck because it's only me who's mug enough to be stood up on a sweaty bus crammed full of whinging old bastards who've been pissing it up since Wetherspoons opened at 9AM, then staggering on with free passes who still find it a bad deal. A £2.40 fare up to £3.00 in go. Foreigners, the elderly and the bad back merchants welcome. I hope the old crate falls to pieces on the lot of them.
  12. Can you at least put them to work replacing divots for the cunts who walk past them?
  13. Johnsons in chairs at a rugger game? Nothing wrong with that as rugger is a cunts' game anyway. 30 hippos rolling round in the mud gouging, stamping and grunting their way through 80 minutes of steroid-bolstered homo-eroticism. Big and stupid - the pre-requisite to play this stupid game designed to toughen up public schoolboys. Why the sunshine variety bus would stop at Twickenham is beyond me. My taxes would be far better invested keeping these menaces locked away. With said thugby fuckwits preferably. Rugby, Wizard, honestly....
  14. I would. Hand over her trap mind you.
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