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  1. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Rob Beckett

    What's to say about this one? Well plenty but I'll take an instant dislike to him as it saves time. Hid stand up career is aptly named - I stand up and unplug the TV when I see that sickening smug boat race. Hall of fame material he is.
  2. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Cunts who drink bleach

    Bolocks. Cillit Bang is the richg man's indulgence.
  3. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Cunts who berate and criticise the Police.

    My considered opinion, on the subject in question, was to build new workhouses the length and breadth of this troubled land. With live-in accommodation and 12 hour shifts for those with such an anti-establishment mentality. Furthermore, should any member of the Constabulary commit similar obnoxious or aggressive sins, then they can join them in dismal sqaualor and we all benefit double. Now you can't argue with that can you?
  4. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Wealthy swines who get off of charges we wouldn't

    Stokes, Sir Bettison, I should add, or have has the balls to after half a shandy.
  5. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    E.C.B selecting Stokes

    Come on J, it is a dead wicket like his ginger matter, give the kid a break.
  6. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Wealthy swines who get off of charges we wouldn't

    Listen, Sir C-Baws - I'm referring to the shitheole UK here, and so the Jewish courts....
  7. Too many of these bastards getting away with clear giult. Celebrities, sports people and even the establishment. It gets Arthur's goat right bloody up.
  8. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Any cunt who doesn't open the window after a shite

    I lived near a sewage works so it had to be judged on the nature of the human delivery.
  9. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Adam Rowe Scouse "Comedian"

    When 'fringe' really means 'shit'.
  10. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Free Bus Passes

    It's a chewy one, and bus fares for normal cunts like myself, are surprisingly pricey. £4 to go a mile and a half for instance. The drivers don't want handle money when they're robotically hitting the 'I'm only an old age pensioner" benefit button. I told a rincer on the bus once who was giving it large shouting about scroungers and illegals, "You are part of the DWP system - where letters arrive in the same brown envelope the dollers and disabled all get, we are all in the same boat mate, pensioner or otherwise." On his face turning a thundery shade of purple I rang the bell and got off sharpish. But I pay like a mug and old farts dart around just to avoid running up a big gas bill at home. This has become a menace and needs stopping now. Good post, I'm not having it either.
  11. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    The Digital Revolution

    Only if you sit in the loft.
  12. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    E.C.B selecting Stokes

    Indeed, he and his solicitor have walked quietly awat from that one...
  13. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    The British Beard and Moustache Championships

    How the fucking hell can this have become big business on the back of a moronic mindset that has spawned a mass of these pig thick, gormless incompetent young men? Small dick syndrome is one guess ( Arthut never grows a beard ), sheer egomnia, who knows who spawns it. But bearded buffoons are lucrative fools. Don't bother talking to noe. You'll get a series of trendy grunts and gestures or that "Hey Guys" crap we all hear. I'm not generalising because they are fucking all over society. How do we send men like this to war? Fuking joke.
  14. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    The Digital Revolution

    15 years ago I was made to thrown my TV aerial away and buy another if I wanted to watch TV. But I needed a box as well and had no fucking choice but to stump up. The aerial is the same fucking one as my old one in my book. Digital TV was great until a squall of rain or a blizzard came along and wiped the picture out. What a rip-off. A cracked up picture in all weather. Then came the phones, computers, cameras and cuntish e-fags - all digital and said to improved our lives but in acutal fact have unlimited ways to wind you up and so many faults and niggles you long for the warm simplicity of a Rumbelows television and and tell Siri to go and do one. I fucking detest all things digital. Even this cunting lark.
  15. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Middle Class parents on holiday

    Oh you've nailed it. I've had episodes of rage when having to be among these irritating types. How the fuck they make it through the day is beyond me. Perhaps the most laughable and bizarre thing happened in the queue for a castle one summer. A family of 3 rocked up behing us and the little boy was running riot terrorising everyone. The boring looking father lost it and shoutied "Fido, don't do that, come back to mummy." Only the middle classes could adopt a hound's name for their mental son. The Middle class families are so out of tune with reality it is interesting observing them. The pushy mothers, boring downtrodem fathers, it's a disease almost.