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  1. Cambers, Cambers, Cambers. Primark looks favourite.
  2. The only piece of good Monday news sandwiched between murderous immigrant scumbags, cricket cuntoids and Alan Turing on a £50 note seems to be fat Mike' Cashley's tawdry, chav mecca losing money for its shareholders. More of the same would gladden my heart.
  3. Along with Jimmy Savile and Geoffrey Boycott.
  4. Why? Moths? Pissheads? General cuntitude? Chavvery? I've had enough.
  5. Drop 'em in at the rear, plenty of cover, a stylish late rattle and beaten a short head. Goodbye to your mug money pal. Just like Fallon the twisting cunts. Cunts indeed. Induct.
  6. Emily Eavis, she will save the day and shape your future. So can the police hand me back my stash?
  7. Well, amongst a myriad of do-gooding fuckers you raise a valid point. And the ball-in-a-rattle game I stumped up my pocket money for in 1983 on a school trip I shall now ask a refund for. What a bunch of leaching, subsidised arseholes they are. Pet dogs indeed. Throw the muts overboard from the glorified dinghy. Cuntitude and PC gone berserk. Needs clamping down on now.
  8. Corporate, middle-class smugness in the good ol' English 'silly season'. is upon us once again. My thoughts and prayers are for a torrential, day long thunderstorm sending an armada of tents into the river along with the usual tide of effluent and plastic these hippie-crites create every June.
  9. The reference to dog shite should've done it Eric. It's dirtying my name.
  10. Especially the case when the DWP are suspected to be in the area. 'Yes I do own the pavement', said one rear plate once. Did I not mention the dog shit on your wheels? My mistake.
  11. Who next for your jealous jibes? Mrs Obama? Steph McGovern? Claire Baliding?
  12. Given the onslaught of fucking M&S ads everywhere, this reminded me of the rising number of people who've done good having come from humble roots who think its fair game and gratifying to put the boot in to people less well off. Especially the poor cunts in boxes - both cardboard and pine. What bastards. Nothjong against self improvement but fuck off with your snobbery. Karma might put you back in your filthy council bedsit eating beans on stale toast and claiming your Job Seekrs allowance in your chav mecca estates. War on these snidey social climbers starts now.
  13. Fortune favours the feckless, reckless and criminals. What would you mete out in punishment, Guard?
  14. The next station on this service will be Bungay in 2 minutes time. Exit from the rear door only please.
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