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  1. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    The 'Gaming' Industry

    Gaming my fucking arse. Machines trapping grannies, teenagers, immigrants, people in suits, tramps, johnsons - every poor cunt with a vulnerablility to like a bet out of their money for the last 18 years. Remeber the fug of smoke and old gits losing 50p on the dogs? I have a lumphammer somewhere unless I flooged it for a crafty bet.
  2. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Ranglemesh Ranawaterer

    He has an unintentional (I think) knack of getting up my nose. Not funny, not bright, not Frankie Boyle and makiing a fucking fortune off mugs like us. Only Richard Ayoade appals me more. Or Krishnan Murphy from C4. There. Bollocks orf.
  3. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    The Interabled

    The interabled weather girl is good though.
  4. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Workshy pro-EU hecklers at Westminster

    Thats a reassuring, balanced summary Mr Phlegm. When plan A fails, where we would have turned the water cannon on the bastards, I'll refer the honourable cunts on here to it with haste.
  5. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    The Ford Capri

    I had one, a 1600 in orange in the mid-80s and often used to push it, steam billowing from the bonnet, to the owners' club monthly meet. It was a gutless cunt with sleek lines and a mag-mount CB aerial on the roof. Coincidentally my friend had the 1500 Dolomite in brown which was a flawless, dour steed which lasted for 20 years. Mogodon enhancing beast it was. I fucking hated it. Thankyou the late Bishop of Wybunbury on phlegm for that sour memory.
  6. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Workshy pro-EU hecklers at Westminster

    I'd like to nom' these bastards waving their EU flags shouting bullshit whilst I'm watching the news. The BBC have them in the picture every time which is deliberate cuntitude they ram down our necks. What can be done about it? Torching their blue flags and informing the job centre about their incapacity benefit fraud is not enough.
  7. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Haute de Gaurenne

    One certainty is that Eddie the sniffer dog, who went batshit when shown the trap-door, was also the hound of choice that went berserk when shown the passenger seat of Gerry McCann's hire car down in Portugal. Still, the dog was unreliable. Gerry knows best.
  8. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    BBC sports personality of the year

    Yes time was when this was as essential viewing in the sporting year's calendar as the National, FA Cup final, Embassy Snooker final and Darts from the Lakeside. Even Geoff Capes for fucks sakes. Then old Auntie fucked us all over by continuing demanding the licence fee whilst plotting to withdraw from real sport altogether. Nothing these days has the class and magic of old, it was killed off by TV full stop in the early 90s. Murdoch's foreigners league footbal, Sky this, Sky that, ITV chav-TV, too much choice in low quality, accessible porn.. What sums this up the most, in the dependable silly and tolerant British way, is that fucking Go-Kart cardboard box-racing they put on over Christmas. Driven by Clare balding, of course.
  9. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Only maginally behind the scum footabll team in the realms of incurable cuntery. Stokes.
  10. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Cunts With Stretched Earlobes

    See you under Waterloo Bridge then, doley.
  11. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Bench memorial plaques

    Great shout. What class of arsehole creates these half arsed shrines to their families anyway? Why do they think the public ought be respectful and inspired at these crass gestures? A symptom of the way of life these days, all slushy sentiment and attention seeking. There's one in a field full of sheep shit nearby that reads "Adam loved this place, RIP bro and all on the cheapest gold plated plaque the local B&M flogged.
  12. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Sun bingo advert

    This woman is a chavvier dead ringer for my ex-wife. A boat race resembling a blistered pisspot and the appetite of fully grown mountain gorilla. And thanks for offeribg me the 12" extended remix of it - cuntish of you that one.
  13. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Black Friday

    And then there's old Arthur.
  14. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Black Friday

    Creating quite a stir as a newbie aren't you? Never mind my noms and posts are of far superior merit and high brow intellect than yours. Post something interesting for Christ's sakes.
  15. Arthur Fuqs-Aches

    Tom Daley getting married - Wow

    Thomas has disappointed gay men the globe over. But not the makers of Speedo, or paedos, of course. My ex lady works with hundreds of gays and refused to tell me the fantasies re-enacted to the Tom Daley idea.