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  1. Recycling Hitlers

    I thought I'd try and cunt the cunts working for the cunts who encourage them to be antisocial counts making taxpayers lives a bit more miserable. Now I've no time for these nuisances at 6AM to start with but when they make a point of leaving an empty lager can on the bottom of the wrong box to try and justify their existence, these useless, needless cunts become petty nazis. Do you know I can remember when we heaped our shit on a street corner and the bin men took it on without moaning. When men were men and Maggie was in. These goons need a cunting forthwith.
  2. Decking

    Paving slabs all the way - Fred West had it right.
  3. Cunts who wear high visibility clothing

    It's the backward ones who buy a set from those dodgy Asian do-it-all stores then wear it as a statement of their ambition to be a road sweeper that I find the saddest. Not cunts as such but the phenomenon of hi vizism most certainly is.
  4. David Guetta

    An automatic programmed cunthawk who's a puppet on a mac book in front of thousands of unfortunates. How the fuck can that be DJing? Press play and stand back you cunt.
  5. David Guetta

    Many DJs are cunts. Yes Guetta-Lost is a fraud as he cannot do it on vinyl. All the fake digital DJs can fuck off with their shite tunes. How about Dave Pearce? He's fucking awful.
  6. Middle Class Rugby Union Fans

    After keeping quiet for a day for cunts' etiquette I had a recurrent hate come up. I must cunt Rugby Union from Twickenham. (or anywhere in fact). I don't get it, don't like it and I am cunted off every Winter when it starts. The 'swing low' awful racket, their Tetleys swilling, greedy food scoffing, overweight middle class snobbery is what has me reaching for my downers. And Prince Harry shouting 'Try'. Try and do some work instead mate. The whole circus is a cunt.
  7. Bin Men

    Quite. Seems there's always one premiership cunt among the non league cunts who whistles some crap loudly at 6.30AM in order to wind the entire street up. The cunt does it on purpose, I swear it. What's he got to be cheerful about? Knocking off at lunchtime and doing his pittance in the bookies, that's what. in my day we were allowed to sling our bags in the gutter any time we liked. And why don't dinlos put cuddly toys on the front any more? Health hazard no doubt.
  8. ITV royalty Clive Tyldesley

    Bubba C, new-found chum - don't let it get to you. I'll stay on the lowdown so the clique can recover. Cunt.
  9. Exam results cunts

    I'm not falling into this PC trap. Nor will I alter my approach. So there cunt wipes.
  10. ITV royalty Clive Tyldesley

    Cometh the big footie match, cometh the cuntish commentators. Cunt supreme is this screeching plank who has no fucking clue just bluster and bullshit and is so far up Old Trafford's arse it's laughable. I wish he'd choke on that microphone personally the mug.
  11. Exam results cunts

    Where do the doctors cone from? Fucking anywhere bar England. What cunts are engineering this project? Jeez.
  12. Exam results cunts

    It's seeing the cocooned snowflakes jumpin in the air, fucking hugging and shouting enough 'oh my god' type crap that riles me. And all for a pass in some world poverty shite and social studies in how Britain has been transformed into a sea of degenerate cuntwipes from the underclass right up to the toffs. How can that get you a job in a Morrisons? These lazy, unreachable little zombie cunts have a degree in burying their ugly heads in an Iphone mummy pays for. I fear for the future if these tossed have to change my pads and wipe my arse in my dying throes. That's right, leap in the air kids - the living wage is a 'comin'...
  13. Geoffrey Boycott - Black And White Minstrel

    I've not seen Sir Professional Yorkshireman since he was in the royal box ( a freeloading cunts Mecca ) at Wimbledon. No footage of this occasion, I can't get through the ones about the assaults and insults. Fuck it.
  14. The 'Mobot'

    Thanks for the hostile cuntsome welcome, it winds me up nicely. Mo Farah fury cannot be short, there's too much to choose from in cunting him. Sorry Snatch. See if I can get a Farah avatar. Goodbye.
  15. The 'Mobot'

    I'm not sure if this has been cunted yet, but the Somalian drug test shy import certainly has, and in sterling fashion too. Only this annoying little creep could get so much publicity and money from such childish shite as sticking your hands on your bonce while following cameramen to make sure us poor sods have to suffer the cunt. The 'Mobot' - devised by Claire Bald-thing. Says it all about these greedy, marketing savvy 'celebrities''. The whole cunting athletics thing and BBC sport is a circle of greedy millionaires of seismic cuntitude. And they are up Mohammed's slender arse to line their own sky rockets, fuck all else. They probably go home and think 'what a cunt he is.' Never mention the drug tests do you you cunts. Stick a plastic 'Brit' in a GB shirt, watch him run round twice as fast as the 2nd raters then see him do that ridiculous fucking Mobot bollocks. £150 a year I fork out for this puerile load of old guff. Stick the Mobot up yer chuffer. I'm fed up with it.