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  1. I would. Hand over her trap mind you.
  2. Now finally a nom worth backing. These big, stroppy babies with their Petronas Lewis Bollocks Mercedes Hamilton type attire really do get up my bugle. Usually it's the chavvy sorts who make a racket with their laughable fat exhaust pipes who I target with ire but ggod shout about the poncier type. F1 can fuck orf.
  3. I give him 4 days. People will talk.
  4. Spunk up his arse - I reckon he was a topper he's that butch. Still the occasional roll over would redress the balance I suppose. Filthy subhumans.
  5. Bollocks to this cunt. Who gives a shit? It was pretentious profiteering in the 2000s so how is it given the time of day now? Piss of whoever this clown is - I'll call it Wanksy thankyou very much.
  6. Ben Stokes a cuntbreed? No, I'm not having that. An straight up arsehole from what I see of the fag butt flicking ginger queer basher
  7. I know it's a patently obvious nom, however, I've yet to see a fuckwit as provocative as this, even at secondary school. And at school they got this shit kicked out of them and thrown in the pond. Defending the fucked up, bent image of horse racing and talking shit this gobshite needs bringing down. Fucked over on dancing on ice is his moment of glory. Oh dear. If you haven't encountered this Bros look-alike (here it comes) yet here is a stunning picture of this defect of nature.
  8. Mark Wahlberg I salute Olly. Mostly in dredging up Mark Wahlbererger's life again. New flids off their box.
  9. Ah yes Farmshops on glorified motorway laybys with the fashionable array of rip-off produce for the gullible. They do cater for wannabe folk of the lower echelons on Britain however, Did'nt I see you lugging a hundredweight of cod and chips back to an un-wiped table before disappearing into a filthy toilet? Exiting through the expensive wine and cheesy bollocks counters? This unsustainable mindset of class creeping must end.
  10. Oh dear. A joke shop beard and a conk that looks like it's taken a few right hooks. Perfectly understandable with this creep.
  11. Well I for one have had enough of this default-left patsy. Thnough, despite his biased crap, he did fuck Jeremy Corbyn over a treat. Still, such arse-ends need ousting from their lucrative posts which keep them in the leafy suburbs, well away from us and sending onto job-seekers allowance which in turn sends them onto a crack and burglary habit which in turn makes them the subject of a channel special report into crack abuse.
  12. Fucking fantastic news. First are the new BR, only with poorer service, of course.
  13. That'll be multi-millionaire cunts to us cricket fans. Oh how I love the genuine sound of leather on willow.
  14. Got to 'include' all these false tourettes fuckers and every other freak placed on a pedestal. I don't want them in my face - I've enough pikeys, chavs and nutters round my way to go on with. Fuck off.
  15. Pritti P? Now there's a goer if ever I saw one. Second only to Jane Hill. And maybe Justine Greening.....
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