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  1. Last Cunt Standing

    Preachy Gillette Ad

    The modern scourge of being told what to think and how to behave has spread to the leading brand of razor. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jan/15/gillette-metoo-ad-on-toxic-masculinity-cuts-deep-with-mens-rights-activists Sickening virtue-signalling shit like this should kill their brand forever, and the Cunt who came up with this idea should take said razor and slash themselves with it. Even The Guardian is faintly nauseous. Mansplaining? Men must do better? It’s a fucking razor Ad. Of course plenty of Shoreditch Cucks are lining up to take the proverbial flogging for being nasty testosteroners and promise to be better people. I just want to be sick. Some men act like Cunts. If guilty they need dealing with. But to upend a whole society because some fat Hollywood mogul allegedly lost his mind seems fucking nuts to me. Any society which emasculates it’s men will shortly be replaced by one which doesn’t. Be careful what you wish for, Gillette.
  2. Last Cunt Standing

    People Who Send Their Children To Boarding School

    St Paul’s do a scholarship program for jizz coated Turds.
  3. Last Cunt Standing

    People Who Send Their Children To Boarding School

    Even when the little darlings are home for holidays, the upper class parent won’t do any parenting. They employ an army of kids clubs, summer camps, internships and au-pairs to ensure little Tobias turns into a completely fucked up adult with a penchant for S&M. I was astonished to see this spectacle in action on a recent flight; Mama and Pops quaffing Champers up the pointy end of the plane, whereas a harassed looking Filipino girl was left in charge of the three tired bratty kids in Economy for 10 hours. Of course, you’re quite right that some kids and their mothers are better parted. Shannon Matthews, for one.
  4. Last Cunt Standing

    People using my living room as a garage

    (6R + 6B)+1Y+1G+1Br+1B = 62. 0 points for the final pink and six to your opponent. Mental arithmetic is good for dementia prevention, Francis.
  5. Last Cunt Standing

    Fucking Trains

    Plus ca change. Heres an earlier thought on this subject from one of my former colleagues:
  6. Last Cunt Standing

    Beauty and The Flid

    If she does fuck off with someone else, Timmy can take comfort in the fact that there’s is an army of dumb fame seeking wenches out there. Take this dim tart from Norwich who made me spit cornflakes this morning; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6581247/Woman-25-says-batteries-brand-new-vibrator-exploded.html I expect detailed analysis from our East Anglian correspondents. Paging @Decimus and @Neil
  7. Last Cunt Standing

    Cunts who use Bisto

  8. Last Cunt Standing

    Brimstone And Treacle

    No idea who the Dad is, but sources tell me there’s a strange man in a gold tracksuit who has been the keenest volunteer the hospital has ever known.
  9. Last Cunt Standing

    Jürgen Norbert Klopp

    As a diabetic she is likely to be no stranger to Candida Albicans, so Phil is a brave man I suspect, or likes cheese on his cracker. Candida Albicans is also to be found working as an Intern at Tory HQ, where they specialise in irritating cunts.
  10. Last Cunt Standing

    Jane fucking McDonald

    You surprise me, MC, I thought you were right in her demographic crosshairs. I refuse to believe a man with such impeccable taste doesn’t tap his tartan slippers along to such marvellous covers as this.
  11. Last Cunt Standing

    'Can we just grab an email address' cunts.

    Now EAR/ONS is supposedly in custody, I recommend an hour or two with the Gilgo Beach murders, see if you can do a better job than local plod. The cast of characters is better than an Ian Rankin novel. Just don’t buy the 2013 film. It makes that Paul Potts thing with James Corden (producers Simon Cowell, Harvey Weinstein) look like fucking Ben Hur. I remember a barber near Lime Street who called himself Ben Hur, come to think of it. Scouse Cunt.
  12. Last Cunt Standing

    Ranglemesh Ranawaterer

    He has also emigrated to California. You’d think leaving the country would make the OP happy.
  13. Last Cunt Standing

    Wanker students who do nude calendars

    Humourless Ginger Julia Gillard apparently killed off the nude student calendar in Australia, Southern. A shame really, as I imagine there was a long line of Queensland blokes who couldn’t wait to see Bindi Irwin posing artistically with the undergrad Volleyball squad for 12 months of the year, if only to make the same “killer spike” joke every Monday morning.
  14. Last Cunt Standing

    Gatwick Drone cunts

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46691846 I see LGW is being sold off to our French cousins. Interesting timing, non? No doubt this deal was months in the preparation, but le drone might have been the coup de grace. Clever bastards.
  15. Last Cunt Standing

    Wanker students who do nude calendars

    I want to know which one sucked off a Norwich local government worker as an act of Yuletide charity. did you find your coat, @Decimus ?