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  1. Last Cunt Standing

    England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    England all out for 184 at HQ. For fucks sake, Root needs flaying across a gun carriage. Batting first? Sky need to fuck the Asian bird off from the Comm Box too; the likes of Bumble, Gower and Atherton look very on edge with a splitarse sitting next to them.
  2. Last Cunt Standing

    Fergie Pops a Brain Artery

    Wayne’s heard there’s an little old lady called Hillary in DC who is in need of a little lovin’ to take her mind off a cruel rejection, and it’s stirring something deep and primal in him.... He’ll turn up at Dulles with his own Dunlop to swing from, a case full of Gynest cream and the raging horn.
  3. Last Cunt Standing

    £10,000 Feckless millennial scum handout

    No, they are the Rifled Queens.
  4. Last Cunt Standing

    Barbara Windsor

    Probably best the rancid old tart now can’t remember being spit roasted by Bernard Bresslaw and Sid James otherwise she’d no doubt be jumping on the #metoo bandwagon and suing some bugger. She quit Eastenders because she couldn’t remember her lines. Surely she could have written “wots goin’ on?” on one tit and “get out my pub” on the other and cribbed her way through another year or two. I suppose now she has the Ernest Saunders defence, if the noncefinder general wants to start poking about in 1960s British Cinema she can just shrug, dribble and piss herself. Convenient.
  5. Last Cunt Standing

    Fergie Pops a Brain Artery

    Yes but but but..... Ibrox/Castle Grayskull is the only UEFA 5 Star ground in Scotland. Amazing what these dim cunts cling to while their empire is in flames. I made the mistake of going to an Old Firm game once with a friend from Byres Rd. More Nazi salutes than Nuremberg. My shower when I came home was longer than Jodie Fosters’ in The Accused and yet still all these years later I can’t get the smell of sectarian imbecile out of my nostrils. Fuck the lot of ‘em.
  6. Last Cunt Standing

    Fergie Pops a Brain Artery

    The Hairdryer has blown a fuse and needs brain surgery. Christ I hope he survives, the news is unwatchable as it is. Perhaps if he ends up a drooling vegetable, they’ll let him manage England. Or present for BT Sport. Yeah yeah, Irons, I know.
  7. Last Cunt Standing

    Gerard Batten MEP

    I think the contrast is broken on my iPad.
  8. Last Cunt Standing

    Gerard Batten MEP

    Now obviously to some people this bloke is automatically a Cunt for being both a politician and a swivel-eyed devotee of Darth Farridge, but knowing the political proclivities of the Corner I’ll give that one a swerve. What elevates him to ultra-cunt in my eyes was his role in the recent (and exhaustively debated) case of tragic Scouse growbag Alfie. Outraged that “the state” NHS was using “the state” Courts to enforce a consensus medical opinion, Mr Batten went totally loco. With not a whiff of irony the UKIP MEP cheered on the Christian Legal Centre in trying to get the European Court to overturn the (sovereign) High Court and allow Alfie to be flown out of the country to another European country. Such hypocritical Cuntery, while not a surprise, should earn a feet-first waist-deep dip in a bath of sulphuric until he does five verses of Beethoven’s Ode To Joy. Utter, utter Cunt.
  9. Last Cunt Standing

    RNLI & its Safeguarding Risks

    If that’s her, I wouldn’t sniff that finger.
  10. Last Cunt Standing

    Euthanasia Law

    Plagiarism is a compliment, Baws. Cheers!
  11. Last Cunt Standing

    The late Mrs. Evans.

    I remember in his time at radio one he was no stranger to a day off with a hangover. still, fair enough if your mums dead. I don’t care for his show though. A bit too loud and zany for me at that time of day. I have my own gentler playlist.
  12. Last Cunt Standing

    Euthanasia Law

    A pound (of mince) heading your way you soppy cow. ?
  13. Last Cunt Standing

    Euthanasia Law

    This week we have seen another Appeal Court case from a poor man with MND who wants to be able to request death when swallowing his own tongue gets a bit too much, a 104 year old Australian scientist who when confronted with his advancing frailty feels its time to get on a plane to Switzerland, and the previously mentioned Scouse army who wanted to burn down their local Children’s Hospital. Prolonging life for the sake of is possible but often not what people want. We can end life peacefully if we need to and the law allowed it, as it does for our cat/dog/gerbil. Like the band, Status Quo is not the answer. The law in this area is a complete mess, polluted as ever by the various Sky Fairy Clubs, and it’s a major Cunt that our esteemed Parliamentarians haven’t taken a break from downing subsidised pints to pass a law that might actually be of some use. Oh, and a quid to the first witty Cunt who suggests I volunteer to try it.
  14. Last Cunt Standing

    RNLI & its Safeguarding Risks

    When I heard the story on the radio, I wondered which of you would succumb to the Morning Outrage Reflex over their cornflakes and take to T’Corner to vent mucho spleen. You should all consider your blood pressures and just stop buying the Daily Mail. It’s full of clickbait shit designed to enrage the populace and you all fell for it. Of course the story is laughably ridiculous and points to a failed society. Exactly who is offended by this mug and is their offence reasonable? Like fuck it is. The hoardes of the perpetually outraged are running rampant creating jobs for themselves, our society convulses with the risk averse nonsense they generate, and consequently there is an end-of-empire feel to much of Western civilisation these days. But you can all do fuck all about it. So instead of bitching and whining at the whim of Paul Dacre, better perhaps to accept it has all gone to shit, laugh in the face of such provocation, go to the beach with a good bottle of wine, some good music and good company. Leave the idiots now running this asylum to it. Disengage. You’ll be so much happier when you don’t give a fuck anymore. PS. The RNLI in my experience are heroes. I remember the Penlee disaster. They could be into decapitation snuff movies for all I care. PPS. Apparently the worry was a visiting school trip might be offended at this tame image. I’d say the solution might have been to ban school visits then and let the man drink his tea in fucking peace.
  15. Last Cunt Standing

    People who don't like snooker

    Primum non nocere when I was at school, Eric. It only means patients. WIlliams is a cunt and I’m not a gynaecologist.