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  1. Last Cunt Standing

    Any cunt who believes in the sky fairy or any other dieties

    He’s got you bang to rights there Lukey. Inspector Knacker will be round imminently to waterboard you mercilessly until you confess to planning a horrendous chemical attack in the public toilets at New Street Station, shortly after you try the Phall at one of the many safe houses dotted about the area. For Gods sake don’t hire a van, get on a plane, buy a Stanley knife or start driving a taxi, otherwise our in-house terrorism experts will have you splashed all over the Daily Mail before you can spell Jihad. Allahu Akbar!
  2. Last Cunt Standing

    When The Sisterhood Is Ill Served By Feminists...

    The oinking Madame Thornberry will no doubt have her say on this subject too. She has no personal reason to fear upskirting from drooling perverts mind you, her thighs have chafed together for so many years now they have effectively fused to form a fleshy bridge beneath her overgrown lady garden.
  3. Last Cunt Standing

    Asian peodo rings getting govn attension

    You’re a special kind of moron, aren’t you? Please keep this unfunny garbage to yourself and fuck the fuck off.
  4. Last Cunt Standing

    Steph McGovern of BBC Breakfast

    Fatima Manji might be a good addition to the menu too, if only you could get the wrapper off to inspect it properly.
  5. Last Cunt Standing

    Blonde cunt at work who creeps to the boss

    Fine. Then a well placed microbead in a hand-smoked Argentinian monkfish will provoke terminal middle-class outrage and result in the entire store being shut down pending a deep clean. It’s a little suicidal perhaps, but gets the blonde sycophant back in the dole line and off the managerial cock.
  6. Last Cunt Standing

    Steph McGovern of BBC Breakfast

    I’d order her. Even without mango chutney.
  7. Last Cunt Standing

    Steph McGovern of BBC Breakfast

    she does tend to loiter in there, doesn’t she? I imagine it’s her prostate, the saggy old flange. I saw Anna Kournikova at an Ice Hockey match once, so fuck you, I win.
  8. Last Cunt Standing

    Blonde cunt at work who creeps to the boss

    Ming is not dead. He was on Radio 4 earlier talking about the vitally important role the Lib Dems might play in the Parliamentary Autumn.
  9. Last Cunt Standing

    Super Car Sunday’s BBC III

    Arkell vs Pressdram (1971) applies, you stupendously silly Cunt.
  10. Last Cunt Standing

    Blonde cunt at work who creeps to the boss

    Is the obvious solution not to log on to her PC while she’s at lunch for two hours (password Kardashian), download some dodgy material then ring IT and say you’ve got a virus problem all over your department. Bye bye blondie, piss off back to Spearmint Rhino. Alternatively ring the boys at Thames House at let them know she has been running a safe house for a load of Syrian Art students for the past six months and you’ll never see the bitch again.
  11. Last Cunt Standing

    Steph McGovern of BBC Breakfast

    Reported. Well, it seems very fashionable these days. Naga is an Asian love pixie and shall not be defamed.
  12. Last Cunt Standing

    Steph McGovern of BBC Breakfast

    I see this spam-faced monstrosity has landed the main gig on BBC Breakfast now. She’s also twatting about in prime time with that Welsh slapper telling stupid people not to spend £500 a month on Waitrose toilet roll or some such (using her highly detailed experience of business journalism). One can only imagine she is noshing the director general, as I’ve seen more attractive and talented women outside my local Mecca bingo. What a fucking fright. Yuk.
  13. Last Cunt Standing

    Laura Kuenssberg on Brexit

    I couldn’t help myself, Baws. The cunt said the foot-faced Geordie bint Steph “Business News” McGovern was much easier on the eye than Laura K, so I had to smash him in the mouth with a bottle of Amaretto. My views on the aesthetics of TV newsreaders are well established here.
  14. Last Cunt Standing

    Rectal insertions.

    You’ve been reading Tipping The Velvet again, haven’t you Wiz?
  15. Last Cunt Standing

    Lost Teddy Bear appeals

    Split is worth a visit if you’re down there, Gyps. You can get some good hearty food, and it’s one of those odd places that look better in the rain. I sent a postcard to my friends at the convent when I was there. Dear Mother Superior, I have concluded there is nothing like reclining after a good nosh and contemplating the fun you’ll have in a wet Split.