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  1. Last Cunt Standing

    Numbers Stations

    Guilty as charged. Red Red Wine as those Brummie Cunts UB40 would say. Off to go sleep it off near the fire pit. Night.
  2. Last Cunt Standing

    Numbers Stations

    The Lincolnshire Poacher. Not just a fine cheese but a weird MI6 radio signal that defies analysis. Still intermittently playing from RAF Akrotiri all these years later. And no one really knows why.... What a Cunt. “the numbers, Mason.....”
  3. Last Cunt Standing

    Competitive Dads

    The word Snatch always makes we think of Land Rover, as in “Four British Soldiers we’re blown to fuck on patrol near Kabul today, when their ageing snatch Land Rover hit a roadside IED”. I gather the Infantrymen of the Royal Irish called their Landies Myra and Rose, the 2 most dangerous Snatches they could think of.
  4. Last Cunt Standing

    World Cup 2018 on TV

    No problem. Just keep the Brent Crude flowing ashore and you can have all the methadone you can handle. I gather they asked for the TV to be turned off in Barlinnie today, such was the despair on the landings. Can no one find that Archie Gemmill video?
  5. Last Cunt Standing

    Love Island

    Oi. Fuck off.
  6. Last Cunt Standing

    Anthony Bourdain

    Paula was a dirty cow alright. Had more Cocks than Bernard Matthews. I wonder if she ever nobbed Jools Holland on The Tube?
  7. Last Cunt Standing

    Anthony Bourdain

    If we are talking auto asphyxiation, I’ll add Stephen David Wyatt Milligan, who went out in style with a satsuma. Or was it a Clementine? I have vague memories of Baws referencing the Tory pervert, but I can’t be arsed to run a search. Toodle pip.
  8. Last Cunt Standing

    Anthony Bourdain

    Apologies. I confused you with another cunt, and made a cunt of myself. I’d been up all night in my defence, but doubt the more rabid of you would consider this in mitigation. The usual tiresome ad hominem shite only serves to remind me why I rarely piss in this pool these days. Keep up the good work one and all. Never the same since the days of Brony K and his Katana. Fuck off and kill yourselves etcetera....
  9. Last Cunt Standing

    Vape smoke from the car infront

    Two words on Vaping; Popcorn lung.
  10. Last Cunt Standing

    Anthony Bourdain

    Be sure to say hello to him when your Oncologiste finally decides you’ve had your last chemo suppository, and that inevitably massive cerebral metastasis decides to bleed horrendously just as you begin your morning game of Pétanque. It can’t be long now. I guess from your caravan near the Calais Jungle, you know all about disgusting shite and writing sanctimonious rubbish. Vivre, you goose-worrying Cunt.
  11. Last Cunt Standing

    Paul Dacre Moves Upstairs

    Thanks Judge. You’ve made my point beautifully. Seig Heil etc.
  12. Last Cunt Standing

    Paul Dacre Moves Upstairs

    The malevolent cuntbubble editor of the Daily Heil has decided it’s time to “move upstairs”. Unfortunately this is reportedly a reference to him bagging a board level non-job with continued access to his tabloid muckspreader. I’d have been much happier if “move upstairs” meant the cunt had been disembowelled by a swarthy gentleman fresh from the Calais Jungle and was thus standing in line for St Peter with a one way ticket to Hell. Dacre has done so much to damage the British psyche it defies words. He has helped shape us into the backward, polarised, sclerotic, small-minded and downright nasty place we’ve become. Fuck him. Karma will get him in the end. Cunt.
  13. Last Cunt Standing

    The arrest of Tommy Robinson

    Non leaguer? Cheeky cunt. I reckon I’m at least Nottingham Forest or something. Best days behind me, peaked in the 70s, still occasionally a good performance at home, sounds about right. Oh yeah, one other thing Bill. Kill yourself.
  14. Last Cunt Standing

    England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    The Liverpool keeper has had more balls through his hands than Punkape.
  15. Last Cunt Standing

    England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    It’s not science, it’s alchemy. Scottish football has been turning base metal into gold for decades. Ayr v Kilmarnock, anyone?