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  1. Foxy bingo ad

    Hello "Uncertain gender", is it that time of the month again? Your hysterical post would certainly suggest that it is. Allow me to enlighten your miniscule hormonal mind for you, everyone on this forum posts asinine bollocks, your histrionic, hormonal rambling above is a prime example. One more light bulb moment for you, we ARE all strangers on this forum, out of sheer necessity, anonymity is the reason this forum exists, but, i wouldn't expect you to understand such a basic principle, you sad, mentally impaired imbecile. As I've pointed out to other confused fuckwits on here, if you don't like my posts don't read or reply to them, but, you will of course, won't you? Run along now, ask someone to wipe your furrowed, sweaty brow for you. Go and get yourself royally fucked, you know you're in dire need of a good length.
  2. Foxy bingo ad

  3. Foxy bingo ad

    Good to be appreciated Billy Bunter.
  4. Thermostat ignorant women

    He would love to be a fucking queen, but, he's a little cock-shy at the moment......just type "arse" and he'll home in on the topic like a cruise missile.
  5. Thermostat ignorant women

    Why on earth would you be interested? Do you actually pay for energy? I seriously doubt it, you've probably got your abode/dwelling/caravan/yurt wired up to your hard working neighbours homes.
  6. Foxy bingo ad

    Ha ha, fuck off Rectum.........
  7. Foxy bingo ad

    Hello Billy Sticky Fingers, Verbose and boring it may be, but, you still take the time to read and reply don't you? Cocksucker.
  8. Foxy bingo ad

    Whenever arse is mentioned it triggers an immediate response in that half-baked simian brain of yours doesn't it Apey boy? Just concentrate on attempting to fly your cheap Poundland Gyro's...I mean... helicopters, with any luck, with your dark simian looks and that lop-sided vacant smile of yours, you might get picked up by an equally pig-shit-thick retarded nobody with a penchant for male orifices such as yours.
  9. Foxy bingo ad

    Well, hello Woofter, you’re very bitter today aren't you? What's happened to make you feel so depressed? The above diatribe is probably an accurate representation of your own position in life isn't it?, you present yourself as a sad individual, most likely the tragic unwanted result of habitual inbreeding, you were probably ridiculed throughout your school years just as you are now, you are shunned by everyone who knows you. You drink to excess (probably Strongbow) and as a result you can't even summon up a half-hearted erection to masturbate, you pathetically useless, sad bastard, do the world a huge favour and make sure you don't procreate.
  10. Foxy bingo ad

    I would break her arse in no problem.
  11. Free WiFi Scroungers

    Bye then, Rhondda boy.
  12. Free WiFi Scroungers

    Aawww, a little bit rattled are you Apey boy, never mind just keep the apron strings clutched tightly in those podgy hands of yours and you will be fine, I've thought of a brilliant idea, as your stressed-out work colleagues have no option but to auto-complete your sentences for you, why don't you pretend to be dumb? That should be easy, especially for you. just make your colleagues aware that you've lost your unintelligible, guttural voice and they should be able lip-read, (be honest, they do anyway) and that would make life in work much easier for them wouldn't it? And, in the meantime you could take much needed elocution lessons, in a couple of years you might be able to vocalise simple words like "Giro".
  13. Free WiFi Scroungers

    Hi Bubba boy, how's life treating you in Penrhys these days?
  14. Free WiFi Scroungers

    Mmmmmm, Apey boy leaps to defend Decimus-Imbecillus, how touching, you two should get it on together, you obviously have a simian wide-on for the masterful Imbecillus don't you Apey boy?
  15. Free WiFi Scroungers

    You’re out of luck I'm afraid, knuckle-walker actually prefers men.