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  1. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    Queue Apey boy hoping for a "homo" discussion......
  2. Cunts who wear high visibility clothing

    I'm so sorry Woofter, I was, until I read the above gibberish, totally unaware of your dyslexia..........
  3. Cunts who wear high visibility clothing

    Oh, my God, please, pleeeeeeaaase don't blackball me, I will be totally bereft, have a heart Stubby boy.
  4. Cunts who wear high visibility clothing

    Good morning Woofter, What a load of gibberish you've served up, you're obviously a pathetically dysfunctional individual as evidenced by the nonsensical diatribe above, I don't need a thesaurus to write my posts but I would suggest, looking at your pitiful effort above, that you are in dire need of one.
  5. The ugly and stupid

    What prompted you to post the above Nom I wonder?, where you so horrified when you saw a reflection of your own pig-shit ugly features in your local Poundland window that you felt compelled to write a Nom about it?, you probably should lead by example and do something to ensure the world does not have to suffer your progeny.
  6. RapeLawyers4You

    Did he use his "child" hand or his normal sized one?
  7. The all new insult the impaired thread

    Could I ask the next obvious question, what do you do on your knees? Do you wash your floors by hand?.......
  8. The all new insult the impaired thread

    Do you spend a lot of time on your knees then?
  9. People Who Complete Your Sentences For You

    Your work colleagues are most likely trying to make sense of the unintelligible gibbering emanating from that simian mouth-piece of yours.
  10. Recycling Hitlers

    He will never change his job, he loves watching the compactor in action.
  11. Cunts who wear high visibility clothing

    Good evening Woofter, you're extremely acidic today aren't you? Are you not enjoying your weekend?
  12. Cunts who wear high visibility clothing

    The above is the epitome of pointless banality which you seem to be exceedingly good at.
  13. Cunts who wear high visibility clothing

    Apey may be able to provide subtitles, but I doubt he's progressed beyond unintelligible grunting, his name says it all really.
  14. Cunts who wear high visibility clothing

    Arse-obsessed Apey boy strikes yet again, you should seriously consider discussing your obsession with your GP who will most likely offer counselling for you.
  15. Cunts who wear high visibility clothing

    You fuck off......sorry I forgot, you can't fuck off can you spasmo? You're anchored to your shit-stained wheelchair aren't you fuck-wit? What's the matter? Did your Lithuanian home-carer/rent-boy forget to call round this evening? Perhaps he can't cope with your kinky demands.