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  1. Cunt hooks

  2. Pill for fairies

  3. Pill for fairies

  4. Radicalised by the internet.

    That's eel of a woman to you.
  5. You cunts.

    The triggering has begun, even a moderator got triggered. Snowflakes like a safe space, on here?
  6. Radicalised by the internet.

    The Koran is the only so-called holy book in the world that insults members of all other religions. It even refers to the Jews as the descendants of apes and pigs. There are over 100 verses in the Koran that instruct Muslims to kill infidels. Meanwhile, our PC Prime Minister and Home Secretary keep bullshitting us by claiming that Islamic terrorists are radicalized by the Internet. When did the Internet suddenly become the infallible word of Allah? Did I miss a lesson?
  7. You cunts.

    There's more than a fair share of thick mummy's libturd antifart boys on here, the smartest thing to come out their mouths was their fathers' tiny prick.
  8. Loony lefty libturds and Antifarts

    Facts don't care about your feelings, so work your safe space up your dung funnel.
  9. Sheep shaggers

    You keyboard commando libturd snowflakes are so easy to trigger, this image is for you cunts. Now go and fuck yourselves.
  10. Sheep shaggers

    To all, you pig eyed sacks of shit that call the Welsh sheep shaggers. The Welsh shag them, but the English eat them, you love a nice dollop of Welsh ballsack nut butter, don't you.