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  1. Meterological Exaggeration

    He means the autistic spectrum you window licking cunt..
  2. poor cunts

    Reading and being entertaining.. Neither of which are you capable of you fucking cheese encrusted bellend.. I've pictured you on my profile wall in my attic, you have the looks of Steven Hawking but with the mind of Mr trump, you cunting moron..
  3. poor cunts

    Ha.. Nice...
  4. poor cunts

    I come out of fucking Sainsburys with a trolley full, when I get it back to the car a bunch of smelly, dirty, halfwit inbreeds, one of which must have been 22, are fucking gawping at me. " nice car mate.." Says the one with the brain cell. Fuck off cunt! So I take my booze to the marina and stick it the fridge, as I'm getting off my boat, some cocky middle aged prick in a fucking denim jacket, stomach bagging out from under the white t shirt stretched across it, strolls himself over. " mind if I have a look inside mate?" Fuck off you fat fat cunt! All of you should be shot several times and die very very slowly.. For fucks sake...
  5. Flat Earthers

    This also applies to you ya know....
  6. Meghan Markle

    No problem, my pleasure... Xx
  7. Meghan Markle

    Get a fucking life you pedantic irrelevant prick
  8. Meghan Markle

    By all means, help yourself.. You know its 2017 now though right?
  9. Meghan Markle

    Ah, frank.. I feel we may have gotten of on the wrong foot.. May I apologize for calling you a gimp... (Lol!) I'm usually only a nasty cunt to people I KNOW who piss me off. My humblest, knee bent, forgiveness request....
  10. Meghan Markle

    Weak, weak reply... Your like a intellectual desert... Bet your the only one at your birthday parties...
  11. Meghan Markle

    Aced it as it goes! Lol
  12. Meghan Markle

    Absolutely! Didn't we all? Still recovering from the mental abuse... Thanks for bringing it all back again.....least I went to fucking skool though. Cunt.
  13. Meghan Markle

    I'm not on here to be liked you fucking simpleton, and respect is earned.. In my case, I don't want any.. I enjoy pissing people off.. Simple as that, if you have a issue with that then why the fuck are you on here you fucking retard.. Lol Xx
  14. Meghan Markle

    You is just a jealous prick.. Cos all you can get your grubby, snot encrusted fingers on looks like a fucking bulldog chewing a wasp. Fucking looser. Fuck off.
  15. Coronation Street Cunts

    Good for you, small world in it! More than likely then you know where I work! Ha. (Shit) lol