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  1. EreptileDysfunction

    social decline

    Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton
  2. EreptileDysfunction

    social decline

    You're just too sophisticated for them Frank, fuck them they'll never understand.
  3. EreptileDysfunction

    social decline

    You should all stop bullying Frank, he's a true genitalman.
  4. EreptileDysfunction

    Useless scientists

    I genuinely thought at first the squirrel was pissing in a big straight line.
  5. EreptileDysfunction

    social decline

    I think all this ultra political correctness and the media trying to portray faggots and trannies as the norm is more scary. Fuck 2018.
  6. EreptileDysfunction

    Regional Favourites.

    I'd totally forgotten about them despite eating them fairly regularly, we should totally all have a Brannigan's Roast beef and Mustard sex orgy.
  7. EreptileDysfunction

    Regional Favourites.

    Laarvly jubbly.
  8. EreptileDysfunction

    Regional Favourites.

    Fuck you! i wont hear another bad word about Monster Munch again, especially those huge bags of flamin' hot flavoured ones or may the heavens (or Eavens) open and you'll be struck down by lightning.
  9. EreptileDysfunction

    Regional Favourites.

    Ha! I fucking love beef & onion and roast chicken flavour crisps though.
  10. EreptileDysfunction

    Regional Favourites.

    So just generic brand "crisp" crisps then?
  11. EreptileDysfunction

    Mark Wahlberg's Life

    I'd like to to see one hole put through his fucking head drive by style, can't stand the arrogant yank wannabe hard man cunt. I remember him on top gear taking the piss out of the British essentially, if i was Clarkson i'd have rammed his stupid fucking head through the steel studio set.
  12. EreptileDysfunction

    Regional Favourites.

    Ironically smoky bacon is loved by the midlands lol lol
  13. EreptileDysfunction

    Regional Favourites.

    Jellied eel, shandy and Halal flavour loved by cunts down south.
  14. EreptileDysfunction

    Royal Navy recruitment advert

    I climaxed at four and a half inch Naval gun.