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  1. Poking the Russian bear

    I'm sure Katie price has received a few Brown envelopes in her mouth.
  2. Poking the Russian bear

    The world cup is going to be pure chaos. I hope some fat flabby, shirtless england fans smash the fuck out of the russian cunts, and i'm not even much of a football fan.
  3. French printers

    Churchill might have been a Tory but he would have told them to shove it up their frog arses. The british government are gutless wankers.
  4. Poking the Russian bear

    What dickhead thought it was a brilliant idea to hold the 2018 world cup in russia.
  5. Nazi dogs.

  6. Manufactured Outrage about Cambridge Analytica

    All i get aimed at me is Sarah 5 miles away is horny and wants to fuck! Find local milfs in your area now!
  7. Dozy cunts who have fucking colds but think it is influenza

    Do you like model train sets too?
  8. Apologists for drink driving celebrities

    Yeah but where's the fun in that?
  9. Happy saint paddys day

    They're all cracking cars, How much of it is down to dickheads not bothering to top them up with oil regularly, blown turbos from bad HP boosting etc. though? Funnily enough my mechanic said he used to own an Elan and a Europa.
  10. Happy saint paddys day

    I think a lot of that was just shite spouted by Clarkson.
  11. Happy saint paddys day

    I've seen some of the twin turbo V8 Esprits they look the dog's bollocks in real life.
  12. Eh?

  13. Happy saint paddys day

    Were the paddy wagons out in full force? Were flares being let off? Is that just a typical saturday in ireland? I must know these things.
  14. BBC News. Again. Probably.

    BBC radio 4 makes me want to sit in my car with a hose running from the exhaust, through the window with the engine running. Actually anything after Radio 2 can go fuck itself deeply in it's own arsehole for that matter.