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  1. EreptileDysfunction

    Brexit Secretary

    Exactly they're quite happy to spew anti Brit vitriol and shit all over the dead British and commonwealth soldiers. Noticed some of the polish on there doing the same too recently. Just hope Britain doesn't bother sticking it's neck on the line for a bunch of ungrateful cunts on the continent if theres ever a next time( with the exception of the Scandies). I also noticed recently spackeron thinks france is suddenly hot shit and they're a superpower now or something, cringeworthy garlic breathed, B.O ridden wankers.
  2. EreptileDysfunction

    Brexit Secretary

    I think it's called "stoned guy meme" he doesn't actually have a mental disability as far as i know even though it looks like it lol.
  3. EreptileDysfunction

    Brexit Secretary

    I know a pile of rectal discharge like Reddit isn't really a reputable source, but you ought to see all the teenage european armchair general spacktards on there wanting and hoping to see the UK fall, but at the same time still want us to be/think we're going to be the defence force for europe and they're going to get access to british innovation and technology after we leave. Fucking hypocritical cunts.
  4. EreptileDysfunction

    May I strictly come dance in Africa.

    I see you know your way around the brown tunnel.
  5. EreptileDysfunction

    May I strictly come dance in Africa.

    I thought this was a punkape nom and the title said: may i strictly cum in africans.
  6. EreptileDysfunction

    The Cenotaph Anorak v2.0

    I think you mean his three wheeler chick with a dick malaysian ladyboy partner. lol
  7. EreptileDysfunction

    Footballers (irons) and their fucking goal celebrations

    Albert toss' goal celebration is sinking to his knees and simulating fellatio, then performing it afterwards in the changing room.
  8. EreptileDysfunction

    Guess the next tax

    Punkape is partial to excessive quantities of black meat. lol
  9. EreptileDysfunction


    Nothing worse than Brit tossers who emigrate to some backwards shithole like north america or australia and turn into fully fledged yank cunts or ausfucks with all the yankisms, then start claiming these countries have "better quality of life" and proceed to shit all over the UK with the usual stereotypes invented by the aforementioned shithole countries . Hilariously these pricks still think they should have any say in how the country they fucked off from is run.
  10. EreptileDysfunction

    Freight trains.

    There's a simple solution to tell when a train is arriving, simply put your ear close to the track and listen or better yet find an electrified track to test this out.
  11. EreptileDysfunction

    Brexit..the meltdown has begun

    Unlike Albert a cunt with shit for brains, the perfect window dribbler.
  12. EreptileDysfunction

    The New Royals

    Wow how did you guess?
  13. EreptileDysfunction

    Bake off fucking cunts in the Final

    I saw this in the local shop yesterday, didn't know you had your own range of wine out! lol..
  14. EreptileDysfunction

    The New Royals

    UK is the 5th biggest actually. British apologists are utter wankers though who want us to pretend to be some weak irrelevant nation with no accomplishments or industry. Fuck them.