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  1. No i literally logged in, replied to someone, replied to a comment from Eric and then little willy shitters and you rallied all your bumboys against me because you're sad and insecure as fuck. Oh yeah hilarious that you queers have been name dropping me for the past week despite me having more important things to do in the real world and not even being online. Sad.
  2. Oh dear sounds like all you insecure sad twats are getting really agitated, i'm glad i clearly give meaning to your sad and pointless existences though seeing as you couldn't go a week without mentioning me lmao.
  3. Back in the day pre march 2012, youtube used a same password and username login system not unlike the one this site uses. That's as much as i'm going to say. I never claimed i was going to "hack" anyone.
  4. GW are are pretty serious when it comes to copyright/trademarks or anything that remotely resembles or sounds like any of their intellectual property. I imagine they don't take too kindly to a nobhead on the internet claiming all tabletop fans are paedophiles either.
  5. I never claimed i'd hack anyone's account, certainly not a non entity's account like you. I said If i wanted to i could log into's demucus's account and change his name and avatar you pleb.
  6. As apposed to you, a batty little arse butlering milquetoast. Decimus' personal arse servant. Also i've never played fortnite ever.
  7. Have you wiped the shit and rectal hair off your top lip yet?
  8. The boring miserable twat should swap to fibreglass and inhale some of it while he's at it.
  9. Are you perpetually miserable in life? Sounds like it.
  10. I remember in summer 99' borrowing a Buck Rodgers game for the megadrive from some Hills have eyes kid. Fucking good summer that year was too. Was going to go with a Yoda avatar with the caption: Wanker you are, fuck off you must. Funnily enough some Ainsley Harriott calypso programme was on ITV late last night(which i didn't watch).
  11. That's not me and that's not a moustache, it's decimus with left over anal hair on his lip from when he was giving william STD shitters a good ol' rimming.
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