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  1. What's Gary Glitter's favourite guitar chord? lol fuck off
  2. I know but fuck it they're all basically the offshoots of chinese anyway (lol).
  3. Glad you like it 👌 Will you be going to the 2020 chink olympics ape?
  4. Expect this shit to be hyped up and advertised to hell next year and be expected to fawn over and 'Ooh and ahh' because it's being hosted in can do no wrong, rainbow shitting, apparently perfect japan. Expect lots of fat mongoloid, drooling fucks from north america to cream themselves over a bunch of slopes. For the closing ceremony i'd get the chinks to fly a mothballed B-29 bomber over the stadium from high altitude before dropping a 100 megaton Tzar bomb on the arrogant, self absorbed, noncey, weird cunts.
  5. I noticed the cunt, iron and sad reaction buttons have been removed too, what a pile of shit.
  6. The best one was him trying to convince everyone(more himself really) that Britain was this bleak, Dickensian dystopia with "crumbling soot covered buildings" stuck in the victorian era and claiming the least Cyberpunk place on earth Florida was cyberpunk. Oh and the Yew Ese apparently being more technologically advanced than us or something. Insecure as fuck.
  7. Why oh why wasn't that ICBM that was 'accidentally' launched at Florida by the Royal Navy a couple of years ago a live warhead?
  8. Enjoy dying when you can't afford your inevitable arse cancer treatment because the Tory cunts have flogged the NHS, you thick, gammon headed piece of shit.
  9. We've already established the only thick,creepy, gammon headed cunt who can barely string an intelligent sentence together round here is you, In fact there's probably more intelligence smeared on the back of the toilet bowl after i've had a monster shit than there is in your greasy cockroach head you amoeba brained fucking prick.
  10. Shove a kangaroo up your arse and go fuck yourself cunt lol lol
  11. Ape is really excited for Coca-Cola VS Pepsi: Cola Wars and has it set to record on his DVR.
  12. Well done you utterly thick cunt.
  13. What you really mean is you want total dribbling mongs like Minor cunt to stick their tongue up yours and 'decco's' rusty sheriffs badge like snivelling little creeps.
  14. Meanwhile in deepest Norfolk AKA sister shagging country...
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