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  1. I'm glad you chose a boring, mundane inanimate household object such as an iron as an avatar, it suits your dullard personality right to the ground.
  2. What can i say i'm just a swashbuckling, debonaire desperado who doesn't quite play by the rules, i'm sorry if i intimidate you. lol
  3. Cool story bro. I'm glad i've got you worked up to the point you write a wall of text for a response. Lmao
  4. Sorry i don't need to read a book on how dumbarse south africans with a chip on their shoulder can't even run farms that whitey gave them because they're thick as pig shit.
  5. Who said i'm not getting bladdered and who said i haven't already been out?
  6. Didn't you say you're from south africa? I hope you get raped and beheaded with a machete or force fed head first into a great white's gob. Don't worry i'm sure the site's top poofters will be along shortly to give you a little brownie point for being a good little lackey.
  7. If i wanted tips on how best to remove skidmarks from a toilet bowl ill ask for your input othewise fuck off cunt.
  8. The general consensus consisting of 4 self important queer nobodies which yourself is included. OoOh scary stuff!
  9. It's adorable that the site nobody/noob is trying to garner brownie points from the forum's faggot club members.
  10. I don't know who you are, you weird shit stabbing Andy Warhol alike but you can fuck off too
  11. We can only hope a Tiananmen square type scenario happens, it'd be nice to see Gape, william dick lickers and decimucus get flattened by a challenger II while they're waving their little EU flags and crying into their pink iphones.
  12. No i literally logged in, replied to someone, replied to a comment from Eric and then little willy shitters and you rallied all your bumboys against me because you're sad and insecure as fuck. Oh yeah hilarious that you queers have been name dropping me for the past week despite me having more important things to do in the real world and not even being online. Sad.
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