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  1. Is it true you invented the world's first bean fart powered hovercraft and hold the Guiness world record for being first to cross to the english channel in it? Is that what you meant by "aerospace engineer"...? lol
  2. You were practically crying over on that shipping container thread...prick. Grow a personality and fuck off you boring tosser.
  3. Oh dear trying to suck up to the yank now, you really are a pathetic little, weaselly worm of a man aren't you.
  4. TBH i think i've only ever seen the iconic scene where he's riding the bomb at the end like a bucking bronco.
  5. Eric Cuntman's grandad was Dr Strangelove?
  6. Yep and he seemed to think Britain was the size of Rhode island or something and his notion of the country seemed to be from 1919 too, despite most towns and cities in the UK being/looking more modern than any cunt-pasted grid layout town or city in north america. Having listed buildings over 100 years old makes us old fashioned don'cha know. These mongs would think a concrete tower block built in japan in 2010 with flashing neon lights all over it is the height of sophistication and civilisation.
  7. Seems a bit harsh @Betterthanyou gets the boot for nothing more than answering back and giving as good as he got.
  8. Q: What is a pig's preferred form of communication? A: a ham radio lol
  9. Yep that defining moment from resident Evil 3 where Ainsley's giant warty cock bursts out of the ground and you have to kill it 😁 (it's actually a screenshot of the giant worm boss caught in the middle of looking like Ainsley Harriott's cock)
  10. He's actually american if it makes any difference lol
  11. Did you have a fun time cottaging today ape? 😋
  12. Find me a video of a cat in a flat cap playing a fast tribal beat on a pair of bongos or fuck off. Also.... girth!
  13. He looks a bit half price, i imagine that's what "king billy" looks like when he's standing at a cash machine trying to figure out how to use it but instead with drool running down his mouth and snot/dried jizz on his t shirt.
  14. Being French and Canadian, i can't think of anything worse.
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