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  1. You're right because Britain is 250'000km2 full stop and the size comparison maps on google images are for the most part horribly inaccurate and made by insecure, americans with little dick complexes over everything.You lot seem to think the UK is about 11'000km2, but then again i shouldn't expect anything less from someone who thinks Keeping up appearances and Last of the summer wine are accurate portrayals of Britain in 2019. Name them then. Also what's your excuse for Britain dominating the music scene in the 60's,70's,80's,90's,2000's and 2010's?
  2. I don't think you understand what i said but it doesn't really matter Britain is bigger than most of your states and this is just a fact, i looked up "rhode island" just for a quick check and it's laughably 3'000km2 LOL! while the UK is 250'000km2 not including the multitude of British territories. Even the trashy state of florida you're from is small compared to the UK, so what were you saying moron? Your country really isn't that big or impressive actually, there's far bigger places on earth that don't account for a fraction of your carbon footprint, You're just a bunch of resource guzzling, polluting arseholes that need to fuck off. Oh yeah we don't have a high footprint probably due to us adopting green energy years ago and doing the industrial revolution donkey's years before still developing countries like the united slums were a thing. What exactly have we copied from you? You idiots haven't got an original thought in your heads, it's all stolen from the UK. Heck the head designer at Apple Jonathan Ive, is fucking english which says its all really doesn't it. You sound the epitome of a MAGA chanting yank fucktard funnily enough.
  3. Despite Britain being bigger than 40 of your states individually and Hawaii ironically not being any part of and nowhere near North America whatsoever, so your "continental U.S" spiel is an oxymoron. Amazing how the "world leader"in reducing carbon emissions is one of the world's biggest carbon emissions makers and accounts for something like 4.5% of the planet's emissions, while our country is one of the lowest in the world isn't it? You don't lead the world at anything apart from mind numbingly shit superhero dross and stars wars films ad nauseam. Oh and sucking the japs' micro penises, you're really good at that too lol. But hey just keep repeating "MAGA" and it i'm sure it will all go away.
  4. At least i'm "doung" my bit? Are you turning chinese? Or is because you're a dung brained fucking moron with dog shit on the mind 24/7 Stupid prick
  5. Especially when it's his country and China who are the world's biggest polluters and resource guzzling, overpopulated shitholes that need their populations thinning. Of course over on isacunt they all sit there fisting each other in a human centipede over "the Donald" and the so called "special relationship" so when the topic of climate change is brought up they conveniently leave out the yank cunts from their list of top polluting countries.
  6. Is that what your carers say to you as you dribble down the stairs like a spastic?
  7. The vast majority of them do look like that, probably has something to do with the fact it borders china.
  8. Hey gape do you think you could help me build and paint one of these? I heard you're really good at that kind of thing lol
  9. Ah yes Betterthanyou another person who made you have a spazmoid meltdown El Oh El!
  10. Says the rattled wanker who made a nomination about another user due to being rattled as fuck El Oh El!
  11. You sound angry, are you going to have another meltdown again little billy the skid?
  12. Oh look little billy the flid is getting all brave again because he thinks he actually has people backing him after he cowered away for a week and a half El Oh El!
  13. Is that what you had for breakfast with your soldiers this morning little billy?
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