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  1. ' Judgetwi couldn't contain himself after finally meeting his hero Sir Nige in person '
  2. Shitty pecker and panzer need to settle their differences on the Jeremy Kyle show by the looks of things.
  3. You're just pissed off because a cat with dwarfism had a bigger bank account than you'll ever have, is more popular than you, was a global phenomenon and is a legend of pop culture which you'll also never achieve. Also i'm sure no one will have candle lit vigils when you die rather street parties, lol. Go cats!
  4. " Britain's got birth defects "
  5. Isn't punkers in there with him? i hope the cunt doesn't drop the soap.
  6. " I'm an inbred get me out of here "
  7. They look like they eat bowls of HGH and steroids for breakfast. Check out some of the Jeremy Kyle YTP on youtube. Hilarious.
  8. Fuck me, there's so many pop many culture references in this nom!
  9. Are you talking about that pile of debris and rubbish from the 2011 Japan tsunami which is supposedly the size of Britain? i don't believe that shit for a moment, if it was actually true why is there no aerial or satellite images of it. It would be pretty easy to spot something that size floating in the ocean.
  10. Take your chop suey specs disguise and fuck off slope.
  11. I read South sea adventure when i was in primary school, the one where they capture a giant squid in a rudimentary beach trap.
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