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  1. BBC News. Again. Probably.

    Pathetic, you need to up your game.
  2. BBC News. Again. Probably.

    What did you do there, repair the railings?
  3. Bratz

    Not sure about being a stalker but like some on here, becoming obsessed with other members seems to be their only pastime.
  4. BBC News. Again. Probably.

    Is that the same dress you wear when you frequent Canal Street with Punkgapearse?
  5. BBC News. Again. Probably.

    Sorry cur, how meny moor warningz am I aloud?
  6. Bratz

    Some on here get like that.
  7. Bratz

    He's had lessons from Eric the CuntLoserBastard.
  8. BBC News. Again. Probably.

    Just a pickled liver, he borrowed it from Eric the Cunt.
  9. Lack of evidence

    We're up to five now.
  10. Misery at McDonalds

    Good morning My Lady, I hope you slept well and woke up truly refreshed?
  11. Misery at McDonalds

    Is the mirror still intact?
  12. Misery at McDonalds

    Every name please, every single one.
  13. Misery at McDonalds

    Any particular brand that you can recommend from experience ?