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  1. My umbrella, bowler and the sash my father wore are in the wardrobe until the marching season starts again next year. NO SURRENDER!
  2. Would that be an imaginary golf ball?
  3. Good evening Billy. I trust you have had an enjoyable weekend so far?
  4. Chuck Keyless sounds like an american porn star with a DSO.
  5. Before my time unfortunately, by all accounts it was a great match.
  6. Yes a bit one-sided, but a win's a win.
  7. Do you have an obsession with donkeys?
  8. Let's face you gobshite septic. Most English, and up to a point British, dislike Johnnie Foreigner, as you're one of them, just fuck off.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-50374253 16 weeks in Strangeways.
  10. Don't get me started on Stuart Potts! He's got 16 weeks of being raped by ex-servicemen to look forward to.
  11. Now, I would pay to see it, maybe only 9p though!
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