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  1. I think he's been on the Buckie wine, that's why he's legless.
  2. I heard she did, and Jimi gave Mick a good kicking when he caught them.
  3. It's not just Huawei, where are iPhones made?
  4. MI5 is already in every family, they're watching and listening to everything we say and do.
  5. I could throw it up but I'm not sure if I could catch it! There are Lodges in London, they join in the annual St. George's Day parade.
  6. Good afternoon Billy, do you go to your local LOL meetings?
  7. Now, they've apologised for showing a photograph of the wrong person.
  8. They're reporting that a retired NBA player has been killed in a crash, ffs it's the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation!
  9. Also, what kind of "country" names the new year after a dirty disease ridden rodent?
  10. If only Douglas MacArthur had had his own way . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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