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  1. Actually, I wasn't being literal, just a figure of speech. Getting back on topic, Nicole is amazing at everything she does.
  2. Unfortunately for me she's attached, to quote Ratty, "I'd eat her Plop".
  3. Well, Mr/Master/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Dr/Rev etc Dismayed and disgusted, I think Nicole Kidman is a very competent and vastly underrated actress. Her rôles in The Others, Australia, and not forgetting Paddington to name just three were excellent. Every part she plays deserves an award.
  4. Getting back on topic, I've just realised that Meghan Markle rhymes with debacle.
  5. Did you make a tube from the envelope and inhale the white powder through the tube?
  6. Yes, I'm very well thank you, going to have a relaxing evening I hope. Maybe you should look for a holiday after your hard work?
  7. Good afternoon Billy. Was Christmas financially good for you?
  8. You'd fuck her even if she didn't have a heartbeat.
  9. Good morning Billy, I'm very well thank you, how about yourself?
  10. I expect it to be waxed and bleached.
  11. These wankers draw a horizontal line through the seven thinking they look cosmopolitan, but why don't they also write a continental one or nine? Fucking pricks.
  12. I wouldn't lick her face, I'd give her a damn good rimming!
  13. Even worse than that is Gibraltar. They want to remain a "British Overseas Territory" but they changed over to driving on the wrong side of the road, they want their cake etc . . . . . . . .
  14. One thought of mine is that he's spat his dummy out because of the recent photograph, the one with HM and the three kings in waiting, "boohoo, I'm never going to be king, what can I do to piss off the family?" Maybe he should watch Kind Hearts & Coronets?
  15. The first monarch with a particular name doesn't have a regnal number, e.g Victoria, John, Anne etc. So he's just King Harry of Canada.
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