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  1. I never imagined you as an eavesdropper.
  2. And we all know what happened to the previous "quarrelsome princess". Didn't she step back from "public life" by calling a press conference?
  3. Also, the USA presidential election campaign will be stepping up a gear over the next few weeks.
  4. You seem to know all about it.
  5. Don't take stuff you don't want/need to the tip, leave it outside with a "For sale, only £25" notice on it and it will disappear within 15 minutes.
  6. Fact check please, and while you're checking, please check your British English spelling and capitalisations or I'll be presuming you're a Salty sock puppet. Just saying . . . . . . . . .
  7. Good evening Billy, quite a good day with the ball for a change.
  8. And allegedly doesn't do employee pensions properly.
  9. Eye of Cuntspotter and tongue of Roops.
  10. C'mon, tell us your secret interview techniques.
  11. Ah so, (said in a Cato accent) the posts get moved to the "Open Corner", mystery solved.
  12. It's a bit like being in a parallel website where things appear and disappear all the time.
  13. But I will wish you a jolly happy new year and see how long before it gets removed!
  14. Have I been hallucinating, or have a few posts been removed in the last hour?
  15. At least they spent it together.
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