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  1. Just got up and put the telly on. Reports from Korea about The Donald visiting there, they keep saying "Dee Emm Zee" the cunts should be saying "Dee Emm Zed", it's the BBC not ABC, CBS etc. Oh, and fuck off Salty.
  2. You only need water melon and fried chicken.
  3. Good evening Billy.
  4. And what do you see close to the north bound side of the M5? Quite close to said town.
  5. And call him Darren Pencille.
  6. Minge Lane, Upton on Severn, Worcestershire.
  7. For the love of Ada, what are you doing there?
  8. Also a Cockhedge in Warrington (Cheshire).
  9. It took you ten hours trawling the web to find these photographs, you're slipping, you colonial cunt.
  10. Every time it's centralised, some cunt sneaks up and moves it.
  11. Better than iced water.
  12. No, no, Meester Faulty, eees hamster.
  13. Exactly, read my previous posts.
  14. If I had children they would all have me eyes, poor fuckers.
  15. Please don't run in my family.
  16. OK, I'm a not thick spastic cunt.
  17. OK, I'm a thick spastic cunt.
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