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    Well I shall not be back to this site as the ribbing I got from all this is appalling. I thought this site was about sounding off etc, it seems to be just an excuse to abuse other members which is not cup of teas you can all go and fuck yourselves
  2. Employer Cunts

    Hello fellow cunt haters: I'm sure there are hundreds of posts about CUNT employers, here is another ***** factory in ****** employed me as a full- time cleaner but practice CUNTY employing tactics. I was started with no employment contract and terms and conditions, no induction and left at the "deep end" to do a job which would have been perfectly doable if the time allotted for the floor cleaning part (which was the size of a rugby field) Mathematically sweeping this area (and mopping) around machine and under machines, with safety hazards everywhere without any signage was impossible unless areas were missed. Time allowed 1-11/2 hrs. I asked supervisor how I did for the 1st day and she said "pretty good"; I admitted that I was behind the eight ball and did better the 2nd day and made a few errors (Having been inducted would have prevented those errors) On the second day I was called into a room and sacked on the spot for failure to comply to these insane time schedules. I said this was unfair. The factory itself is full of unsafe areas, the cleaning facilities are poor with inadequate drainage and wash areas. The floor is so dirty despite being cleaned maybe 3 times a day, you had you spend a considerable amount of time emptying dirty water (Which lasted all of 3 minutes) and refilling. Not to mention some insane rule about moustache and beard stubble not being allowed over 2mm, (My hair was about 3mm-4mm, I would not have minded if this was pointed out to me at the interview stage and was only mentioned when the manager bumped into me) which I assumed was so it would not get stuck on any machinery (But the stupid hairnet they gave you to cover up said hair follicles was more dangerous than said hair) It seems this company only increased its cleaning staff because of changes in government rules involving inspections. They have gone from hardly cleaning at all and every man and his dog rushing around cleaning when they knew the inspector was coming, to employing more cleaners (Not enough cleaners) My saving grace for the day was; one other person who started with me did not even bother to notify or turn up the second day. This company treats their workers like shits and is obviously, in my opinion, worthy of the title CUNT. What say you?