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  1. A 2 man aeroplane crashed into a cemetery in Eire. They recovered 236 bodies.
  2. This is good sparing panzy. I'm a proud Englishman and you're not too proud to show your jealousy. I'm off out now to make sure we get a table. You go sit in a field and watch potatoes grow. The cross of St George is flying high.
  3. The 3 lions roar into Samara today, once again carrying the lesser nations of Great Britain on our backs. C,MON ENGLAND. ITS COMING HOME.
  4. Was hammered. Went out for England match. Think he liked lukes comment so fired into him. All good fun.
  5. Reptile disfunction has to be the gayest bastard this site has ever seen. Wants vatidated by the cligue (men) Talks about cars. Would he be the same if the cars were driven by women. Would he fuck (men) Usually people say lol so they dont get coolered. He says lol like a giddy school girl. Fucking bender. Loves men. Get yourself to Amsterdam for the weekend and man the fuck up you little pansy. Look in the mirror. You're a fucking embarrassment. Your parents are ashamed of you. Look how they look at you, You tried to pretend you were straight. Where's she at now? Bouncing up and down on a real man. You're a fucking disgrace. Kill yourself.
  6. 007 will be Jane Bond next. We're being phased out.
  7. Will be a remoaner, lesbian, Muslim who was originally born a man.
  8. White van man

    Topless men

    You mentioned how toned and fit they were 3 times dude. Have you got issues? Would you complain if women were topless? You said you perved the barmaids tits so obviously not. These lads are just calling in for a few beers after work. If they go home, they know they won't get back out, or worse, their wives suggest that they'll come for a couple with them. If you're not a grafter, join a gym and eat loads of chicken and eggs. Women love it, even though some claim not to.
  9. I word hasn't been invented to descibe how mind numbingly stupid someone must be to spend £1000s on a piece of paper that some kids made a mess on.
  10. White van man


    2 weeks in Norway and all we get is you bashing the Bishop. We want photos of blondes or the only helicopter we want you near is an air ambulance winching your dead body out of the North sea.
  11. Macron thought he had Trump in his back pocket. Trump just give him a wedgie and hooked the waistband over his head. Where do you lot get your tv programmes from. Not a loaded question, just interested.
  12. Do you watch Love Island Pen. After the world cup, it's the best programme on telly. I avoid all the x factor, strictly on ice talent and big brother rubbish, but not missed an episode of this. It's hilarious. Fit birds in bikinis. I don't see what's not to like. Glad Rosie went last night. She was a bit of a bunny boiler.
  13. I saw that egg one. Must have been weird eating it, expecting it to taste like egg.
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