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  1. Poking the Russian bear

    Russians keep them as pets.
  2. When the fun stops

    I hope she picks you.
  3. Bud Light.... dilly dilly

    Women are clueless about sport. Look how this one turned up to last years Grand National.
  4. PicsArt_03-02-06_59_58.jpg

  5. When the fun stops

    We'll just have to go along with it then.
  6. Bud Light.... dilly dilly

    Bad week?
  7. When the fun stops

    I figured out ages ago that Albert was female, by a few comments that a bloke wouldn't say. Also have you ever met a bloke who's that annoying. Definitely female. The love of trains, and the only person on here that is a bit senile, who would have converstions with herself is lady p. Pen and Albert are the same person. I think the mods might be turning a blind eye.
  8. TV socially engineering

    I'd like to see them meercats expelled. Little Russian cunts.
  9. Sarah Huckabee Sanders

    I think the doctors finger has sent him over the edge.
  10. IMG-20180323-WA0001.jpg

  11. French printers

    Too right. They'll be making the Syrian pound with Assads face on for you.
  12. TV socially engineering

    Rumour has it that in 'Frozen 2', Elsa is going to be a Dyke. This is clearly aimed at young kids. Obviously it won't be tribbing and double sided dildos, but as the only other main female character is her sister, unless it's filmed in Norfolk, i can't see how they're going to pull it off.
  13. Poking the Russian bear

    Maybe it's a bit of very clever reverse psychology decided at the Cobra meeting. This is exactly what we want Putin to do. Give a good show. Russia to show they're not the bad guys. If putin tells the Russia ultras to behave, they will behave. Sir Boris saves the day again.
  14. Poking the Russian bear

    We'll probably get a feel for how the land lies, by how many Arsenal fans come back unscathed from Moscow very soon.
  15. Manufactured Outrage about Cambridge Analytica

    They were targeted, we all were. They just cut out the social media data collecting middle men. Cameron havested our data from the electoral registers to spread remain propaganda via leaflets to every household at a cost of £9million. I did not want my information to be used for this purpose. In my opinion, unless £9million was given to the leave campaign, which it wasn't, it's theft of public money. I think the public should be more concerned about this, than Cambridge Analytica and a few hashtags on twitter. The biggest shock to me in this data collecting scandal is that channel 4 are still on air. I thought they'd wrapped up years ago.