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  1. King Rollo

    Poor white schools 'destroyed' by rankings

    Adnams Broadside is a quality pint ... we serve it in the castle. And Cook used to be a firefighter so you could be right on the Roops count .... Good work, it's nice to be back!
  2. King Rollo

    Anthony Bourdain

    It IS difficult when names are so similar (I mean, they both start with the same 2 letters, right?) I berated Wizard the other night for posting that I was a "slithering little cunt" ... Look at his grumpy face now...
  3. King Rollo


  4. King Rollo

    Meghan Markle

    Markle isn't a whore. She had a name for herself before meeting Harry. She also had money. I will concede, however, she is American. 1/4 is probably a good achievement for you. Well done.
  5. King Rollo


    Point 1 ... takes one to know one Point 2 ... you're on your own with that argument Point 3 ... coke addict and hatred of parents does not equal a happy adult. To say the, you are a thick idiot.
  6. King Rollo

    Death after Life.

    Since you mention it Pen, I thought the latest centre page spread with you and Bert, "Cocks entwined" was pretty flattering! Air brush and penis pumps?
  7. King Rollo

    Death after Life.

    He ain't a woman ... he's a gay-repressed-Catholic-wannabee-golf-club-member. But he ain't a woman. So I've been led to believe...
  8. King Rollo

    Death after Life.

    HELL no!
  9. King Rollo

    Death after Life.

    Yeah, and her bollocks kept getting in the way.
  10. King Rollo

    Death after Life.

    I had a go with her once. She was terrible.
  11. King Rollo


    What a stupid comment. If you want to call out someone as gay on this forum, there are very clearly better examples than those two (who, rumour has it, aren't in fact gay). Just as a clue, Punkape is a safe bet. Not that there's anything wrong with it anyway. If you are so concerned about this child's welfare, why are you wishing him such a horrible adulthood?
  12. King Rollo

    Nigel Farage

    Poor poor Nigel. It was his birthday on Tuesday ... he even threw himself a lovely party with a splendid cake. However, sadly, it seems nobody bothered to turn up. All those empty seats ... I call it embarrassing! At least he enjoyed his cake - it looks like a lot for 2 people!
  13. King Rollo


  14. King Rollo


    Wizard has seen Cook's ... we all have ... I am still in therapy...
  15. King Rollo


    He probably buys his clothes from Punkape's flea market stall.