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  1. #metoo cunt

    I'm drunk, words are tricky at the moment.
  2. #metoo cunt

    Women who arbitrilrary cast all men as cunts
  3. YouTube cunts

    I strive not to be at the top of this pile of pubic inadequacy, I just really like people who want to insult me. It helps me to "finish the job" when I'm busy with 2 pounds of bacon and a furious fist
  4. YouTube cunts

    It is pretty obvious most of you are irritable because your post op remoulded vaginas are itching Yoghurt might help calm you down?
  5. YouTube cunts

    I know, I know I need to go away and think better I'm more of a cunt for trying than the cunts themselves Really sorry
  6. YouTube cunts

    I am spazzy And I'm a cunt
  7. YouTube cunts

    I made my name to educate and point you in the direction of these rejected
  8. YouTube cunts

    If you had kids now, and you paid attention to what they're watching you'd understand Coughing on the Japanese in public when you have a virus? Posting a video of a dead body who committed suicide and laughing? These are megalopolis cunts
  9. YouTube cunts

    These people are the effluent of humanity but earn more than I or you for their efforts.