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  1. Apologists for drink driving celebrities

    Excellent, any chance of a truce?
  2. Apologists for drink driving celebrities

    Cunts everywhere, society is fucked
  3. Apologists for drink driving celebrities

    I'd have a go but my last twatter profile was banned and I can't be fucked to start another one.
  4. Apologists for drink driving celebrities

    Ant McPartlin has a drink and drug problem, i don't feel sorry for the cunt, no matter what your state of mind, as soon as you get behind a wheel while under the influence you're risking other peoples lives, alas there are snowflakes on social media condoning the cunt.
  5. Bratz

    You used the last word comment? Heh heh you are getting desperate, go on then, have another go at the last word, I'll be gracious and let you have it Mr wolfie, i don't want to deflate your fragile ego any further.
  6. Bratz

    Hahahahaha pot n kettle, you need to take a long hard look at your rhetoric you daft bastard, i now understand who this site is named after, get back in your corner.
  7. Bratz

    Trying to insult me by calling me a girl, says more about you than it does me Wolfie
  8. Bratz

    And funnily enough wolfie i left it five days ago, you felt the need to carry it on today, so who is the upset fucker? Me who just let it go or you who couldn't let it lie?
  9. Bratz

    Blimey all those words on me Wolfie, i am honoured, but you're still projecting mate, I was replying in kind, you obviously don't like getting a taste of your own medicine, inflated ego syndrome.
  10. Bratz

    Yes Ape i stand corrected
  11. Bratz

    Not that you'd notice unless you had access to the hubble telescope
  12. Bratz

    Wolfie is projecting again.. poor fucker
  13. Bratz

    I did indeed CG
  14. Bratz

    Fuck it, I've ran out of likes.
  15. Bratz

    Wolfie proves that perpetual mongtion is not only possible but given the right energy input it can be utilised to create shits and giggles.