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  1. Cunty mccuntbag

    People who don't like snooker

  2. Cunty mccuntbag


    Not what I've heard.
  3. Cunty mccuntbag


    Im also gay for you. Why dont you join us in a 3 some
  4. Cunty mccuntbag


    I like this guy. He makes a lot of sense
  5. Cunty mccuntbag

    Dale Winton has died

    Presumably in Barrymores hot tub
  6. Cunty mccuntbag

    Any cunt that sits behind a computer and calls it work

    I didnt mean to hurt your feelings.
  7. Well you say you're men. Im doubtful.
  8. You guys are so funny. I love it here.
  9. Trying hard to, but was very difficult to whilst trying to post as you were sucking me dry