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  1. It’s fucking bad manners. I’m putting on a show giving it my best and some ungrateful bastard spunk’s on my car
  2. Sorry I’m just a bit delicate just now........give me a minute I’ll be ok
  3. Oh and miss spelling bollocks as bollox. Cunts
  4. Look I haven’t got a fucking clue if something has already been mentioned in previous topics. So if it has then please go and fuck off prior to stating repeat bollox. Wankers! I’m new to this website and I’m not fucking psychic so fuck right off, cunts the lot of you!
  5. For fucks sake. I have nothing against breastfeeding, or where it happens, however if you’re going to get your tits out you can’t expect me not to have a sly look. I’m not one of these cunts that objects to it. Feel free it’s nutural and should happen anywhere, just don’t object to me looking and making a deposit in the wank bank
  6. Fuck sake, I was young, I needed the money. What’s wrong in tossing an elephant off for a fiver. Don’t judge me
  7. Boaby


    You can be as gender fluid, non binary transgender as you like but I bet you if he had a good kick in the nuts he would be male again rather quickly.
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