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  1. ApeTM and I DO NOT connect.
  2. One step above Newport in Shropshire.
  3. Also being done in reverse .. just watch the Tesco "Daddy I don't want to eat animals anymore" advert.
  4. A six years old boy went missing from Newport Pagnell services on the M1 .. over 1,000 volunteers and the police searched through the night for nine hours until he was found safe and well. The fucking father said thanks to Allah. Get Fucked.
  5. You're fabulous and amazing Eric .. no matter what I want you to remember that
  6. Have yu ever been on a train when some cunt in a uniform and big hat has come up you and said "TICKETS PLEASE!"?
  7. I think that Oxford Road is closer to canal street.
  8. He should take a leaf out of "Parka Man's" book. Parka Man prowls the Exe Estuary taking over grounded boats and moving in to boats that look as it they have been abandoned .. currently he has got three such wrecked boats in the Exmouth area under his charge. I am told that he tried the same trick with a boat that had been left in Paignton Harbour but the Harbour Master had the boat towed away.
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