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  1. Lengthways engine really strange.
  2. Have you ever changed the gearbox on a front wheel drive Triumph 1500?
  3. She's 34 a fitness fanatic and thin as a rake .. I've told him to take her for a run.
  4. Ed .. one of my neighbours has just told me that his new bird has got angina .. any thoughts?
  5. Last posted there around 20th July .. I notice that bumchum looked at my profile there yesterday morning.
  6. rs Have you been getting yours battered in the other place .. notice that you are silent there at the moment.
  7. You're not very good .. best to admit it now and be done with it.
  8. There would also be a ticket barrier.
  9. They wouldn't get past the guard of honour from my railway collegues.
  10. During the 1920 and into the 1930s we did have unemployed cunts doing road building and repairs and I I said it should be done again .. even if we only get a couple of hours of work a day done by each cunt it will still be much better than nothing .. I always have to sit down to piss and slash .. never had any alternative other when I have got caught short and had to do my business behind the bushes or in someones garden. I have tried those "Lady wee" things but err you know the rest.
  11. Have you any thoughts about where the promised heatwave is?
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