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  1. This new virus probably originated in a laboratory somewhere. I don't buy this compassionate, caring scientists in white coats working in sterile laboratories working to create sterile artificial foods that will not hurt animals. Probably making these viruses to frighten people off eating real food made from real plants, fungi and animals.
  2. I would tell you that I know a couple of people who play the euphonium but some people would claim that I imagined it. I once knew a bloke called Walter Grimshaw but he's dead now.
  3. Her partner's name is Jared .. a cunt's name if there ever was one.
  4. I can't help but think that Thomas Markle is a nasty vindictive piece of crap .. he talks about his "relationship" with Meghan and Harry .. it looks to be more of not a relationship.
  5. Funny you should mention that .. I have just received an envelope it has got a Dublin postmark, it contains a leaflet about some cheap bicycle repair collective and also contains some some white powder.
  6. Back to mobility scooters .. yesterday a couple on matching mobility scooters came hurtling along the promenade, him leading her .. he stopped suddenly, there was an almighty thud as she crashed into the back of him. She heaved herself off her scooter (she like him was rather round and jolly) hurled a load of verbal at him and then wacked him with her handbag.
  7. You mentioned a funeral and they buried it. TBH I thought that the comment might just manage to survive.
  8. It was a Talbot Sunbeam .. one of those dreadful cars with rattly tappets.
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