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  1. Glowworm

    Tom Allen

    He's a master of warm cheeky standup .. whatever that means.
  2. Glowworm


    What are tourettes are they young girls who go on coach tours?
  3. Everyone forgets Max Spielmann.
  4. There is also this issue of "harmonics" where the signal interferes with a frequency that is a multiple of the frequency being transmitted on. Its part of the reason for some of those unused frequencies.
  5. I am not sure that a royal signals sergeant active or retired would have been building a transmitter for a bunch of spotty tower block chavs or country bumpkins .. more than likely he would have been telling you to get you hair cut.
  6. In my experience from my CB days the powers that be were remarkably tolerant just so long as you did not cause radio on other frequencies.
  7. Sunrise had a station somewhere in the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire .. I remember a disk jockey from it .. he was a big fat ugly cunt. (a bit like Wizz), I remember the coppers finding him fast asleep pissed as a fart outside the station at Hereford.
  8. It was not a true digital system, there is (or was) encryption but it was still based on analouge technology.
  9. So you have a boot fetish .. does you therapist know about this?
  10. I bet that the inside of your bit fat mouth is hairy Wizz.
  11. The only time that Dec's ever sees a cunt is when he looks in the mirror or does a selfie with his mouth wide open.
  12. It does explain why most of the fat cunts need mobility scooters.
  13. @Stubby Pecker Block him!
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