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  1. The average human lifespan is around 2.5 billion seconds .. use that time careful and do not waste it arguing with Mrs R.
  2. Marjorie you are a big girls blouse.
  3. You would never find me at a trainspotters convention other than running amok with an machine gun Marjorie .. I hate spotters even more than I hate you, you gormless little fuckwit.
  4. Any thoughts on this cunt in Paris who shot the waiter dead because he was not quick enough in making him a sandwich?
  5. Glowworm

    Owen Jones

    Jack Dart Public Figure".. "I spent hours on the PC reading about how government works, I now have thousands of followers on social media".
  6. Glowworm

    Owen Jones

    Don't they hang them for that kind of thing in Malaysia?
  7. He is a good friend at times it goes in a circle like his "visible" horizon.
  8. Don't make me cross Fender .. you won't like me if I am cross.
  9. I was thinking more either The Daneway at Sapperton or The Tunnel House Inn at Coates .. either of them have the benefit of the canal tunnel entrances and tunnel shafts nearby as a places to dispose of the bodies
  10. What are your thoughts about those Malaysian cars? .. Proton I think.
  11. Glowworm

    Owen Jones

    In 2011, Jones' first book, Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class, he hypothesises about stereotypes of sections of the British working class and the use of the pejorative term "chav", although Jones himself has no personal experience of working class work or working environments.
  12. She seems to have also fallen up some slippery stairs.
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