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  1. Neil Tarry and his Suzuki Carry does not have the same ring.
  2. Glowworm

    Tom Daley advert

    Doc, I am just wondering what your thoughts are on this .. there is an old cunt who is 65 plus knocking around Torquay .. he looks skinny in an unhealthy way and is constantly coughing in what I can only defines as a "heaving and wrenching" way .. I am wondering if there is possibility that he is infected by TB?
  3. Glowworm


    TBH I am with Ratty re the stabbing. Whilst Mr Pencille does not appear to be a nice man, knowing the seating layout of these trains it looks like the victim "manspread" himself with his right foot and leg obstructing the gangway, this practice is as annoying as fuck as well as downright ignorant. As ratters said he was belligerent and once Master Pencille had fucked off he should have stayed put rather than chasing the gormless little weirdo.
  4. Glowworm


    You missed the fact that this cunt is called Darren .. that should be worth another 60 years on his sentence at least.
  5. Glowworm


    I have been reading a book entitled "Hitler's Last Day" .. I have to say that Adolf was a complete and utter cunt.
  6. Glowworm


    No and NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Glowworm


    There's a pissed old cunt just got on the bus wearing skin tight pants and slippers
  8. Glowworm

    Tom Daley advert

    Wasn't Rother's the kid's real dad?
  9. It's an outrage I shall write to The Times!
  10. Be careful Jewdy MC is seeking sexual favours from you.
  11. You sure about this .. have you got a link to an article?
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