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  1. You never see fat Germans do you?
  2. Glowworm

    Round table

    The daft cunt actually posted on ratty's original nom on 14th May!
  3. Glowworm

    Round table

    Repeat bollocks .. ratty did this a few months back.
  4. This is the Irish Education Minister .. I wonder why education in Ireland is under crisis? .. @Panzerknacker
  5. Welcome back .. well I will the other Rsoles to work that one out.
  6. I would put the percentage of men who are gay at 1% and those who deny that they are gay at 10%.
  7. So what the fuck is wrong with having a BMI of 103 .. Life is on a roll.
  8. I can see where you are coming from Ratty .. you need to go back there.
  9. Keep sharia out full stop.
  10. I thought that you had fucked off to get out of it .. so why the fuck don't you stay out of it?
  11. This comment is somewhat ironic. Have you ever taken the trouble to find out what Farage actually say's, rather that what the media and other say that he say's .. I first took the trouble to actually watch him in action a few weeks ago .. he is not Hitler or Oswald Moseley reborn .. whilst I don't agree with much of what he say's he seems to be a quite tolerant individual .. more tolerant than these lactose throwers for example and their supporters for example. I am of the hard left, however like many other people of the real left I do recognise that we do have a problem with immigration and some people who have moved to this country who have hijacked the labour party and introduced to it something that is totally alien to our culture .. women walking around with their and trying to pass it off as some expression of freedom along with hysterical harpies betraying what the sufragettes fought for 100 years ago by saying that the burqua is liberating. Militant Islam simply has no place in the UK .. it not about us refusing to tolerate them .. it is about them refusing to tolerate our culture.
  12. Cool .. are you a nebula @Ape?
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