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  1. Have you washed your feet?
  2. Its an everyday story of cuntry folk .. get fucked.
  3. Have you ever come across their marbles?
  4. Which public school did you go to Rattus?
  5. I am uneasy about people self identifying although I understand that it is legal to do so.
  6. It's gone sexodecimal you weird old cunt.
  7. None of this is real. Herm is flogging hermself to a specific type of punter .. for others there is nothing to see or fret about.
  8. It takes me back to the last years of British Rail when passengers became customers and we had the Organising For Quality campaign O4Q usually pronounced as Oh Fuck You. Some dopey cunt forgot that a passenger was not the same thing as a customer. The latter being someone you flogged something to and then did a runner whereas a passengers was a poor cunt who's life was in your hands until they had finished their journey.
  9. It sounds like you are not a member of the Richard & Judy book club Eric?
  10. Didn't that happen to the six million dollar man?
  11. I be that he still likes to nibble on a pork sword.
  12. The Bishop

    Dick Strawbridge

    So you don't like Dick but you are an iron.
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