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  1. Somthing that seems to have been forgotten is that the predictions pointed towards there being a narrow win for remain .. I am wondering how the remainers would have reacted in such a case to a people votes demand and a march for brexit .. my bet is that they would have been screaming that it was undemocratic.
  2. Having seen some photos of the march, I do wonder what proprotion of the attendees were actually non uk Nationals who would not have been permitted to vote in the referendum.
  3. Are you sure that "desperado" is the correct way to spell "dickhead"?
  4. Never trust anyone who whistles .. its like dogs that bark.
  5. I am more familiar with cormorants than I am with shags.
  6. My excuse is my great age .. what is your excuse for being alone at home on a Saturday evening when any self respecting person of your age would be out by now getting "bladdered"?
  7. My suspicion is that diserectile may be using a Tatung Einstein with the RAM paging out to one of those strange 3" floppy drives that they used.
  8. You should be safe enough with a BBC B as they have 32k of RAM.
  9. Luxembourg, a small country with high income per person. They paid £0.4 billion to the EU last year and received £1.8 billion from the EU. No wonder they don't want us to leave.
  10. I see that the petition has passed the 4 million mark .. just wondering how many John Smiths and Mohammed Patels switched servers and voted again?
  11. In future I will replace my "X" with an "ERR".
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