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  1. @ape .. Nurse is putting me to bed shortly, do you need anything before I go?
  2. Why .. are you not able to read and need me to explain irony to you?
  3. Actually @Earl of Punkape I would have thought that you would have been with the climate change protestors in London this weekend.
  4. Don't forget the plasticard and polystyrene cement .. people like Ape need to stick together.
  5. Ape, if you have had such a nice afternoon "with friends" why are you so miserable and boring?
  6. No .. we do not allow homosexuals here .. you would never get into our nature reserve .. nor would chopper ape.. Homosexuals play golf and fly choppers.
  7. He was actually on community payback just like you.
  8. Actually I have been out most of the afternoon had lunch at Saisburys then went to a local nature reserve. I saw this and several other butterflies. It is sad that you have such a miserable existence that you cannot avoid getting inebriated on such a glorious afternoon.
  9. Leave Wizz alone, he might not be very bright but he is a friend of mine.
  10. Admit it Wizzo your as straight as Withers shrivelled cock.
  11. Its actually Michael Portillo .. he's shaved all his hair off.
  12. They only do the extra meal if its not a wide bodied jet.
  13. Artists impression of the rebuilt cathedral
  14. Did you know that if you add an "o" between the "r" and the "n" in the "corner" you get a "coroner?
  15. The daft cow has been seen drinking alcohol on the TFL tube train. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-47996907
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