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  1. Some but I think social media “stars” would be my first choice for re education and/or use for fine tuning the cc wood chipper the absolute bunch of oxygen stealing cunts.
  2. Not managed to find an excuse to put her down........yet
  3. It does seem nonsensical that as a society we are okay with putting an old or sick pet down seeing it as a kindness( which it is) and yet many find the idea of extending the same dignity to people as something to be condemned.
  4. You upset that none of your punters invited you to come along? Idiot.
  5. Thanks but I’ll pass on Punkape thanks as I don’t want to wake up with a metallic taste in my mouth from the rohypnol and him hanging out my arse
  6. I am not a fucking Frenchy nor a Yank the absolute impudence! Thank you for all your kind comments and fuck off etc. And I will get an avatar as soon as I stop being a techno spastic.
  7. If it’s a choice between you and The French I choose The French you cretinous bellend. Oh, fuck off too you unfunny, racist prick.
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