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  1. Where shall I colour you? We have done nothing wrong, either in UK law or EU law. If you disagree, kindly tell me your proper name and the name of this business you operate, and I will take you to court for defamation. I will send you full details of what we disagree on, and any other information to minimise your costs and use the courts as last resort. What is the registered address of this website, please? The Limitations Act (in the UK) requires me to do this within 12 months. I am authorised by Volkswagen AG to do this. Now we will see who is a fantasist, Madam.
  2. I can only tell you the facts. I retired as an engineering director. One of many, since this is the world's largest vehicle maker and there are many sites, brands and people. We did not have THE director of engineering. I have no interest in the trials of others, I merely report my own actions, which were to lead a team designing engines to meet customer needs. One of those needs was to pass vehicle homologation requirements in each country of sale. Our vehicles used ECU systems and software in which nothing was hidden and no deviant practices were involved. A sensible program produced acceptable results, especially in the parameters being measured during testing. If I were still working at the Group, I would do exactly the same again. We helped people with economical, reliable, safe vehicles, exceeding all government testing requirements. If you don't agree, I cannot say I'm all that bothered.
  3. Exactly right. If you recall, my objective many years ago was to reduce CO2 emissions from vehicle exhausts. My team achieved that spectacularly as did the whole Group by persuading people to buy diesel engined cars. Gordon Brown was a prime proponent in persuading the electorate to change. look at the vehicle excise duty rates in favour of low-CO2 vehicles, ie diesels. We can make whatever the customer thinks they want. How about mining rare earth minerals, sticking them in a vehicle whose electrics run at 400 Volts, providing an ICE as back up propulsion and using lithium aluminium hydride batteries? You end up with something that cost the earth to make, has bomb-like explosive batteries and cables under your seat that would literally kill you in a flash. All-electric cars? Yes, we can do that. Where will you plug them in? Where are the power stations? Where will the tax come from if you're not buying petrol and diesel currently taxed at 340%? A barrel of oil is 150 litres and costs $50 or 33 cents, 24p per litre. Add a few pence for refining and transport plus a bit of profit and all the rest is tax. If you don't pay that, where will the Doleys get their money?
  4. No, 5302 relates to the old Leeds dialling code 0532. I found many Forums wouldn't recognise the first 0 so I wrote as is. Thanks for your interest.
  5. I spent a lot of time on AV Forum over several years. I got sick and tired of uneducated people asking for my help with their vehicles and then criticising me for using cambelts instead of chains, and that type of thing. I don't set out to annoy or upset anyone. It's they who get annoyed and upset. I recall upsetting one bloke who couldn't find the dipstick on his VW Polo, despite my telling him precisely where and precisely what colour it was. I advised him to sit behind the steering wheel and he would find the dipstick on the driver's seat.
  6. Sourced within the UK is nonsensical when such parts emanate from abroad. I visited a turbocharger manufacturer in Bradford, Borg-Warner, who proudly stated their units were made in the UK. The reality was that every single part had been bought from abroad. Made in the UK normally means assembled in the UK. I was a regular visitor to JLR UK plants. I don't recognise your figures. In terms of the software map, it was written to produce exactly the performance we required. It makes no material difference which team wrote it. It is standard industry software, used by almost every manufacturer. It certainly wasn't hidden away. Very few people can read a software map.
  7. I have nothing to prove. You can take what I say at face value, or decline. It makes not a jot of difference to me. Since retiring I find I have more time than tasks, which is why I come to Forums like this. If I like them I stay, if not I go. I infest many similar places, but this one is unique with the language, belying the fact that there are highly intelligent folks underneath the obvious chicanery, banter and insults. All quite intriguing.
  8. The problem with assessing data produced only from tabloid newspapers is that it gives a false result. A device is a physical item. A piece of software (written by Siemens) and present on a Bosch ECU is not "a device" as most people know the term to mean. An indictment is just a charge. I could charge you with doing anything, but only a court of law could convict you. If an emissions test is measuring exhaust gases at particular engine revs, let's say 800rpm while a vehicle is idling, why would I not let the ECU adjust the mixture so that the emissions are minimised in the areas demanded by politicians?There is no subterfuge and the ECU map delivers what is requested by them. If you want low CO2, I can deliver that, but adversely affecting NOx, and vice-versa. I cannot change chemical or physical laws. We have had to introduce new chemistry to neutralise the effects, ie Urea technology. It gives wose results for vehicle performance, environmental cleanliness and consumer cost, but that is what the politicians have now asked for. Politicians asked that vehicles pass testing during laboratory testing. It is a moot point whether such results were required during normal road use of the vehicles. There is no such requirement under law. I give my personal assessment of the British Motor industry, both past and present. Only Honda currently casts its own engine components. Everyone else assembles components sourced across the world. Made in England means nothing, when it just means screwed together. Where do you think the steel for bodies emanates from? The answer will surprise you. Certainly not Port Talbot. I was pleased to see the novelty of using offensive language here belies the existence of some educated people, capable of sensible debate. Yes, I think i'm going to like it here.
  9. Because I have done nothing wrong. Every manufacturer's vehicles are required to be submitted to testing before use on the roads. If you know what the required results are, you are entitled to produce results in any way possible. As I wrote, this can include removing 3 seats, using low friction oils, taping up body seams and adjusting exhaust gas output at the particular engine revs measured in the test. People complain that Amazon pays little tax. Amazon says they pay every penny required by law. Don't like the results, change the tests.
  10. Great idea. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2018/08/24/atomic-success-story-amid-doomsday-chatter-brexit/ Apparently the place that was so dangerous they had to change the name from Windscale was a major British success. The fucking place polluted half the Irish Sea with radioactivity. It had a fire that almost caused nuclear meltdown, that the Government was too frightened to report. It has now spent £3 billion trying to clean the Thorp recycling plant, but can't finish the job. Great British success. Where's that 4-eyed bastard so I can tell him?
  11. Because insider trading is illegal, you could be jailed. Trying to deliver physical and chemical impossibilities is not illegal. All of our vehicles were independently assessed by Government bodies. Who are we to comment on their results? if you think a sensible mpg result can involve removing passenger door mirrors, applying duct tape to smooth the shutline between bonnet and grille, filling the engine with zero viscosity oil, coasting for 40% of the test, fitting narrow tyres and removing 3 of the seats, welcome to Government testing. It's all nonsense. it all changes next month, though. Why do you think that is?
  12. The same stupid politicians who asked manufacturers to make energy efficient kettles, 200 Watts max. Then I pointed out that it takes 4.2 Joules to raise 1g of water by 1 degree Celsius. The main losses are heat transfer through the wall of the kettle, so the most efficient one is the kettle that boils fastest. Give the element a massive power rating, for best efficiency. They all shut up. That idiot Ed Balls was the instigator. Complete fuckwit. Never seen him since.
  13. Half right. Like the Peugeot Citroen advert where one of their cars drops to bits in no time and changes into a robotic skater. Half right. I live in Yorkshire, near Leeds, in a very large house.
  14. The laws of Physics are very clear. If you reduce CO2 emissions to the ridiculous targets set by morons, you increase NOx emissions proportionately. A lot of chemistry there. If you have moronic politicians still demanding reductions in both and can see a simple software modification to deliver every target, why wouldn't you? We worked with Siemens and satisfied every politician. Just like every other manufacturer. Next they'll ask you to believe that electric vehicles cause no emissions. And you'll accept it, without question. Still annoyed at lardy.
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