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  1. sean5302

    Another royal suckling wedding in the pipeline

    Yes, I just read that in the papers. I wish they could do something to minimise the human-panda eyes and the obesity. Like give her a proper job with exercise and a lot less food.
  2. sean5302

    Dentist cunts

    Do you know, it's not necessary to ride on a bus. If you put one foot in front of the other, then repeat for long enough, the lard falls off eventually.
  3. sean5302

    Dentist cunts

    Looking at the size of you, via your avatar, you certainly use those teeth. I believe it's a hole problem. The hole at the top is bigger than the hole at the bottom.
  4. Can you speak the language? Officialdom Interjections SOCIALISING Ellur, arm from 'ull - Good morning, I am from Hull Summatup? - Is there something troubling you? Parnta marld - A glass of dark beer Arfa Larga - A smaller glass of beer of continental origin Sner Berl - An egg-based liquer from Holland Canaborryit? - May I borrow it? It's marnanall - I am claiming joing-ownership Shurrup orral bray yer - I recommend that you stop talking immediately Yer for-ever mernin' - You do complain a lot Ayer gorra bruvva? - Have you got a male sibling? Watsyer bruvva carled? What is his name? Ner smurkin' - You are not allowed to smoke Arm off erm now, tarrar - An indication of imminent departure FAMILY LIFE Stop balling yered off! - Be quiet! Mimmams gunner chowatmi - I shall be in severe trouble with my mother She's rurin' ered off - She is very upset Gassunder - Chamberpot Urmanaway - Australian Soap Opera Fern Curls - Telecommunications. See also Curdlessferns 'Ull Delly Mell - Local newspaper A star of Urmanaway GAMES and PASTIMES Goangerided - Invitation to play a game of Hide and Seek Plern block in tenfoot - Playing above game in an alleyway E's a good doms larker - He plays dominoes well Giz a croggie - Request for a ride on the crossbar of a bicycle Bags foggy! - I would like to go first Ullefsee - Rugby team Bullyvard - Home ground of the above Bluddy targers! - Hull City have lost again! Urnly furls anurses - Popular TV series Radiur Umbersard - Local radio station Bluddy Targar - the legendary Ken Wagstaff GARDENING Turd-stool - A fungus. Not to be confused with the mushroom SHOPPING Gizza pennith 'gammy fruit - Could I please have some of those bruised apricots Aypath of each - Fish and chips for half pence Ar gorrit for narn narty narn - It cost me nearly ten pounds I gorrit for nowt - I did not pay anything It dunt tek farvs - This vending machine will not take my 5p coin A penny all off - A short back and sides Goin' on rerd - Goind shopping Chantsav - as above 'ezzle rerd - Local thoroughfare Boyziz - Local chain store 'ammonds - as above British Erm Stairs - as above Curlslur - Sliced cabbage Kaylie - Sherbert Spanish - Liquorice Broken biccies - Damaged confectionary Serp on a rerp - Cleansing bar on a string British Erm Stairs EMERGENCY/ILLNESS Me owsiz on fiyer darl narn narn narn - My house is ablaze. Please alert the emergency services. Fiyer injin - Result of the above Arv been brokken into - My house has been burgled Gorra curled - I'm a bit stuffed-up today Arfarted - Lack of commitment, or "I have broken wind" Armalite - Type of rifle or "My trousers are on fire" Av ad parls - I have been suffering from haemorrhoids Arv bust me trowziz - My trousers appear to have broken Osson flags - There is a horse on the pavement Fiyer men with fiyer injin THREATS/INSULTS or "Avin' a lot off" Worrawolly - I feel this person has made a food of himself I'll bray yer eddin' - I may become agressive E ad a right skate god - He was rather loud mouthed I'll clip yer lug 'ole - Do be quiet Shut yer cake 'ole - as above WEATHER Snur on Frurm rurd - Winter in Longhill Estate There's nur snur on the rurd - The road is clear of snow I'm mafted - I'm rather hot It's mafting - It's rather hot It's siling down - It's raining There's nur snur on the rerd OFFICIALDOM Perp (the) - Head of the Catholic Church Pearl Tax - The Community Charge The Perp - alias the head of the Catholic Church INTERJECTIONS Amgunna - I am going to.... Nowtinnit - Empty I aren't - I am not Dinntit? - Did it not? Yiss - Affirmative Err nerr - An expression of dismay Dernt nerr - I do not know Diddy farndowt - Did he find anything Lerds and lerds - Plenty. See also Givin' it lerds Canaborryit? - Could I perhaps use that for a second? Copyright Remould Theatre Company © 1993
  5. The face of Harold Shipman. I wonder why they asked you to look after them.
  6. sean5302

    Couples Who Dress Alike

    I wonder what Dec is wearing these days. Ant is in therapy, probably with a gown that ties at the back. It must be time to get their progs going on ITV again, as the share price is falling drastically.
  7. sean5302

    Cunts who drink bleach

    All I see is ramblings from a fool. Pedant's answer has an apostrophe. Did you learn that at school, if you went to any? What, exactly, was your point? I don't see one.
  8. sean5302

    Cunts who drink bleach

    How much do you bet "wager" in your language?
  9. sean5302

    Cunts who drink bleach

    Hmm, Where would be the finish? What is your IQ, and when did you last have it measured?
  10. sean5302

    Cunts who drink bleach

    "and" is such a difficult word to spell, isn't it? If I get myself a different avatar, would that make me more intelligent?
  11. sean5302

    Cunts who drink bleach

    Have you smelled your breath? I'm struggling to think of another reason they'd offer you bleach.
  12. Are you saying that newbies don't stay here long?
  13. When is a post a post? If someone writes a comment and then finds a photo of the person he's commenting about, is he to edit his first post and add the photo, or is it acceptable to put the photo underneath, constituting a second post? Where are the instructions for posting here? Who cares? I think some folks need to get out more. I thought I was a cantankerous old cunt, until I came here. Now I see I was reasonably normal.
  14. sean5302

    When is a warship not a warship

    I don't recall. They could be in a drawer somewhere. I'd ask William TD but he doesn't know a drawer from a draw.
  15. sean5302

    Tourists taking shit photos

    Fucking morons, eh? I wonder if they can spell "drawer"?