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  1. Filthy Cunt

    My wife

    Probably the best you are going to get, be thankful.
  2. Filthy Cunt

    People called Sean.

    Sean Bean is alright. I model myself around Major Sharpe.
  3. Filthy Cunt

    Period Poverty

    Did you change your name from Peter Sutcliffe ?
  4. Filthy Cunt

    Cunts with rucksacks

    They were made for camping and hiking etc and not for going to work. Was that when you were a scout leader ?
  5. Filthy Cunt

    The Digital Revolution

    Yes, he was a classic cunt of his time
  6. Filthy Cunt

    The Digital Revolution

    ahh the analogue age, wonderful What a cunt Miles was. There is something very Cameronesque about him in that clip
  7. Filthy Cunt

    Wealthy swines who get off of charges we wouldn't

    Succinct and to the point.
  8. Filthy Cunt

    Cunts with rucksacks

    I would like to learn from your wisdom, when I see it In the mean time, please carry on with your plankton diet
  9. Filthy Cunt

    Free Bus Passes

    Reported for the use of the word "twerp"
  10. Filthy Cunt

    Period Poverty

    The Scots in general have always been filthy soap dodging cunts, its in their genes, especially the toothless ginger bastards and that's just the women
  11. Filthy Cunt

    Period Poverty

    Women who attend football matches (although technically should be banned) should turn up in long, absorbent socks. Then their menstrual blood can run down their legs and soaked up at the knee.
  12. Filthy Cunt

    Period Poverty

    Fuck me they must have king sized twats
  13. Filthy Cunt

    Cunts with rucksacks

    You are welcome. Try reading it again 10 thousand times and use up a little more of your futile, meaningless existence You obviously struggled to read it the first time, otherwise you would have quickly realised that I don't wear a rucksack, you ignorant turd eating mollusc. What a fucksack, fuck off
  14. Filthy Cunt

    Cunts with rucksacks

    and if I were you, I would seriously consider slashing my wrists with a kitchen knife and die in a pool of blood