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  1. He belongs to my sister as does Chelmno.
  2. I will be celebrating national dgo day with my Czechoslovak wolf dogs Treblinka, Auschwitz and Belsen. An excellent breed for keeping camp inmates in line and hunting down escapees.
  3. I've watched many of the videos on his channel. He advocates the use of the civil courts to bring dishonest and violent pigs to book as opposed to professional standards branch and the utterly craven IOPC. The filth have given up fighting him now and just settling out of court.
  4. In Adolf's time you would have been sent to Sachsenhausen for not being able to spell Wannsee correctly.
  5. I still wonder why Eichmann was convicted. He was an excellent paperwork man. Never hurt a fly. That Jewish court was disgracefully biased.
  6. Setting fire to the plastic bitch to see how long she burns for would be an interesting experiment.
  7. Total fucking crap! Britain threw the doors open to Jewish immigration to Palestine in the 1920s during the Third and fourth Aliyah. The third was triggered mainly by the Balfour declaration and the fourth by US refusal to permit Jewish immigration from Eastern Europe. The British only began limiting immigration when they realised what the Jews endgame was. The war merely accelerated the formation of the Jewish state the foundations of which were laid by Britain BEFORE Hitler even gained a seat in the Reichstag.
  8. Perhaps a cursory glance at the Balfour declaration and the history of the British mandate of Palestine will correct your lack of knowledge in this regard. I would also look up Orde Wingate's involvement with the Special night patrols and how the training he gave them cost the lives of many British soldiers. Guten Abend.
  9. Sounds like the types we need to reform the SS. You will then be selected to euthanized because you're a useless old cunt and nobody likes you.
  10. Your use of words gives away much about your own sexual desires. You associate homosexuality with violence giving clear indications of your sado-masochistic tendencies toward men who bugger other men and this makes you feel insecure so you feel the need to publicly express revulsion to hide your sordid desires from your peers. Adolf would have sent you to Treblinka you filthy bastard.
  11. Your Faux outrage is most amusing when taking into consideration some of your more fruity posts on here. Perhaps you should just kill yourself and stop boring me with your rank hypocrisy.
  12. Ah! Finally! The site keyboard warrior reveals himself! Please don't renew your Netflix subscription, repeatedly watching Taken is obviously taking its toll on your mental health.
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